Square shape of nails: how to do + tips for caring for hands

April 14, 2018 07:00 | Manicure
  • How to choose the perfect shape?
  • Variants of the procedure
  • Increase the "square"
  • Which design will look most effective?
  • Tips for the care of hands
  • Square nails form: video

It is impossible to imagine a beautiful and well-groomed woman with untidy arms. Manicure really plays an important role in the appearance of a modern girl: it must be stylish, neat and be a harmonious complement to the image.

But even the most intricate design can spoil the wrongly selected shape of the marigold. Most girls like the universal, square form of nails: on the Internet there are many articles teaching how to do it yourself.

How to choose the perfect shape?

Many psychologists tend to believe that the shape of the nails( as well as the hairstyle) can determine the characteristics of the personality. There are several basic types:

  • Round( or oval)
  • Rounded( only edged)
  • Almond-shaped
  • Acute
  • Square

Oval shape is preferred by girls who love classics. These marigolds look feminine and somewhat romantic. It is noteworthy that the shape is suitable for owners of both full and lean hands, regardless of the length of the fingers.

Gently rounded shape looks elegant and elegant. Often it is chosen by conservative girls. If the nail plates are wide and massive, it is better to round them more strongly.

Vigorous and active ladies often choose almond-shaped marigolds. Now this form is at the peak of popularity, and therefore there are many interesting designs that favorably emphasize the grace of this form.

The acute form often looks aggressive, and therefore it is preferred by freedom-loving and vivid individuals who are not afraid of experiments.

It is not always easy to carry out "claws" on your hands - nails should be really healthy and strong. When choosing a design, you should also be careful - on these hands, the geometric manicure looks best.

The square form of nails - never went out of fashion. She was always preferred by strong, but very feminine ladies. Any design on these hands will look amazing: monochrome, lunar or cosmic.

To whom is the square shape ideal?

Psychologists are confident that the owners of the "square" can be described as single-minded and sociable personalities who know what they want to achieve.

Square marigolds look good on fingers of medium thickness, and also on the hands of fat women. Most often they are interested in how to make the square shape of nails lovers of luxury French manicure: it is replaced by lengthens the arm and makes it more feminine.

Who does not fit the "Square"?

The square shape is not perfect for women with expanding to the top( the masters call them shovel-shaped) nails. Also, from the "square" is better to refuse to owners of a small nail bed - the manicure will look unnatural and rude.

For various birth defects of the plate( or too ribbed surface), the design of the square-shaped nails is better done by the expert, the specialist will be able to make flaws less noticeable and to focus attention on the merits.

  • Girls who lead an active lifestyle, for sure, will like a beige nude manicure.
  • Having learned to carry out cosmic design on nails, you can always remain in a trend, the instruction can be found here.

Options for the procedure

Many girls are worried about the question: "how to make a square shape of the nails at home?".In fact, it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. It is better to start with classic cleansing from cuticles. Preferably choose a trimmed manicure: in warm water, the nails become softer and will easily succumb to all subsequent manipulations.

Next, the hands must be wiped with a soft towel to make them completely dry. To make the desired shape, you should use the nail file. With her help, you need to cut each of the marigolds on the sides.

The tool must be moved in exactly the same direction. Cutting the tip in a straight line so you can achieve an ideal "square".

Sometimes the edges of the marigolds are too sharp: they are pricked and touch the clothes. It is quite easy to fix this, it is only necessary to conduct a few times in the nail file in such places. Do it better in the direction from the edge to the center.

The square-oval shape of the nails is very simple to care for. To maintain its neatness, it is only necessary to file them regularly( about once a week).With such care, your manicure will look neat even after a few weeks.

How to make a square shape from round?

When girls want to make some kind of variety in their manicure, they usually change shape. Many girls just do not know how to give the nails a square shape, if before they were oval.

It should be understood that such a radical change will not happen spontaneously. It is necessary to grow regularly marigolds, gradually cutting off the oval.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to completely cut the nail. Further, as it grows, this procedure will have to be repeated on a regular basis, until you have an ideal "square" on your hands.

Build "square"

To learn how to cut square-shaped nails is not so difficult. It's much harder to make sure that the nails do not fade and do not break. To do this, you need to consume a sufficient amount of vitamins with food, and also regularly make nutrient trays.

Unfortunately not every girl can boast perfectly healthy and strong nails. That's why more and more women prefer the procedure of building up - this manicure is strong enough and keeps its neat appearance up to the next correction.

Gel or acrylic?

The square nails can be made of gel or acrylic. Each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages, and therefore it is unequivocally to determine which of them is better simply impossible.

Acrylic is a powder with a pungent smell, suitable for owners of various types of nail plate .This material is strong enough and comfortable to wear, but the nail plate under it does not breathe. As a result, the marigolds become noticeably weaker, more exhausted.

The effect of the gel is softer - the nail plate breathes and therefore does not lose its vitality. The procedure for increasing the gel lasts longer and costs more, but in the end the manicure looks natural.

To understand which of the materials is right for you, it is better to try both. Only in this way you can decide which type of building is closer to you.

Which design will look most effective?

Owners of the "square" can easily experiment with different designs of manicure. On such nails, regardless of their length, any coating will look good.

In spring and summer, the square shape of the nails on short nails will be harmoniously combined with bright and juicy tones. It can be a burning red, fuchsia, emerald and violet.

It should be understood that if you work as a doctor, lawyer or say a teacher, this manicure will be inappropriate, because it looks unduly defiant. This design is preferable to leave for more informal life situations.

Now in the fashion painting in the style of nude, which means "naturally".It is quite universal, as it looks appropriate in any life situation. For such designs choose gentle pastel and matte varnishes. Suitable are pink, peach, beige tones.

The perfect solution for your nails

If you want your manicure to look really feminine and elegant, you can combine franc and moon manicure. For this, only a few varnishes( main + white enamel) and pebbles / soup for decoration will be needed.

Fingernails along the entire length must be covered with a basic lacquer. It can be a cream or pinkish shade - depending on the color of your skin. When the coating dries, glue the strips for franch. On each finger, you get two stripes: at the base and at the tip of the nail.

Further, using enamel, it is necessary to accurately draw a smile and a hole on all fingers, except for anonymous. It draws only a smile, and instead of a hole, neatly spread pebbles or bouillon in the form of an oval. Completes the manicure applying a good fixer.

In the end, you will get not just a stylish, but a natural manicure, ideal for any life situation. Hands will look gentle and elegant, harmoniously complementing any of your image.

  • If you want to look feminine and stylish, feel free to choose a French manicure with a pattern for yourself.
  • There is no need to buy expensive lip scrubs, if a similar substance can be prepared at home, read more in the article.

Tips for hand care

To make the nails beautiful, they should be primarily healthy. To improve their condition, there are several simple recipes:

  • In the evenings, you should make a bath with the addition of olive oil. This procedure will take no more than three minutes, but after a week you will notice how much your nails have changed.
  • Acetone is better to replace with a less toxic liquid for removing varnish. Check that it does not contain acetone and formaldehyde.
  • Do not use other people's nail files, and do not give yours. This tool is able to accumulate bacteria that do not exactly improve the condition of your nails.

You will never have to hide your hands again if you choose the square shape of your nails. On such hands any design will look not only neat, but also stylish.

Square nail form: video

Although this form is considered one of the classic, it does not go to every girl. To give your arms grace and beauty, you should follow the basic rules and file your nails according to them.