Winter raincoats: winter leather women's raincoat and raincoat jackets

May 18, 2018 12:15 | Winter Clothes

It is traditionally considered to be clothing for the off-season, but today the designers refute this claim. Winter coats - an excellent alternative to the usual down jackets and fur coats, they allow you to create not only comfortable, but also very stylish outfits for the city winter.

Style casual today develops according to its own laws, it can not be ignored even by those who prefer a demonstrative classics or a frankly outrageous manner of dressing. Simple, elegant and yet very fashionable look such designer finds as a women's winter coat. He perfectly "collect" the image in any style from romantic, to sports.

In the forefront of fashion simple and yet respectable images. This impression directly depends on what the thing is made of. A prerequisite is not only convenient, but also elegant for any model - two layers. Protection from wind and moisture will provide a top coat, as a rule, it is made of modern synthetic fabrics with impregnations or Teflon coatings.

Winter jackets for active lifestyle

Special line of models - winter jacket-raincoats. They will become irreplaceable things in the wardrobe of those who adhere to a dynamic and active lifestyle. From daily trips to the subway, to traveling to a winter resort - such a jacket will become an indispensable option for outerwear, simple stylish, and most importantly, everywhere appropriate.

The choice of materials for such models today is huge, and designers use this opportunity, creating original and non-standard variants that perfectly fit in most urban styles.

And for those who like original solutions, there is a whole range of materials that meet the latest and sharpest fashion trends. From the shades of flowers "electrician" to fabrics that mimic the skin of reptiles - your choice depends only on your own taste.

An important condition for the stylishness and comfort of such models is the material from which the base or podstep is made. There are plenty of options for making it. From the quilted sintepon and the impeccably green chlorofiber to natural fur.

Unconditional advantage of the fasteners made of sintepon or chlorofiber - fantastic ease, comfort and practicality, such models are not only convenient to wear, but also to look after them.

These materials perfectly fit into democratic, accentuated simple European images.

But the natural fur - from rabbit to sheared mink will give a cloak of inexpensive high prices and nobility - such a thing will become a favorite for those who appreciate non-demonstrative, but true respectability.

The life of such models, regardless of the material of execution, is counted from five years, so the most successful option will be a cloak of democratic and classic style from expensive materials.

The versatility and nobility of the winter leather cloak

A special variant of such models is a winter leather cloak. This is the choice of those who appreciate the low-key, but effective respectability and nobility in everything. Such models - and this rule is immutable - are sewn with the expectation of comfort in all weather conditions. And at the same time they allow you to collect elegant images, perfectly matching with things in any styles.

On what it is necessary to pay special attention, choosing such model. First of all, it is versatility and simplicity. Such models are confidently included in trends in any season, "eternal classics" - this is just for them!

Therefore, special attention should be given to the choice of color and the exact fit of the figure, but do not get involved in stereotyped solutions - pay attention to colored skin.

Spectrum of fashionable colors today is noble and beautiful - from cherry to all shades of chocolate. An elegant leather cloak of a rare shade will be a real decoration of your seasonal wardrobe.