How to get rid of greasy shine: 10 tips on how to remove fatty gloss on the face

May 18, 2018 06:00 | Facial Treatments
There is nothing terrible in the glitter of the face on the buffet table, but the oily shine of the skin during business negotiations is a completely different story. In this article, 10 effective methods have been proposed to keep the face dry even on the most hot day.

Get rid of aggressive cleansing preparations

Any aggressive cleansing preparation is the first nuance that can cause glossy shine on the face skin. Of course, you have to remove excess fat from the skin. However, if the skin is dried too much, this will only exacerbate the situation, since in this case the skin will produce twice as much fat. That's why you need to choose a means for washing, which will be sufficiently effective, but at the same time rather delicate.

Armed with a drug to narrow the pores of

Elevated temperature leads to active blood circulation and, as a consequence, expansion of the pores. Over time, the sebaceous glands begin to function much more actively, the sebum changes its consistency to a more fluid and the shine of the face becomes more noticeable. With this problem, ice cubes or chamomile infus well cope. If you do not trust the folk medicine too much, you can solve the problem with the help of special serums.

Buy scrubs

In the summer, the use of scrubs can increase by two or even three times. When the temperature is high, the sebaceous glands function more intensively, and consequently, the pores are clogged more.

Choose a mask that suits your skin type

Mud and clay masks help in fighting fatty gloss and enlarged pores. It is important, only one thing - remember the nourishing cream after the procedure, because such a means dry the skin.

Replace the cream in the summer

The cream texture used during the summer season should be as comfortable as possible for the skin, easily applied and quickly absorbed. There should be no sensation of heaviness or, on the contrary, tightness. The most correct solution can be a nourishing cream on oil-free basis.

Give preference to cosmetics that really suit you

Make sure that your tonal cream shows matting properties. Such drugs not only smooth out the facial complexion, but also remove excess sebum. However, when using such cosmetics it is important to apply it with the thinnest layer, so that the skin can breathe.

Choose a compact powder

If the street is actually stuffy, you will see a greasy shine on your face just a few hours after you exit. That's why you need a tool in your bag that will help you in this situation. It will be better if the powder will contain kaolin, zinc and salicylic acid - these substances are excellent matiruyut skin.

Complete your handbag with matting napkins

This is the kind of thing that can save you during a real non-stop when it's true heat or on a fiery disco. It is important, only one thing - with napkins you do not need to rub your skin, but gently squeeze it.

Regularly clean the face of

If you are actively fighting the glossy shine of the skin for a long time, but he still does not give up, it's time to resort to the help of specialists. Take a face cleaning session in the beauty salon - this will help normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands and prevent the formation of other skin defects.

Refer to the diet

Bold shine on the face skin can talk about dysbiosis and vitamin deficiency. In this matter, everything is simple: clean your body, drink as much water as possible, eat fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, cross out your diet ice cream and shish kebab.