Evening make-up - 33 photos, how to make an evening make-up step by step

May 14, 2018 19:30 | Makeup
In order to look charming at any events or get-togethers, you need to pick up not only suitable clothes, but also makeup, as it plays a significant role in your image. Evening makeup is distinguished by its brightness, expressiveness and attractiveness, in it you can realize all your fantasies. But if you have never encountered the technique of applying such a make-up, you should train in advance, so that this evening you were at the height. To do this, you need to know some secrets that will help you to carry out your plans.

Gorgeous evening greek makeup

This make-up will help you to visit antiquity, but do not think that he is old-fashioned. This, on the contrary, is a great way to emphasize the beauty of the eyes. Before embarking on makeup, make sure that your cosmetic bag has all the necessary tools, namely:

  • makeup base,
  • powder, which most suits the color of your face,
  • corrector, with which you will remove all the imperfections or irregularitiesskin, making it smooth and beautiful,
  • blush that will help make your face more vivid,
  • eye shadow,
  • black eyeliner, with which you can emphasize the eyes,
  • mascara( best black),
  • lipstickfor brunettes andbrown hair is better to choose red shades, for blondes - pink),
  • additional means( all kinds of brushes for blush, shadows, podvodok and lipsticks).

Application rules for Greek makeup:

1. Smooth, even skin. In order to make a perfect make-up, you need to start with the skin of the face. It must be amazing. Soften it with special creams or lotions, then remove the flaws with the corrector. Make-up in the Greek style should be neat, so do not overdo it with tonal remedy. Align the skin tone with a powder. For dark girls fit bronze shades, for blondes with fair skin - lighter.

2. Eyebrows should be of perfect shape. If you do not naturally have thick or uneven eyebrows, then it's easy to fix with a pencil. Choose a pencil that fits the color of your hair and skin. Do not need to make too large eyebrows, they should attract by their form, and not repel.

3. Highlight the cheekbones with rouge. With this tool you need to manage very carefully, since a lot of blush will make you look like a nesting doll. You need to slightly highlight the cheekbones with a few strokes of the brush to the temples. It is best to choose bronze shades of blush.

4. Eye separation is the main highlight of this makeup. Choose shades of golden and brown colors. For all the eyelid you need to apply shadows not too dark in color, but the outer corner of the eye is highlighted with a darker shade. An integral part of the Greek make-up is bold and beautiful arrows. Finish the makeup of the eyes with black ink.

5. Lips. To lipstick lasted longer on the lips, apply a few tonal basis on them. If you want to make them more sensual, use a transparent shine over the lipstick.

Bright evening make-up in retro style

This make-up will perfectly allocate beautiful eyes and lips. With its help you will become mysterious and attractive. In order to perform the perfect make-up, you need to observe some rules:

1. Whiteness of the face. A distinctive feature of this make-up is a person, like a porcelain doll.

2. Expressive hands - a pledge of smart make-up. Arrows, made by black eyeliner or pencil, will make the eyes bigger and emphasize all their beauty.

3. Thin eyebrows. For retro make-up doll appearance is important, and thick, thick eyebrows will not give such an effect.

4. Scarlet lips. The emphasis of the make-up is on the lips, so they should be catchy. Choose the most possible options for red lipsticks.

5. Bright blush. Use pink and peach shades. Well-selected cheekbones - pledge of chic make-up.

Evening smoky make-up

The second name for this make-up is the ice-cream apple. This technique of applying shadows is very popular, since it is suitable for absolutely all girls. This is a universal way to emphasize all the benefits of the eyes.


1. Align the skin with a corrector and tonal means. Particular attention should be paid to the skin of the eyelids. Use a special eyelid base, which will help the shadows stay for a long time and not crumble.

2. For smoky make-up use pencils with a greasy texture. Draw a line along the eyelash growth. Well darken all the gaps between the cilia.

3. On the mobile eyelid should be applied the darkest color of shadows in driving movements. So the shade will be more saturated.

4. Apply less dark shadows to the mobile eyelid and the outer corner of the eye. Apply shadows only with your eyes open, since with closed eyes all proportions can be broken. Do not forget to shade the shadows carefully.

5. The lightest shade of shadows is applied to the inner corner of the eye and the area under the eyebrows. Again, do not forget to shade.

6. Lower eyelid with a pencil. Draw a duplicated line with less dark colors. Remember that the lower and upper eyelids should be connected.

7. Make the eyelashes as effective as possible with the help of black carcass.

8. Apply a brown or red shade of lipstick on your lips.

Evening make-up "cat's eye"

This make-up makes the eyes bigger and more expressive. Your view will attract a lot of fans, and you will be the most gorgeous girl in the evening. The main advantage of makeup is that it is suitable for any eyes.

The first thing you need to do is lay the foundation for a person who will make makeup more resistant. You can also use tonal remedies, but not in large quantities. Start makeup with the application of the darkest shadows along the growth of cilia. It can be black, brown or blue. Thoroughly shade them. A more light shade of shadows is applied to the area from the middle of the eye to the outer corner and even a little farther. Thus the eye visually lengthens and a delightful incision is obtained. The darkest shadows are applied in the middle of the century. Remember that you must shade the shadows so that no transitions are visible. The main emphasis of this make-up is on the hands. They must be spectacular and catchy. It is best to use black or blue eyeliner. Stress the eyelashes with black ink. Choose the lipstick to your liking. It can be both brown and pink shades.

Evening bright make-up in Arabic style

Correctly executed Arabian make-up can make you a real oriental girl who will enchant everyone with her attractive look. The main difference of Arab makeup is its brightness and brilliance. Here you can not be afraid to experiment.

Step-by-step instruction for doing make-up:

1. The first thing to do is make the skin near the eyelids smooth and even. To do this, use concealer, base and tonal means.

2. For the eyelids, apply a primer, thanks to which your make-up will last a long time.

3. Thick eyeliner blot into light pink shadows, then evenly apply shadows to the entire mobile eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner.

4. Apply a violet shade to the outer corner of the eye. Extend the line of the shadows beyond the eye line, thereby creating a visual effect of the wings.

5. Under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye should be applied a clarifying highlighter, which will make a clear and bright accent on the eyes.

6. Using gel piping, draw a line along the outer eyelid along the growth of cilia.

7. Emphasize the cilia with an extension ink, if desired, use false eyelashes.

Evening dark make-up

With the help of dark shadows you can make your look sexy and attractive. This makeup is great for the image of the fatal beauty.

Technique for performing dark make-up:

1. As always, the first thing to do is skin care. Since such a make-up attracts everyone's attention, your face should be perfect, without any errors. Use the corrector and tonal means to smooth the skin.

2. Then proceed to the make-up of the eyelids. All movable eyelid cover with a special base for eyelids. After that, take light shadows and apply them the same way you applied the base. In black pencil draw a line along the cilia. Dark, preferably matte shadows cover the upper eyelid.

3. Select the fold of the eyelid with a thin brush. Choose a tone according to the color of the eyes, but it should be intermediate. You can also emphasize the lower eyelid, but this is not suitable for all types of eyes. Girls with narrow small eyes are better off not applying a tone to the lower eyelid.

4. Last thing, make up the cilia with black ink in several layers. If your eyelashes are not long enough or thick, you can use invoices.

There are other options for evening make-up. We offer to view photos and make your choice.

Evening make-up is a way to show the world its beauty and attractiveness. Take advantage of our tips and feel like the queen of the evening.