Fashionable make-up for winter 2016: photos and video of winter make-up, fashion trends

May 16, 2018 04:00 | Makeup

Makeup trends for the winter-2016 represent several original directions at once. His position was preserved by the "classics", but the latest ideas of stylists proposed for this season deserve special attention.

Fashion 2016: actual makeup for the winter

The rules of the game, as the leading fashion houses always ask, for the new seasonal collections of clothes they also develop an original makeup. He, according to the idea of ​​stylists and designers - an important part of the image, and not just an opportunity to make your own appearance more attractive.

This rule, as never before works faithfully in making make-up for the winter of 2016 - it should exactly correspond to the overall style of the image. And this means that it is not necessary to complement outfits in the everyday style with a frank, complicated make-up, but at the same time, it does not simplify with its help stylish urban or vintage styles.

The creative images of seasons stylists offer to adapt not only for images, but for features of their own appearance, not copying ideas, but creating their own options.

Several stylish make-up ideas for the winter-2016 - on the photo here:

The main direction in which the best examples of fashionable make-up in the winter of 2016 are sustained are natural beauty. Six months ago, trends left such receptions as eyebrow tattoos, eyelids and lips, eyelash extensions, as well as total tan. They were replaced by receptions, allowing spectacular, but at the same time, it is natural and elegant to emphasize facial features and dignity.

Begin, as with the creation of any successful image is with the exact choice - the base, namely, foundation and corrective agents. When choosing them, it is worth considering that the techniques that worked fine in the summer, with the winter soft daylight, and even more so with artificial light, will not bring the desired result.

Noble aristocratic pallor of the skin - the basis of stylish winter make-up - 2016. It can be achieved with tonal creams with a light reflective effect and carefully selected concealer, leveling the tone.

Velvety and gentle surface will help to create a powder for a tone lighter than the basic shade of the cream. In this season, do not get involved in thick invoices. Matte, but with a light and airy layer of powder can be created with a brush or professional sponge.

Note the shade of the skin in the fashionable make-up for the winter in the photo with seasonal displays:

Trendy trends of the winter makeup-2016

This season, vivid colors of blush returned to fashion. They allow you to perfectly model an oval face, and are used only as corrective means - a clear and vivid picture with their help is not worth pursuing.

The most relevant shades of ash pink, peach and gently coral - this palette allows you to choose the best option for any shade of skin. In make-up in the winter of 2016 with the help of blush, the right accents are placed, the main one of them being "high" expressive cheekbones that make the face more elegant.

The perfectly selected base and corrected face oval is the first stage in creating an actual image. Fashion trends in makeup for the winter-2016 most accurately express not even the colors of cosmetics, but the images that are created with its help.

The most demanded and always individual in any winter trends 2016 - make-up, designed for an active lifestyle, which has a place to work, study and a thousand cases painted for the day. The most relevant in this case is the "European" style of mike-apa - the most natural and almost invisible.

Fashionable winter makeup 2016 for brown eyes

In fact, an ideal-natural fashion make-up, requires no less professionalism than the evening. For its creation, it is necessary to observe only one, but rather "hard" rule - to allocate one thing: either the lips or the eyes.

Look at the photo, winter make-up on the photo in this style - a universal solution for many images:

Brightness and personality images will add the fashion shades of shades presented this season. Delicate, creamy textures with a light shine of mother-of-pearl - this season's hit.

Perfectly such a winter make-up 2016 is suitable for brown eyes, the principle of its creation is simple and perfectly suited to the eyes of any dark and rich hue. For everyday eye make-up in winter 2016, stylists suggest choosing an individual palette of three well-compatible and fashionable shades.

For example, gentle pale yellow, beige and ashy - with their help you can effectively emphasize not only the shape and cut of the eyes, but also their color. This technique is great for the eyes of any dark and saturated shade.

See how the colors of the fashion winter make-up-2016 are selected on these photos:

Stylish eye make-up for the winter 2016

Stylish, and most importantly - individual. It is very important to beautifully and effectively highlight the eyes and the fashionable range of shade shades and methods of their application allows you to do it with brilliance.

The color palette of shadows presented this season is very rich: from the most delicate skin tones to deep graphite. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of the most fashionable ones, it is worth considering that mother of pearl is fashionable only in light colors, and any dark colors are relevant only in combination with a matte texture.

Especially impressive are deep saturated shades of gray, purple and plum shades. This season they are given a special preference for creating a complex, but very winning image. Contrary to all the laws of the classic mike-apa, such shadows are applied to the upper eyelid, completely covering it, and shading the borders to the temples and nose.

Notice how the stylish winter make-up of 2016 is made on these photos:

The main accent of this image is the eyes, so they complement it with very delicate shades of lipstick or shine. Such make-up requires not only an accurate selection of colors, but also certain skills, but you have to choose your own option.

Learn how to professionally make winter makeup 2016 will help this video:

This make-up today is considered a new classic and perfectly matches with the images in virtually all styles - from avant-garde to classical. The only exception is sports.

Very interesting trend, which many stylists have paid tribute to this season - exotic. Influence on global trends of the East and Asian fashion has found its embodiment in make-up for the winter of 2016.The accent in such images is also done on the eyes, but with the help of other expressive means.

The basis is a snow-white, smooth matte skin and well-defined cheeks and chin with the help of a rouge. Eyes are allocated with the help of a neutral shade of shadows, and for the eyebrows you will need a soft pencil of natural shade.

The main thing in such a fashionable make-up in the winter - 2016 - bright and catchy eyeliner in the form of "arrows".This season they have nothing to do with the classic version. First of all, thanks to the color, traditional black gave way to purple, azure blue, green, and in the most avant-garde versions - orange and pink.

The arrow line is drawn from the inner corner of the eye to the outer edge of the eyebrow, not repeating the eyelid line, but literally horizontally. It is best to use a color liner, not a pencil, and by no means shade the boundaries of the "arrow."A little mascara, lip gloss or lipstick neutral shade and a fashionable exotic image created.

Such fashionable makeup options for winter 2016 photos below deserve special attention:

What makeup in fashion in winter 2016: classic, avant-garde, exotic

Classics, avant-garde or exotic - stylists propose to experiment more actively with their own appearance in search of actual make-up. In the winter of 2016, one of the main rules of an excellent image is the exact selection of trends for features of their own appearance.

The answer to the question "what makeup is in fashion in winter 2016?" Will be incomplete if you do not pay attention to your lips. As well as tattooing, this year is not actual clear rim of the contours of the lips - even in the evening versions.

Lipstick and shine in the seasonal image, in most cases, serve as an addition, but to neglect a careful selection of their shade is not worth it. The best will be one that perfectly matches the shade of your own lips.

The exception is the evening images, for the creation of which you can effectively, but very delicately select the eyes and use bright lipstick. The most fashionable color of the season is red, in all the splendor of its shades.