Drawings on nails at home

May 12, 2018 01:15 | Beauty And Health

Simple drawings on the nails at home can draw any person. Everything depends on the desire, patience and willingness to repeat the same action many times. Because daring to create a nail design at home, you will face many difficulties. However, if you strongly believe in your own strength and talent, you will soon be able to decorate the painting with not only your fingernails, but also friends and girlfriends. And there, how to know, this is your future vocation and the opportunity to earn good money.

At first, your home drawings may be far from ideal. The whole problem lies in the fact that to create a quality non-art you need to master a large number of adaptations. In addition, you have to perform, you can say "jewelry" work, because the flowers and patterns on the nails are miniature. Moreover, the thinner strokes and lines in the drawing, the neater and more beautiful it looks.

Beautiful drawings on nails are no less popular than different plans for clothes and accessories. This indicates that in the society to the condition of the nails is presented a lot of requirements and so that you do not have to blush to hide your hands in your pockets, it is better to be ready and learn how to create a nail design at home.

How can I make drawings at home?

Of course, looking at the embroidered nails decorated with rhinestones and flowers, we understand that we will not succeed in this masterpiece. At first, at least, it's definitely not worth counting on, because you have to start your way in mastering the technique of nail art gradually. That is, your first drawing should be simple and elementary for you. Even if you manage to create quite a good manicure, we recommend that you repeat this drawing two more times. To consolidate knowledge and "fill your hand."

Drawings on nails for beginners should not be cumbersome, believe me, a couple of straight lines or squares can transform a normal manicure, but only if they are drawn exactly. The main thing is not rushing. To tackle a complex design without sufficient experience is not worth it. You can try to draw flowers, paste pastes and add foil to the tip of the nail. But all this you will do without confidence in your hands, and this is fraught with curved lines, glue drips and fragility of your creation, and neatness does not boast such a manicure.

It is especially problematic to draw something on your "working" hand. That is, it is right to draw straight and precise lines on the right hand nails, since the left hand is not used to doing this. And vice versa. Therefore often beginners on one hand get a good design, and the other - he carefully from all hides.

What tools are needed for drawing on the nails at home?

In order for you to get pretty drawings you need to buy good tools. You may have a sneaking thought, why spend money on them because you may not be able to create a design on your nails. Maybe so, but we still, urge you to try and at least some time not to give up. In extreme cases, the tools you can give a friend or sister. And the fact that without them to draw even the most simple drawing is problematic, we were convinced more than once.

The simplest and most cost-effective tool is a simple toothpick and a needle. With their help you can draw small flowers and patterns. For more complex drawings, they can not be used. In addition, do not forget that these tools can not be strongly pressed on the nail, since you can scratch the nail plate.

Sponges are also a tool for nail design. Most often it is used for gradient manicure or for work with pearlescent paints. They are also good for shading different shades of paints and varnishes.

A wooden stick with a cut at one end is useful if you plan to decorate the marigold with stones and rhinestones. For the same purpose, you can use tweezers, and it is also good for working with lace and pieces of fabric.

What kind of brushes are needed to paint with nails?

Drawing with brushes is hardest to master, but this is the tool you can draw the most stunning patterns. There are many different brushes for nail art. In principle, they sometimes resemble something that we use to apply makeup.

Little advice: in the first stages for drawings on nails use old makeup brushes, only before that wash them with shampoo in warm water. They are suitable for trial attempts, that is, you will not feel sorry for them.

You do not have to paint with nails right away, it's better to try this tool on a simple piece of paper or an expensive nail art simulator( this is a plastic product on which the nail forms are squeezed out).

Dots, or dotted brush

This is a very convenient and multifunctional tool. Usually it is carried out two-way, that is, at one end the ball is large, and on the other - small. Balls are made of high-quality metal. Dots are used for drawing patterns, curls, mixing colors and applying dots, which, by the way, are often supplemented by conventional drawings. With this tool it is convenient to control the amount of paint that you want to place in a particular place of the nail.

Brushes for creating different drawings

One kind of requirement is required for all types of brushes - nap on them must be natural. It is desirable that it is a rabbit or a squirrel. To store this tool it is desirable in a cover and after each use of a brush it is necessary to clear, dry and only after that to clean in a cover. Brushes differ among themselves by such criteria: material quality, softness, length and flexibility. That is, thanks to different brushes, you can get a large number of options for drawings.

Brush for small parts

This brush has short hairs that narrow to the end. With her help you can draw a complex pattern of fine lines or write on the nail words. It is useful for creating shadows and transitions in pictures. For example, this brush paints veins on the petals of flowers.

Brush for shades

This kind of brushes are used for mixing of shades of paints, filling with paint of space, creation of shadows and large curls, they are very convenient to draw flowers.

Brush for thin strips

This is a very thin brush with long fibers. With its help it is convenient to draw long, smooth lines in one movement on the entire surface of the nail. The length and width of this tool can be different, which allows you to create even the most complex nail design. First, there may be difficulties with a uniform distribution of the paint, but eventually you will succeed.

Fan brush

Well, what is not the brush for blush? It is used to create all sorts of textures and paint compounds without mixing them with each other. If you need to connect black and white colors in the design of nails, this brush will do all the work qualitatively.

All these tools will greatly facilitate your life in the moments of drawing drawings on your nails. But some brushes as you understand are not enough to get a luxurious design. Much more interesting will look manicure with different decorative elements.

What materials can I use for drawings?

Before you start drawing on nails, you need to stock up on the necessary materials first. Beginners can first try to paint with different varnishes, but with their help you can create only the most elementary drawings. In addition, brushes are not very suitable for working with varnishes, since this material has too much texture. Therefore, consider more suitable for drawings on nails materials.

Acrylic paints for drawings on nails

First you will have enough tubes of paint of necessary shades, so if you want to save, then first decide at home on the color range of the future design of nails, and then go for paint. In the future, if you like working with acrylic paints, we advise you to spend one time and buy a large palette. So it will be more convenient for you to experiment with the selection of colors.

The choice of acrylic paints is very rich. You can find primary colors, neon, opal, pearlescent, metallic, matte and others. Only such colors allow you to get good, saturated and persistent colors. The paints can be different in structure, that is, with the help of some you completely paint over the nail, while others will be useful only for creating a pearl luster.

Gouache on nails is better not to use, as it "floats" on the surface with a varnish. That is, this paint you do not draw flowers on the nail polish painted. It is desirable that all the colors that you plan to use to draw a particular pattern, were the same brand. This will avoid the short life of manicure, streaks and cracks.

Foil and glue for creating drawings on nails

Multicolored foil can perfectly change your nails. In the store you can buy ready-made and specially designed foil for manicure. One side of its surface is treated with special glue and all that is required of you is to place a piece of foil on the nail, remove the protective coating and wait for the glue to dry. Use for design foil, for example, from the chocolate is better not necessary. She's too rough. The main thing when working with this material is to pay attention to the quality of the glue, it should be used only for nail art, otherwise you can severely damage your nails.

Decorations of drawings on nails

They can be very different. Colorful rhinestones are very popular, and they are convenient to use. All you need is to put a pebble on a still-dried lacquer with a stick. After that, cover the surface of the nail with a fixer and the design is ready. Crystals can be not only traditional round shape, but also triangular, square and even in the form of stars and hearts. Do not forget to experiment with the color of the stones.

An alternative to sequins can be a manicure beads. It is rather small, which allows it to be used to create a neat picture.

Brooks and pearls are also used in nail art. They are able to decorate even the most banal monophonic manicure, instantly making it more vivid and festive.

Brilliant micro dust is a sparkling powder that looks cool on a dark varnish.

You can make piercings for decorating your nails, but this is quite a painstaking job, for which it is better not to start newcomers.

Here are the basic data that you must own to create drawings on your nails at home. Now you may think that you need just too much, but in fact, such a rich selection of materials and tools is needed to create a huge number of nail design options.

In our next articles, we'll look at the options for nail art for beginners and for more experienced masters. Thanks to them, you will understand that tools and basic knowledge are very necessary for creating a beautiful manicure.