Female haircuts medium length for the autumn of 2016: photos and trends

May 12, 2018 10:00 | Haircuts

Make your own image brighter and more expressive will allow beautiful women's haircuts, which in autumn 2016 became even more creative and elegant.

Based on simple and versatile forms, stylists offer a variety of very individual options. The uniqueness of its own style became the main motto of the fashionable autumn season.

Medium-length hairstyles for autumn 2016 and their photos

Medium - up to the shoulders - length has always been considered an indisputably optimal option. It allows you to demonstrate not only the beauty of hair, but also the femininity of the appearance as a whole. In this case, the term "average length" in this season is very relative - length, as well as the volume of the hairstyle should be chosen solely for its own appearance.

At the same time, one should not overlook the nuance of simplicity of care and the ability to vary the stylish styling that gives the haircuts of medium length. In autumn 2016, the basis for them were the classic models of quads.

Stylists consider the smoothness, grace and tenderness of lines of such hairstyles as characteristic features of the new trend. No sharp and sharp lines and contrasting volumes. Only light and very feminine forms, which are achieved due to precise proportions, graduation and hair filing.

Unbeaten in this version looks more fashionable with square bangs. The length of the hair, and in any case, it is selected individually, should beautifully emphasize the neckline and face oval.

Rounded smooth lines, which are achieved not only with the graduation of the tips of the hair, but with a soft styling, like a beautiful frame gently emphasize facial features. But the main accent of this haircut is bangs, especially fashionable and slightly defiant looks very short, barely covering the middle of the forehead.

Take a look at how these women's haircuts look impressive on the fall of 2016:

This season, trends have left "torn" and feather-cut strands. A clear and even contour perfectly demonstrates the volume, texture and rich hues of hair color.

Trend of autumn 2016: haircut bob

Bob looks flawless and exquisite on any type of hair, but this hairstyle is the most elegant in a fashionable contrast version. Long, softly filirovarovannye strands around the face perfectly simulate its oval, and a short occipital zone - it can be, according to fashionable rules to reduce almost to nothing - beautifully emphasize the neckline, and adds to the very image of coquetry and lightness.

Trendy autumn haircut 2016 bob perfectly shade the correctness of the facial features and bring them harmony. Long temporal locks and lack of bangs are the most correct decision if you want to add softness and tenderness to your appearance.

But to take a great interest in the length of the allocated temporal strands in this season stylists do not advise. In fashion - a soft, rounded outline with smooth and feminine lines.

A distinctive feature of this very successful in many respects hairstyles is an additional volume in the occiput and vertex. He perfectly modeles the shape and gives the hairstyle as a whole a very elegant outline.

Fashion for medium-length hair cuts for the autumn of 2016: photo of

folds A fresh note in practical, classic hairstyle lines introduce new forms of fashionable styling. Light, but carefully adjusted negligence most exactly meets fashion trends.

As well as naturalness - without demonstrative smoothness and rigor. Stylists propose to abandon this season from hard and strong means for stowage for the sake of a soft, natural volume.

You can stack and simulate a bean, as well as a carat in a variety of ways - their versatility is unparalleled. Today in fashion as frankly straightened, smooth strands and easy opening. Taboo stylists imposed only on the right and too decorative curls and curls.

See how spectacularly fashionable in the photo fashionable in 2016, medium hair length: