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May 13, 2018 11:00 | Hair Care

Recently, in the arsenal of professional hairdressers, there are more and more procedures for restoring and improving the appearance of fragile, weakened, dull, lifeless hair. One of the revolutionary innovations was the glazing of hair - a cheap luxury service that allows hair to return shine, radiance, silky, and protect them from delamination. To date, this is the best way to quickly and without any harm to bring your head in order. During the procedure, damaged areas of hair are filled with ceramides, the stems are sealed with a transparent breathable film, and the hair becomes perfectly smooth, shiny, full of strength and volume.

  • What is the procedure for glazing hair
  • Types of cosmetic glaze
  • Treatment or aesthetics
  • How long the effect of glazing on the hair
  • Nuances of glazing hair at home
  • Procedure for the procedure step by step
  • The difference between lamination and glazing

What?is the procedure for glazing hair

The essence of the procedure is to cover the hair with a special medical-cosmetic composition - shinyglaze containing ceramides, moisturizing and reducing substances. Glazing is absolutely harmless, because the composition of the drugs used does not include ammonia supplements. The glaze saturated with ceramides penetrates the damaged structure of the hair and aligns them, and the thin transparent microfilm formed along the entire length of the hair as if seals each hair, simultaneously thickening it and raising it in the basal area, due to which the head of hear acquires a density and healthy radiance.

There is nothing complicated in the glazing process: the hair is washed with a mild shampoo, dried, covered with glaze, which the master evenly distributes from the roots to the tips. The composition is applied several times, but the hair absorbs just that much, so much is needed, so the "bust" is excluded. Glazing long hair takes about an hour, on short runs faster.

The cost of the procedure depends on the length and condition of the hair - the longer and more porous the hair, the more you will have to pay. Please note that for shining hair, the glaze is unnecessary, there is no particular effect and you will not notice the difference. Therefore, if only the tips are damaged and there is no need for full coverage, only the affected areas can be examined.

Types of cosmetic glaze

Colorless or colored glaze can be used for hair treatment. Colorless glaze gives the hair a natural sheen. The process of giving a shine hair can be successfully combined with safe staining, or rather toning. For this purpose, colored glaze with bezmiumichnym pigment, which does not damage the structure of hair, but also does not radically change their color, but only shade by one or two tones.

In addition, colored glazing helps to strengthen the natural color of hair. In the case of colored hair, the glaze coat retains the color inside the hair, preventing it from washing off.

Treatment or aesthetics

Seduce beautiful slogans of elite beauty salons about the miracle glaze is not worth it. The procedure has no pronounced curative effect. It really protects hair from too dry, hot air and from hot summer sun, and also helps to protect the ends from exfoliation, but still its main purpose is purely decorative and aesthetic - giving the hair a dazzling brilliance and extra volume. Visual transformation will be especially noticeable on thin, dull and damaged hair, but their true health will remain the same.

How long the effect of glazing on the hair

The microfilm formed in the process of glazing is, unfortunately, short-lived. On assurances of manufacturers and on promises of hairdressers and stylists icing lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, i.е.not less than a month. The duration of the effect depends on the quality of the applied composition and how often the hair is washed. If you wash your head more than twice a week, with a shine, you will most likely have to say goodbye after two to three weeks. The applied composition along with the coloring pigments is gradually washed out, returning the former condition to the hair. The harmlessness of the procedure allows you to repeat it as many times as your heart desires, but pleasure is not cheap, and is it not better to deal with complex restoration and treatment of hair.

Nuances of glazing hair at home

Carry out glazing better in the salon, but if the hands are itching to play with a hairdresser, you can resort to the home procedure, although it will not cost you much cheaper than the salon option. For this purpose, a series of professional cosmetics from the Spanish company SALERM, in particular the toning dye Salerm Sensacion - a gel-like colored glaze, which not only changes the shade, but also polishes the trunk of the hair, giving an extraordinary shine, is best for this purpose. The tinted dye will help to correct the undesirable hue after staining or lightening, intensify the intensity of the natural color or refresh the color of the dyed hair, to give a healthy glow to the dull and lifeless hair.

For glazing we will need the following tools:
  • a toning dye of Salerm Sensacion of one of eight shades: air, earth, fire, sea, silver, gold, bronze or copper;
  • shampoo-fixer Salerm Potenciador vitalizante;
  • foam color stabilizer Salerm Protect color with fruit amino acids;
  • intense Salerm 21 conditioner with provitamin B5 and silk proteins.

Procedure Step by Step

  1. Mine my head with a mild shampoo to remove the remnants of styling, sebum, dust and other contaminants. We remove excess moisture by wetting the hair with a towel.
  2. In a prepared container with a paintbrush, mix one part of the toning dye Salerm Sensacion with two parts of the Salerm Potenciador vitalizante shampoo. Do not rush, mix the mixture carefully, so that air bubbles do not form. As a result of mixing, a thick pearlescent gel should form. Due to the translucent texture of the gel, you can control the formation of color on hair. We put the gel on the hair and leave it for 10-15 minutes. At the end of the allotted time, thoroughly wash the hair with warm water and squeeze lightly.
  3. To close the scales and make the color more stable, use the Salerm Protect color stabilizer with fruit amino acids. When it is applied, foam forms. Leave the stabilizer for 5 minutes, carefully wash the hair with warm water and dry with a towel.
  4. Through the entire length of the hair we distribute a small amount of the intensive regenerating conditioner Salerm 21, paying special attention to the tips and the damaged areas. He will deeply moisturize the hair, increase their tone and vitality, protect against negative external factors. The provitamin B5, which is part of the product, will enhance the natural shine, giving the hair a healthy, radiant appearance. Proteins of silk, thanks to a small size, penetrate deep into the inner structure of the hair, restoring them from the inside. It is not necessary to flush the air conditioner.

For home glazing of lifeless hair, you can also use a professional creamless dye-Color Sync from MATRIX, which includes ceramides and moisturizing components. The procedure is completed by applying to the hair a nutritious mask Color Smart, which, thanks to the contents of extracts of citrus fruits, antioxidants, UV filter, vitamin E and special light-reflecting particles will help to consolidate the result.

Difference between lamination and glazing

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