Vitamins for improving and restoring vision

April 14, 2018 18:15 | Beauty And Health

Probably, it is not necessary to explain the importance of good vision, because everyone understands perfectly that the eyes are a very important and necessary organ for normal human life activity.

Even imagine how terrible it is for those people who have never seen the sun and close people in their lives, green grass and blue sky, and it happens.

Therefore, we need to protect what we have, especially since the development of civilization leads to the fact that our eyes began to get huge loads during the day: working at a computer, reading books, watching TV.

In fact, they rest only at night, which is not enough, which is why we are in our power to help them, to nourish them with nutrients and, of course, with vitamins.

The most important thing is, if you feel that something is wrong with your vision, or if you have already been diagnosed with nearsightedness, hyperopia, cataracts, or something else, then you first need to go to an ophthalmologist.

Self-medication in this matter is undesirable, especially not knowing what is really happening to your health. If your age is approaching forty or has already passed for this date, then most likely, you have age problems, because your eyes, like other organs, can wear out and grow old, but do not despair - the main thing in time is to take up support and improve their condition.

Vitamins for improvement, and sometimes even recovery of vision, can be found in any pharmacy, the choice there is wide, which, by the way, periodically and prevents you from making the right decision when buying funds.

Many complain that having drunk an expensive vitamin course, do not feel much effect, although a girlfriend or friend claimed that it helped.

This can easily be, because vitamins for the eyes need to be selected individually, based on your personal physiological characteristics, which, incidentally, can help a specialist. If there is no possibility to consult a doctor at the moment, then let's consider the main symptoms, based on which, you can take a certain kind of vitamins.

The most important vitamins that the organs of vision always need are A, B, C, E, and also substances such as calcium and zinc.

What vitamins are needed and what happens when they are deficient?

If you notice that your eyes began to get teary from time to time, and at the time of twilight or darkness, you felt a deterioration of vision, then, most likely, it's about lack of vitamin A, it is on it that the retinal health depends.

There is a whole list of products containing vitamins that are necessary for vision and relieving fatigue from the eye, so the most important thing is to adjust the image of your diet.

If you really want to help your vision, then you need to work on it in a complex way - vitamins, which can be presented in the form of tablets or capsules, as well as an integrated and healthy diet.

Such a tandem will be much more effective and faster to work on improving the health of your eyes. Thus, if you lack vitamin A, then it is full in "orange" foods, for example, apricots or carrots. Also beneficial effect is provided by Bulgarian pepper( orange), avocado, blueberry.

If you find eye problems not only in the dark, but also in the daytime, you are often pursued by a nervous tic and photophobia, then most likely your eyes are very short of B vitamins, they are responsible for the state of nerve cells thatand maintain the connection of the brain with the organs of vision.

One important vitamin from this group is considered to be riboflavin - it is taken as prevention and treatment of dystrophic changes in the eye cornea.

Riboflavin can be eaten with sour-milk products and mushrooms, and other B vitamins are found in beer yeast, meat and fish, nuts and some cereals.

Constantly bursting vessels in the eyes speak of their poor state, so vitamin C is very necessary, it can easily be found in citrus and dogrose, blueberries or young potatoes.

However, it should be remembered that vitamin C is rapidly destroyed by boiling, so it is necessary to look for ways to use it, which would avoid this process.

Just the same in this can help special vitamin complexes and drops, which usually can only appoint a specialist. But the dryness and burning, some discomfort are caused usually by a lack of vitamin E, which can be replenished with nuts, eggs, cereals and olive oil.

In addition to these vitamins, our bodies can not get calcium, which is responsible for strengthening tissues, it is simply necessary for people with myopia. But zinc - an indispensable tool for cataracts, it is able to prevent this disease, as well as significantly improve the disease. It can be found in fish, beef or pork liver, in a pumpkin.

All these substances and vitamins, or some of them, are usually included in vitamin complexes, which, of course, have a number of advantages and disadvantages that increase vision, relieve fatigue, and have regenerative effects on the retina of the eyes.

But most of the drugs contain a certain element, for example, certain drugs are more suitable for those who constantly strain their sight, working at a computer, spending a lot of time on paper and books.

And here, for example, people with myopia or hyperopia need other drugs, such as, for example, "Biofit Blueberry", "Strix".Those who are deficient in vitamin A can benefit from such complexes as Duovit or Vitrum.

Many people suffer before buying, what kind of firm vitamins are better, that will be more useful for vision, read various reviews and recommendations of people.

This, of course, is a good thing, but it turns out that it does not help the majority that it will help you. For example, many people are delighted with the "Lutein Complex", it promises to improve the overall functional state of the eyes, helps with many diseases and ailments, is especially useful for heavy workload or study.

However, among the overwhelming majority there are also negative reviews, this, just the same as saying that such funds can not be prescribed independently, but be sure to consult a doctor.

Traditional medicine

You can never forget about traditional medicine, proper nutrition and vitamin complexes - that's not all. For example, an excellent remedy for the fall of vision may be an infusion of herbs. It is necessary to wash the eyes twice a day, and also to pour a pinch of this powder daily with water and ingestion.

Another good tool is carrot juice mixed with honey, this mixture can be taken for a month, after which the vision will improve significantly. And yet it is worth remembering that vitamins - this is more a preventive tool, it is rather difficult to restore complete visual acuity only by such means.