How to quit smoking and not get better( tips, video)

May 14, 2018 22:00 | Helpful Hints

Over the solution of this issue, not once thoughtful smokers around the world. They thought about it, but they could not find the strength to quit smoking this stuff."Dirty" - in another way, I can not call a chemical cocktail, which includes ammonia, nicotine, benzopyrene, hydrogen sulfide, carbon oxides, nitrogen, essential oils. .

Just think: more than 4 million smokers die each year from their bad habits!!Because of second-hand smoke, non-smokers, innocent wives of smokers live for 4 years less than their peers! Can you imagine what these figures are? And all this - because of a stupid, unnecessary habit.

How to become a non-smoker? Remember - ANY person can quit smoking! Regardless of his length of service. But you should stop smoking properly. If you were forcibly forced to stop smoking, then the subsequent time you spend without a cigarette will become intolerably painful for you. You will think every day of cigarettes, yes there is a day - they will dream you! And, thus, sooner or later you will still smoke. And this will be so long as the smoking person himself does not understand the harm that smoking brings to him and others when he starts to think like a NON-SMOKING person.

Therefore, to become a happy non-smoker, you need to take 3 steps:

  1. You need to understand what pushes you to take a cigarette in your hands. I know many people who can not smoke for weeks. But as soon as they fall into a certain circle of people( smokers), they begin to smoke to "support the company".Other people smoke when they have nothing to do. Still others - when they are nervous. Therefore, find the reason for what you start smoking and just eradicate it( stop talking with smoking companies, click on the semochki, direct your nerves and anger not in smoking a cigarette, but in sports).
  2. The next step is the formation of a new outlook on life. You must understand that smoking does not lead to good: it not only harms your health, but also drains your purse well, takes your time and your life. It is necessary to understand that you have nothing to throw, and to lose too, smoking is not yours. It is superfluous in your life.
  3. And the last thing you have to do is clear your body of the tobacco tar, which accumulated over the entire time that you smoked. And the sooner you quit smoking, the faster they will be eliminated from the body. By the way, many smokers after they got rid of this bad habit, wondered why they had not done it before - after all, as it turned out, this is not so difficult to do.

Do not delay this matter for later. Quit smoking right now!

Useful tips for smokers

Here are some tips to help you quit smoking:

  • promise to acquaint friends or friends with a certain amount of money( which you would be sorry to give) in the event that you light a cigarette;
  • try to drink less alcohol( it reduces self-control);
  • instead of cigarettes buy yourself gum and sunflower seeds;
  • go in for sports, find yourself a company among athletes;
  • read Allen Kara's book "Easy way to quit smoking".This man could smoke 60 cigarettes a day and managed to give up this bad habit. And not only managed to throw himself, but also because he wrote the book, he helped other people to do it too;
  • or use biomagnets from smoking( for some people they help to quit smoking in 2-3 days!);
  • look at photos and videos with images of lungs from smokers( video at the end of the article):

How to quit smoking and not recover?

After parting with a cigarette, a person begins to perceive the taste of food in a new way, it seems to him tastier. That's why he begins to lean on food with more satisfaction than before. In addition, smoking dulls the feeling of hunger and burns calories. After quitting smoking, a person starts to burn 100 calories per day less than before. The exchange of substances for a while will not be normal, and the weight of a person can increase by a couple of kilograms.

It is also known that nicotine increases the level of dopamine( the pleasure hormone) in the brain. Delicious food( cookies, sweets) have about the same effect on the human body, so it is possible that after you quit smoking, replace the cigarettes with sweets.

When you smoke, your mouth and hands are busy. This statement is suitable for eating. Keep this in mind when you eat!

When you are struggling with nicotine addiction, it is advisable not to be distracted by the fight against excess kilograms. Diet at the same time with the fight with smoking only tortures your body.

If you still managed to overcome smoking, remove the extra pounds will not be a problem. For this it is necessary: ​​

  1. To eat food a little more often, but in smaller portions.
  2. Eat more fiber and protein. They not only will not fill you, but also help to gain muscle mass.
  3. Go in for sports: push home from the floor, swing the press, run at the stadium, go to the gym. All this will not only help keep your body toned, but also contribute to the recovery of the body after nicotine addiction.