What wedding rings are in vogue?

May 16, 2018 16:30 | Ornamentation

If you want to look fashionable and stylish, find out which wedding bands are now in vogue.

At the peak of popularity in 2015-2016, there are engagement rings with an unusual decor. Many designers this season released paired rings for the groom and the bride in the form of fishnet rims. This decoration creates the effect of lightness and airiness, and on the fingers of men and women look elegant and exquisite. Often, such wedding decorations trim with precious or semiprecious stones.

Do not lose their relevance and wedding rings with diamonds. However, not all lovers can afford such expensive jewelry, for this reason many designers in this season have replaced diamonds with equally beautiful and noble cubic zirkonia. These are artificial diamonds, which have a low cost, while the cubic zirconia with its brilliance, light brightness and decorative data practically does not differ from real diamonds.

Fashionable steel and rings with engraving, it can be applied to the decoration of any material - gold, silver or other metal. Engraving is applied to either side of the wedding ring - external or internal.

Engagement rings with enamel are considered to be a real work of art, because they are the result of a rather complicated and painstaking work. The process of enameling in the jewelry art is a fusion of metal and glass under the influence of high temperature. To create rings with enamel requires many years of experience of successful work as a jeweler, patience and attentiveness. As a result of enameling, a ring with a smooth vitreous surface of a saturated but soft color is obtained. Such engagement rings can be decorated with precious stones, but they look great without them.

A few years ago, rings with large stones in the middle were fashionable to give to the girl on the day of the engagement. Now such jewelry is relevant as wedding rings. This year, designers presented several options for the rings of platinum and white gold. Some lovers prefer wedding rings made of silver.

In the shop windows of jewelry stores, you can also see engagement rings made of black gold. They look incredibly mysterious, bold and bold, but they choose such jewelry for a few.