Anti-cellulite cream: ratings and traditional medicine

May 18, 2018 16:00 | Winning Cellulite

When choosing a body cream in a supermarket, everyone makes a bet on a good remedy, especially if it is an anti-cellulite cream. After all, the problem of "orange peel" in women is enemy number 1, and it must be destroyed immediately. But the assortment on the shelves of stores is sometimes so wide that many buyers can not immediately decide which anti-cellulite cream is the most effective. Let's figure out what to look for when faced with such a difficult choice.

  • Choose the anti-cellulite cream
  • What you need to look for in the
  • How to use the anti-cellulite cream
  • What the ratings say
  • Anti-cellulite cream with your own hands
  • Pharmaceutical preparations
  • Traditional medicine

Choose the anti-cellulite cream

What you need to look for as part of the

Of course,on the composition of the facility. In anti-cellulite cream often includes extracts of plants that promote the enhancement of metabolism. Among such it is often possible to meet horse chestnut, field horsetail, St. John's wort, hawthorn and chili pepper.

Extracts of algae by popularity in the fight against the "orange peel" beat all records. The most common are fucus and kelp. These marine plants actively fight fat deposits not only from the outside. In cooking they are added to salads and other dishes not only because it is delicious. Algae do not allow the body to become littered with slags and toxins that provoke the appearance of cellulite.

Essential oils should also be part of the anti-cellulite cream. They are able to penetrate very deep into the cells, remove excess fluid from them, thereby making the skin elastic. The most useful are juniper, cypress and lavender oils.

Also, components such as caffeine, xanthyl, aminophylline, mummies and other catalysts acting on metabolic processes can be directed to fight the "orange peel".Determine the amount of a useful component in the cream is simple: the closer to the top of the list it is indicated, the more it is.

How to use anti-cellulite cream

In use, such tools do not require special knowledge. They are simply applied to clean and heated skin twice a day. But it is absolutely necessary to clean and warm up the problem areas. This is done with a warm shower, scrub and massage brush.

If you have purchased an anti-cellulite cream with pepper, then you can skip step with the massage. In this case, it is desirable to wrap the greased places with a food film and a warm cloth. Before going to work, it is better not to do this procedure. The burning sensation brings a certain discomfort, which during working hours negatively affects the mood.

Does anti-cellulite cream help get rid of the "orange peel" if you do not exercise? Helps, but not as fast as we would like. So if there is no time for fitness and massage, then you will have to be content with small.

Cosmetologists still say that the fastest way to get rid of subcutaneous fat are those girls who are struggling with the problem in a complex way. And it's not a good anti-cellulite cream, but the right approach to your body. Any external remedy only masks the unevenness on the skin, and proper nutrition and sport help to keep the body in good shape from the inside.

What the ratings say

Of course, every buyer wants to buy the best cream from cellulite and very often looks at the rating. But we must remember that when it comes to your body and the body as a whole, you need an individual approach. Therefore, in order to draw a conclusion, what means is better for you, you need to try it on yourself. When it comes to ratings among anti-cellulite creams, an important role is played by advertising, which is the engine of trade. This must always be remembered.

According to the results of a poll conducted by an independent expert, the best creams from cellulite were determined:

  • Svelte Body Contouring from Dior - cost about 2000 rubles;
  • Soin Remodelant Ventre-Taille Multi-Intensif from Clarins - 3500;
  • Guam from Lacote - 2500;
  • Celluli Laser Intensive Night from Biotherm - 2500;
  • Lipometric from Vichy - 900 rubles;
  • Anti-cellulite cream "Before and after" from Twins Tack - up to 200 rubles.

All these tools are really very effective. Within a month they are able to make your skin supple and smooth even without sports. The only problem is their price. Not everyone can afford such an expensive pleasure. For those who are looking for a good inexpensive anti-cellulite cream, there is a more tempting proposal - to cook it with your own hand.

Anti-cellulite cream with their own hands

Many are ready to give money, just not to get their hands dirty. But economical people act differently: they remember the advice of grandmothers, prepare the cream and achieve results no worse than those who are willing to pay more. Components for the preparation of anti-cellulite products can be purchased at a pharmacy or found in their own pantry. You will also need a regular baby cream.


For medicines that can rid you of the orange peel, you can include mummy, ointment capsicum, aminophylline and spirulina in any form( capsules, tablets, powder).Capsicum and aminophylline are those medicines that can be safely applied to the body before work or going to a public place. They do not have sharp odors, so they will not create any discomfort. Both products are diluted with baby cream or any body balm. Capsicum is a warming ointment containing red pepper extract, so you need to be careful with it. Do not use it in its purest form. And before applying to a large area of ​​the body, conduct a test on the elbow bend.

Mummies and spirulina are not exactly medicines, but buying them is still better in the pharmacy. Of these natural supplements, you can get the best cream against cellulite. Their only drawback is that during working hours they will not be smeared. The mummy has a sharp odor that does not break with any fragrant oil, and spirulina is a bright green color. Therefore, it is better to use these tools after work. Before going to bed, they must be washed off, so as not to stain the bed linen.

Traditional medicine

If we talk about grandmother's recipes, the most popular are home creams with the addition of honey, salt and cinnamon, which are more suitable for wraps or massage. Apple vinegar is also very often used. It can be prepared with your own hands and rubbed into the skin in a pure form.

The most severe folk recipe is tincture of red pepper. Fresh fruits are stuffed into a jar and poured with vodka. After a while, the acute fluid is diluted with cream and rubbed into the problem area. To take risks or not is your business. Which cream for cellulite is better - also for you to decide.

One should remember one thing - folk remedies are slightly slower than ready-made cream and serums. But if you treat the problem with pedantry, then the gap in time will not be noticeable. The main thing is the desire to be beautiful, slim and fit. Good luck and health!