Fur hats 2016: photo of fashionable women's fur hats for the winter of 2016

May 20, 2018 00:30 | Winter

The season of 2016 was no exception. Fashionable fur caps became its main accessories.

Winter fur hats 2016: femininity and luxury

Femininity and luxury are the motto of the collections of this season. In fashion, expensive furs and simple styles. First of all, attention is drawn to the trend in the spirit of retro - bell-bell models from very fluffy fur. Black-fox, fox, marten, lynx. .. Designers use both solid skins and knitted fur, which allows you to get a more elegant silhouette of models.

echo their models of fur daddies, they are especially keen on French couturiers, for whom the theme of Russian national costume is the source of original ideas. Do not be afraid of brutality of this style - soft, really luxurious materials make such models very feminine and flirty.

To borrow from the men's wardrobe, only the best is needed, the designers have decided and introduced the fur horns of fox and fox in this year's collection. Volumetric "ears" of such hats can be tied up on the vertex, and you can let go down. In any case, the extravagance of the image will be provided to you.

Fashion 2016: Fur hats from fluffy fur

Special attention this season is paid to color. Volumetric models of fluffy fur are sustained in natural luxurious tones or shaded in the colors of the natural scale. No experiments with bright colors - only a noble luxury.

Look at the photo, the 2016 fur hats look emphatically elegant and expensive:

Such fur hats in 2016 will require a special combination of textures and materials in the image. Most stylishly they look with tweed and cashmere coats, but also in no way with fur coats.

Mixing in one image two types of fur today is considered bad form. The extreme and very well-thought-out version is a coat of smooth, sheared furs and a voluminous fluffy hat.

Women's fur hats made of smooth-haired fur

Special style and refinement in the image will bring models from smooth-wooled fur. Mink, rabbit-rex, the finest sheepskin and karakul - the designers love them for their softness, tenderness and plasticity, which allow creating clear silhouette lines and solutions.

A little coquettishly and impeccably elegant in this season, 2016 fashionable women's fur hats in the form of berets. Volumetric stitched from six or eight wedges, the models resemble graceful ladies' hats, and demand an appropriate "escort".Women's coats and elegant accessories will make them a worthy ensemble.

Developing the themes of retro and original feminine models with a historical past, the designers returned to the fashion catwalk fashion catwalks. Their modern version is complemented by long - literally to the waist "ears", which successfully replace the scarf. Such fur hats are sewn for winter of 2016 from smoothly cut, and sometimes even crocheted fur. The model is not designed for too respectable images, but rather for extravagant and frankly youthful.

Very stylish hoods look in natural colors and colors. And for the amateurs of original images, the designers have prepared color variants, aged in the fashion shades of deep blue, olive and red.

Men's line in the collections of women's fur hats for 2016 is supported by caps. Volumetric models with neat visors and miniature "ears" especially effectively look in combination with short-cropped textures.

Accuracy of the idea will be provided by lacquered leather or chamois leather, of which peaks or bands are made. From the man's style is borrowed only the silhouette itself, which emphasizes the femininity of the image and will bring him light sex appeal.

Fashionable women's hats 2016 made of artificial fur

So popular in this season trend for spectacular artificial materials did not pass and fashion for hats. Artificial fur in this season in any case does not substitute for natural - this is an independent trend, developing according to its laws.

First of all, it emphasizes very expressive furry textures - long and brightly colored fur is perfectly combined with simple styles of daddies and "bells".

To give them expressiveness, designers use graded coloring in several rainbow colors or a strict graphical combination of white and any dark color.

These fashionable 2016 fur hats will be the perfect addition to the hippyish or grunge style, and necessarily, the brightest accent of any autumn-winter outfit.

In the trends of this season, smooth, sheared literally "under velvet" artificial textures. They perfectly embody styles with very beautiful draperies - turbans or berets. No less stylish look, sewn from such a material, the hood, with very long and flared "ears".

Designers could not withstand the possibility of decorating winter fur hats 2016. Spicy "ears on the crown" or voluminous flowers - the most popular kind of decor collections this year.

Trend, of course, the youth and choose this model in the calculation to wear it every day is not worth it. But to look at this provocative, but very bright trend is definitely worth it. These hats are perfectly combined with such warm, but everyday down jackets, three-dimensional knitted scarves and other accessories.

Notice how the images with fashionable fur hats 2016 on these photos are collected: