How to choose a good and quality eyeliner?

May 12, 2018 15:00 | Beauty And Health

In the cosmetic bag of every self-respecting girl there must be a pencil for eyes. But if it does not fit or is of poor quality, then it's better to throw it out, because you will not get a good effect. And how to choose this cosmetic product?

Determine with the color of

First of all, you should choose a particular color. Although it is desirable to have in stock several pencils for different cases of life.

So, what to look for when choosing?

  • Be sure to buy a black pencil, it is universal. First, with its help you can correct the cut of your eyes and remove some defects, and secondly, the black is combined with any colors of blush, shadows and lipstick, which is also important. And yet it's not worth thinking about using such a tool. For example, if you have an upper eyelid, then, bringing it along the edge, you can aggravate the situation. In addition, do not emphasize the lower eyelid with a thick contour, this can create an effect of negligence and narrow your eyes.
  • Also, almost everything is suitable for the brown color of the pencil. It is softer and softer than black, and allows you to achieve soft transitions and lines.
  • A white pencil will help to open your eyes visually if you paint the edge of the century inside, that is, on the mucous membrane. In addition, if you lightly draw the inner corners of your eyes, this will allow you to visually separate your eyes from each other and make your eyes more expressive.
  • When choosing color pencils, consider the type of your appearance, eye color and hair. For example, if you have fair hair and light skin, then give preference to shades such as light blue or green. Blondes with light eyes are suitable colors such as gray, turquoise. If you - the owner of red hair and light skin, then choose the shades of brown, olive, sand. Brunettes with blue eyes are suitable for shades of violet, dark gray, plum, burgundy and black.

Hard or soft?

The hardness of the pencil affects the fineness and clarity of the lines. There are several variants here:

  • A hard pencil is similar in effect to a liquid liner, that is, it allows you to make fine and precise contours. The line turns out to be thin, but it's difficult to draw it, because you need to apply a certain amount of pressure to the pencil, and you will not be able to correct anything after the application. But the arrows pencil of this type will turn out to be ideal( after training, of course).A pencil of medium hardness is the best option. First, they are much easier to use, and secondly, the lines will be thin and smooth. To sharpen such pencils is not difficult.
  • Soft pencil is ideal for beginners, but because of its excessive softness it can be smeared, broken. In addition, sharpening will be very inconvenient. The lines will turn out to be bright, but sometimes too thick( although sometimes this is what you need).

To find out which option is right for you, decide on the use of the tool and try it out in order to assess your skills.

Moisture is not terrible

If you cry often( although you should not do this), it's best to choose a waterproof pencil that will withstand the effects of moisture. This option is also suitable for the hot season, when sweating is increased. If you do not use heat in a pencil, and tears are a rarity for you, then choose the usual option.


  • The most common variant is a tree. It is a natural antiseptic, so it prevents the reproduction of microbes. But at the same time you need constant sharpening, without it you will not get clear lines. And if the tree is of poor quality, then it can just break down.
  • Also pencils are made of plastic. This option is more practical and convenient. The sharpener is not required, since the lead is pulled out and automatically sharpened. But from an ecological point of view, this is not the best option( plastic decays for a very long time), so if you care about nature, you better buy a wooden pencil.

Study the composition of

Take a look at the composition. It is desirable that it includes natural ingredients, such as wax, oils, fats and hardeners. Vitamins are also preferred and desirable. Artificial additives and other hazards( for example, oil products) should be as small as possible.

If you have a tendency to allergies, it is better to choose a hypoallergenic pencil.

Types of pencils

How to choose the right eyeliner? To determine, find out what, in general, types of such tools exist:

  1. The contour pencil is designed for drawing contours and fine lines. It's pretty solid, so you need to be able to use it.
  2. Feathering pencil( shadow-pencil).This option is good because it can be used instead of shadows and allows you to make soft transitions and draw gentle lines. But here the thin contour at you will not turn out, as the lead is too thick.
  3. Kayal is used to draw a contour along the inner edges of the eyelids. Such pencils should be very soft and never framed in a wooden case, because the wood particles can get into the eye.
  4. Eiliner combines the advantages of liner and pencil. The brush is placed in the sleeve, and in the cartridge there is a paint, which is applied with a brush to the eyelids. Advantages of the device: clear and beautiful lines, ease of application. But the paint can dry out quickly.
  5. Aidefiner - this is, in fact, a marker pen. The flexible core of such a pencil is impregnated with liquid paint. This version differs from the previous one in that the tip is automatically filled with a coloring composition. But such a tool has drawbacks. It dries quickly, which makes the line color uneven. But using this pencil is easy.

What else should I pay attention to when choosing?

When buying, inspect the product and try it out. Here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Open the cap. It should sit tight, but it's easy to close and open.
  • Inspect the lead. On it there should be no inclusions, plaque, crystals. This indicates that the remedy is spoiled.
  • The griffin should not be too soft, similar in structure to lipstick. But it should not be hard either, otherwise you will constantly scratch the skin of the eyelids, because it is tender and delicate.
  • Draw a line on the hand using a probe( any normal store provides them).The outline should be flat, clear, without lumps and interruptions.
  • Go to the store, try a pencil and go away for a while to evaluate the reaction of your skin to the remedy. It is best to make a purchase only the next day.
  • It should be convenient to use a pencil!
  • Apply the product on your face and determine if it fits the color of your eyes and skin.
  • Pay attention to expiration dates. An overdue product can harm your health!
  • The price of a quality product can not be too low! But overpay for the brand is also not worth it, although it's better to give preference to proven and well-proven manufacturers.

Make your choice and use the pencil with pleasure!