How to make a bun of hair: 7 creative and elegant hairstyle options

May 12, 2018 12:30 | Hairstyles

A bunch is one of the simplest and most elegant hairstyles for long hair and medium length hair. A genial combination of simplicity, comfort and grace! How to make a bunch of hair for everyday life and special occasions? The bunch perfectly combines with the sporting, business and style of kazhual, and with the evening style. The main thing is to choose the right beam version and accessories. Creating a beam does not require special skill and effort, so it can be done in absolutely any conditions, even on the road or in a hike. Using a variety of techniques, a modest and unpretentious bundle can easily be turned into a luxurious hairstyle for a formal reception, a wedding or a romantic date.

  • A universal solution for any hair
  • Who should make a beam of
  • How to make a bunch of hair
  • 7 variants of a popular hairstyle
  • A traditional simple bundle of
  • A stylish "astrakhan" bundle of flagella
  • An elegant classic bunch
  • A festive version with rims
  • A bunch of wavy hair
  • Exquisite bunch with ornaments and accessories
  • Smooth side beam
  • Video how to make a bunch of hair

Universal solution for any hair

Puok - a win-win for absolutely every situation and style of clothing. Having gathered the hair in a bun, it is convenient to go in for sports( remember well-known sportswomen and dancers) and home affairs, to do shopping or to walk a dog, and at a business meeting or at a dinner party, you will simply be on top! The most important thing is that you will not only look great, but also feel comfortable and confident, thanks to a reliable fixation of the hairstyle.

Who should make a beam of

There are more than one dozen variations on the beam theme. Due to this variety, this hairdo can be called universal, because each woman, if desired, can pick up her ideal bunch. However, despite all the diversity and all the versatility, do not forget that a bunch, like any other hairstyle, can emphasize not only the dignity of a woman, but her shortcomings. An elegant and refined bun is an ideal hairstyle for slender ladies with a swan neck and the right features. In this combination, even an untidy and untidy bunch looks royal! If it is difficult to call your cervix a swan, it is better to make a bundle lower, not focusing attention on the neck.

From high beams on the vertex it is necessary to refuse and to tall girls. A low soft beam will help brighten the neck, which is too long and thin. The owners of the nape of the flattened shape are perfectly suited to tall, magnificent tufts: flat, voluminous, curly and in the form of a figure-eight. Fragile little women do not fit massive voluminous bundles of long hair that look at least ridiculous. It is better to make a tight bundle, decorated with curls from curls, or two small bundles on the sides. For a beam located high on the top, it is important that the hair growing on the neck is not too tightened.

How to make a bunch of hair

Long hair and medium length hair is an ideal material for creative hairdressing experiments, from which you can "build" anything. A bunch is an excellent option for creativity, which does not require special skill, effort, expensive tools for styling and heaped instruments. In addition, it almost never goes out of fashion, and the variety of variations on the theme of the classical beam, allows the lovers of this hairstyle to always be different and unique.

To make a bundle, the hair gathers on the back of the head or on the crown where they are twisted and fixed with pins, forming a knot. If you want to give your hair a volume, you can use a different lining, for example, a foam rubber roller or a hairpiece. The bundle can be made tight or loose, "sleek" and neat or deliberately careless, high or low.

7 variants of the popular hairstyle

Traditional simple bundle

Make a simple bundle simple: comb your hair, collect it from behind in high or low ponytail, twist it in a tourniquet, twist it into a knot and fix it with studs so that they are not discernible. Instead of hairpins, you can use a long barrette in the form of tongs. To diversify and slightly embellish the usual bundle, you can leave a pair of thin strands at the bottom of the beam. Screw them into flagella and lay on top of the bundle. The tips of the flagella are turned into rings and attached to the hair by invisibility.

Stylish "astrakhan" bundle of flagella

. We divide hair horizontally into 4-5 identical sections. At each site, we collect the hair in a ponytail and tightly twist it into a flagellum to form loops and patterns that resemble scrawls. The resulting stylish "astrakhan" bundle of flagella is fixed with the help of hairpins and invisible. This hairstyle always looks original and modern!

Elegant classical bunch of

We divide the hair into three parts. The occipital part is made more than the other two. The two front parts are better divided side by side. The front locks of the hair are fastened with clamps for convenience. The main occipital part of the hair is carefully combed, raised on the vertex and tightly tightened with an elastic band, making a tail. We twist the hair with a non-tangle strand and several times wrap it around the base of the tail. We leave a small loop, into which we pass the free tip of the tail. Firmly tighten the knot and hide the ends of the strands in it. We fasten the beam with studs and sprinkle everything with varnish. Now, from the two sides of the hair, remove the clips and comb them. The left lateral strand is wound over the beam, beautifully laying it over the ear, and fix it invisible, leaving the tips of the hair loose. The same is done with the right side. An elegant bundle of hair is ready! A great option for a business hairstyle for a business lady.

Festive option with rims

Apply to wet hair styling agent so that during drying they can be perfectly stretched. After drying and straightening hair with a hair dryer and a brush, we collect them in a free pony tail, with fingers in the front part slightly loosening the tension of the hair. The tail is transformed into a free bunch, not too tightly attaching it with invisible and stilettos. Then we take two rims. We put one on the head, placing it at a distance of 4-5 lines of hair growth line. The second bezel is located five centimeters from the first. A ready hairdress is sprinkled with varnish, where you need to smooth the strands.

A bunch of wavy hair

Simple in performance, but very effective hairstyle. To make a bunch of wavy hair, apply moist wet hair to the foam for styling. Use a hair dryer and a round comb to dry and straighten your hair. We take pinchers of a large size and weave hair behind them, but we do not heal, otherwise the rings will turn out, and we need only waves. Finished strands are gathered in a loose tail and tightened with an elastic band. For the last time letting the hair through the elastic, leave them free to sag in the form of a loop. The formed loop is wrapped around the gum, pointing it downwards. We fix hairdress with hairpins. This version of the beam will look great with matching in tone to shoes and dress with lacquer clips and satin ribbons.

Exquisite bunch with ornaments and accessories

The usual everyday bun easily transforms into a luxurious evening hairstyle with accessories and hair ornaments: beautiful original hairpins, flowers, brooches, clamps, combs, decorative hairpins. The main thing is not to overdo it, especially with metal hairpins. It will look tasteless, besides the abundance of metal "in the head" can cause a headache.

Smooth side beam

Video how to make a bunch of hair

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