Beautiful skin of the face - a sign of health and the key to success

May 16, 2018 10:15 | Beauty And Health

For many girls and women, beautiful face skin is a guarantee of beauty and success, so special vitamins are needed for its nutrition. But at any age, skin diseases can occur, which are treated immediately after their appearance on the face. One of the most common skin troubles can be considered acne, especially this problem affects adolescents. But if in a youth the given disease passes without complications, then in a more mature age, acne can leave behind some skin defects.

And what woman will like to walk with a groom and constantly worry about their appearance? Therefore, in order to get rid of this problem as soon as possible, you need to reconsider your diet. In addition, the cause of acne, may be an unfavorable environment.

It is known that the appearance of blackheads on the skin of an adult person can be wrong food and excessive consumption of carbohydrates.

To avoid the appearance of skin defects, it is necessary to replace simple carbohydrates with complex ones and for a while to abandon the use of sweets, so you can not only get rid of acne, but also keep the ideal figure.

As for the skin peeling, this process usually takes place in the cold season, when the person is exposed to weathering and the amount of vitamins and minerals in the body decreases at this time. To get rid of this problem it is worth eating twenty grams of fat a day. You can also give preference to vegetable oil and nuts, which are very useful for the human body.

But apart from peeling, the face can be prone to redness, especially sensitive skin. This reaction can be caused by the ingestion of spices and alcohol, as well as various smoked products. These products expand the blood vessels, and as a result, the skin is covered with red spots.

Many women for several years are actively fighting wrinkles, and to get rid of this defect make a facelift. But if you pay attention to the appearance of wrinkles at a young age, then in the future you can prevent their occurrence. To wrinkles never settled on your face, it is worth eating fish, mostly mackerel, salmon and tuna.

In addition, it is necessary to add hazelnut and almonds to your diet, as these products are rich in the content of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids in them. Due to the presence of these acids in the human body, the manifestation of inflammatory processes decreases and there is no clogging of the pores, which causes the appearance of wrinkles and acne.

In order for a person to always be in perfect condition, a special diet called the diet of Pegano must be observed. But before you start a special way of life, you need to cleanse the body, for this it is necessary to apply one of the diets: citrus, apple or grape, besides it is necessary to include cleansing enemas daily.

Next it is necessary to take care of blocking access to toxins, for this you need to drink eight glasses of water every day, you can add lemon juice or a spoonful of honey to the water, and also it is necessary to bring fresh juices to your diet. In addition, it is necessary to drink juices from beets, carrots and parsley, as well as herbal cleansing teas.

If you follow this diet is prohibited to eat hot, fried, and smoked, it is also necessary to remove from the diet food, sweet and sodas. In order to cleanse the skin of harmful substances you need to eat fruits, vegetables, oats, honey, wheat sprouts and milk, as well as you can eat cheese and porridges from bran, buckwheat and wheat, which are welded on water.

Thanks to such a diet, a woman will permanently get rid of skin defects and bring her weight back to normal, but ideally such special food should be alternated with a visit to a beautician and a bath, and also it is necessary to give time to physical exercises.

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