A plot to return a stolen item

April 14, 2018 15:45 | Conspiracies
This is the strongest plot to return a stolen item from all existing ones. Conspiracy does not require any particularly complex ritual actions, it is carried out quite simply. Judging by the reviews and my personal observations on the effectiveness of this conspiracy, it works on average in 60%.And it does not matter what exactly you were stolen - a car, a gold decoration or something else, a plot helps in any case.

To conduct a conspiracy to return the stolen goods, you need to go to church tomorrow morning to get a morning service and buy a red candle in the church shop. The service itself can not stand, it is not necessary, the main purchase of a candle. And I note that the candle should be exactly red.

A conspiracy is being made on Friday, the same day as a candle was bought. The phase of the moon is not important.

Conducting a conspiracy to return the stolen thing

Once the sun has set, you need to light a candle. It is best to put a candle on the table, secluded in a separate room( no one should interrupt you while you are engaged in a conspiracy).For three minutes, let the candle just burn, and you sit and remember the stolen thing, how it looked, what it felt, in general everything connected with it. We must try to fully visualize the stolen details. And then three times on the candle, say the following words:

"The thief who robbed me, will become upset now, can not sleep, can not eat, can not breathe until the thing stolen to me back does not return." And at night, and in the day, only one torment himhe will be returned to me, that he was stolen, and until he returns, he will not have life, he will suffer a longing, and will not go away until my return to me. "Amen."

Candle blow out and it is important to put the candle on the next day, the place where the theft occurred. If you do not know exactly where you were robbed( if the pickpocket was cut in other similar cases), throw the candle where it most likely could happen.

According to the terms of the return of the stolen after the conspiracy to say unambiguously difficult. Someone literally returns within one or two days, others can drag on for a month. But as a conspiracy to do, there is nothing from you will not depend, you just have to wait for a positive solution. And you have to believe in success, because your confidence is one of the effective levers that affect the thief, the plot is several times stronger if the person believes that everything will turn out.
Specially for www. BlackPantera.com: Galina Glinkova