How to wear a women's wristwatch with bracelets and what to wear with a gold watch

May 16, 2018 19:00 | Clock

With what and how to wear women's watches female - the question is not only the status and beauty of the accessory, the style and the organic nature of the image - that's the main thing that should be considered.

In today's trends, they act as spectacular ornaments. There are several stylistic trends: they are feminine models in the classical version and accessories in the style of sport chic and original versions in the retro style. But the most popular idea, which is mastered by most brands - large, slightly brutal accessories of complex design. They can be complemented by a massive bracelet, and twisted around the wrist a few times around the wrist.

Rules of modern fashion: how to wear a watch girls

How to wear a watch correctly? First of all, since it is convenient for you, among the true connoisseurs of these accessories debate does not cease, on which hand - right or left? The tone in such disputes is set by celebrities, but one should choose one's own option only for reasons of personal convenience - it is always individual.

The second no less important condition of how correctly to wear a watch - a combination of them with other accessories and ornaments. Someone likes gold, and someone silver, appreciate how your watch will be combined with your favorite necklace, earrings, and most importantly - rings.

The combination of gold and silver in one image is the most difficult option, but you can always find an elegant solution. If there are any doubts, just remove one of the ornaments.

According to the rules of modern fashion, the style of accessories and ornaments should not coincide with the overall style of the attire. Therefore, the business duet "blouse and skirt" or a beautiful office dress can be easily supplemented with accessories in the style of "retro" or spectacular models in the masculine style. The only thing that is out of place in such an ensemble is sports models made of plastic.

How to wear a watch with bracelets and what bracelets are worn with a watch

The most difficult question of the right combination of accessories is how to wear a watch with bracelets. Today it is fashionable to literally "thread" on one wrist several bracelets at once, and if you add watches. .. First of all, it is necessary to choose exact stylistic solutions. The color of metals is the main rule of the ideal choice, but it's always worth adding a little intrigue.what bracelets are worn with the watch. Combine the expensive and status accessory with a frivolous bracelet that emphasizes the grace of the wrist - this is the most elegant option.

With accuracy "to the contrary" it is worth to go with models in a plastic case - and this is not necessarily a sport style. In this version, many classical models are presented today. By the way, they are often decorated with real diamonds, and the mechanism and dial are created in the best canons. A light chain bracelet, adorned with pearls or rhinestones, will make this model the center of gravity.

These accessories perfectly attract attention to the hands, to their shape and even the shade of the manicure. The more expensive and more massive the model, the simpler and more refined the shade of varnish on your nails should be. Look closely at how to properly wear a girl's watch from European royal families. The most expensive brands are available to them, the luxury of these accessories is emphasized by a simple French manicure.

But the bright and catchy varnish on the nails perfectly matches with the retro-styled models. Thin, miniature and elongated wrist dials, gold or silver hulls and necessarily a classic design and mechanism. This is a very feminine option, designed for refined and knowledgeable sense in the trends of women of fashion.

Such models bore in the middle of the last century the stars of the first magnitude - the film stars and wives of the presidents, the elitism train remained for them until now. They give the most accurate answer to the question "how do girls wear watches?".As a basic decoration.

With such accessories, by the way, the most successfully combines not metal, but the thinnest leather strap. This trend has perfectly taken root in the modern business and evening style and, of course, the fashionable vintage.

As girls wear wristwatches

First of all - they should be worn. Even if you do not check the time, this trend is stable and will not give up positions in the next decade. Sometimes they seem superfluous, but it is important to learn how to wear a wristwatch.

The main motive that trends set as decoration. Dear and brand models can not be complemented by other accessories. They look great "solo".But be sure to follow the length of the sleeves, most effectively they look with dresses and tops without sleeves or minimal - fully opening their hands.

But today's collections from the most famous to the beginning designers are full of non-standard, and sometimes paradoxical ideas. One of the most tempting and stylish ideas is how to wear a wristwatch correctly: sports chic.

In such accessories everything is taken into account, and the exact time, and a stopwatch, and a pedometer. Plastic accessories of bright colors are literally designed for jogging in the nearest park. But to put them on is not only with the sports form. They create a great fashionable dissonance with all the outfits that fall under the definition of casual, and are absolutely incomparable in romantic images.

With what to wear a gold watch from the famous brand

It is extremely important - a combination of colors and textures. With what to wear a gold watch from a famous brand? It is important not to overload the image, but complement the accessory with light and elegant ornaments made of gold of the same shade. It can be miniature earrings, a chain with a pendant, but, in no case - contradictory additions. Such accessories should be complemented with dresses in everyday, but well thought out, style, evening or cocktail dresses.

But, in no case should not combine them with expensive and special dresses for special outlets. Being dressed and decorated too smart today is just not fashionable.

But the most difficult to think about is how to wear a wristwatch of spectacular and sophisticated design. To understand how, leave them the only decoration, taking off all your favorite and habitual earrings and bracelets.