Poisoning with narcotic poisons, treatment

May 13, 2018 09:45 | Symptoms And Treatment
To the narcotic poisons entering the body through the respiratory tract are: acetylene, ethylene, methane, chloroform, ether, carbon tetrachloride, chloroethyl, nitrous oxide, benzene, benzene. When they are poisoned, the central nervous system is depressed to varying degrees, right up to a deep anesthetic with the danger of paralysis of the respiratory center. Initially, the phenomenon of excitation is detected, cramps are possible.

Treatment of : removal from the poisoned atmosphere, release from clothing. Artificial respiration. Warming the body. Inhalation of 5% of a mixture of carbon dioxide with oxygen( carbogen).Lobelia, cytotone, camphor, caffeine, cardiazole, cordiamine).When chloroform is poisoned and carbon tetrachloride is injected intravenously with calcium chloride after removal from the state of severe anesthesia.

A group of narcotic poisons entering the mouth include chloral hydrate, veronal, luminal, sulfonale, paraldehyde, that is, the entire group of hypnotics. In practice, poisoning with barbiturates( luminal, veronal, medinal) can often occur. Severe central nervous system depression. Deep, lasting several days a dream. Superficial and rare breathing, rare and weak pulse. A significant drop in temperature. In some cases, motor disorders up to seizures can be observed as complications.

Treatment of : first of all, an abundant gastric lavage followed by the introduction of a salt laxative with coal through the probe. Repeated cleansing enemas. Warming the body. In view of the inhibition of breathing, inhalation of carbogen, lobeline injections, mustard plasters on the lower ribs, artificial respiration. Means that excite the central nervous system and cardiovascular activity( caffeine, cardiazole, camphor).Intravenous glucose. To enhance diuresis, drip enemas from glucose or saline. Some authors recommend injecting an intravenous solution of picrotoxin 1: 1000 to 5-10 ml repeatedly after 10 to 20 minutes, until the coma passes. Skvortsov recommends injecting picrotoxin very slowly - 1 ml per minute, bringing the total amount to 0.5 g.