Fashionable fur coats from nutria 2015-2016: photos of models of nutrient fur coats and how to take care of them

May 20, 2018 23:00 | Winter Clothes

Fur products of this animal have a number of undeniable advantages, the main one of which is enviable wear resistance. Fashionable fur coats from the nutria retain their beautiful appearance, and, provided that proper care is provided, they will please their owners with the beauty of fur and warmth for 8-12 seasons.

Besides this fur coat from nutria, the photos of which are presented below, perfectly feels both during severe frosts and during a thaw with high humidity and dampness.

Also it is necessary to note among the advantages of these products their weight. And short, and long fur coats of nutria do not differ in weight, which is an undoubted advantage of these products, which will be appreciated by women who are forced to stay in the cold for a long time.

However, all the listed advantages can boast only natural, high-quality fur coats, so their choice should be handled responsibly.

Fur coats with sheared nutria and long nap: selection rules and photos

Nutria, or as they are often called beaver or water rats, are small animals that lead a semi-aquatic life. They are relatively small in size - just over one meter in length, taking into account the length of the tail.

Initially, they lived only in South America, but over time, nutria perfectly acclimatized in many countries of Europe, Asia and North America.

The animal likes to settle on the banks of stagnant water bodies with rich vegetation, due to which its fur is waterproof, which means that fog products from the nutria are not afraid of fogs, rain and sleet.

According to the rules for the selection of nut coats, photos of fashion styles are presented below, you need to pay attention to several important elements:

  • appearance, texture and smell of fur;
  • the quality of staining;
  • material and method of fastening the lining.

The first thing you need to pay attention to the quality of fur. It is important to know that skins of nutria initially have a very unpleasant and specific odor, which, when properly processed, is completely eliminated.

Therefore, it is superfluous to sniff at the fur product and, in the presence of even a slight unpleasant odor, put the product aside.

If the smell of a fur coat from the nutria is missing, you can proceed to inspecting the pile. It should be elastic and silky, without patches with thin and rare fur or any prereches. If you hold your hand over the fur against the line of his growth, he must immediately lie down. This applies to the fur coat from sheared nutria, and products with long nap.

Fur coats of 2016 can be made from fur of wild animals or in captive animals. When using wild flesh, it is almost always necessary to paint the pile to give it a beautiful uniform shade.

Alas, it is not always performed correctly, which worsens the quality of the pile. Check how uniformly and qualitatively painted coat, you can use a handkerchief or a paper napkin, having conducted them on the surface of the nap.

If there are traces of paint on it, it is better to refuse the purchase of the product, since this coat will lose its appearance in the first season.

The quality of the product can also be judged by its lining, which must be made of a durable material. In addition, the important method of attaching the lining to the fur, namely, the lack of attachment to the lower seam of the product.

In most cases, manufacturers of fur products, which have nothing to hide from customers, do not hook the bottom of the products.

This is done in order for the buyer to have an opportunity to evaluate how the fur coat from inside looks from the inside, how qualitatively the dressing of the skins is made. Naturally not always the attached lining is a sign of a substandard product, however, it is worthwhile to think about the specification of the manufacturer of the products and checking the quality certificate.

How to look fur coats from nutria: photos of transverse and longitudinal models

The futuristic fur coat styles, whose photos can be considered below, are very diverse, so each fashionista can choose her own model:

It can be long coat-coats in the floor,manto, fashionable sheepskin coats and stylish capes with short sleeves. Earlier, in the production of clothes from fur nutria, the skins of animals were always located longitudinally.

Nowadays, cross-section fur coats from nutria are increasingly found in collections of fashion designers and on the shelves of fur stores.

Fur coats of sheared nutria, whose photo models are presented below, look very much like beaver fur:

These coats serve for a very long time, do not allow moisture to pass through and keep the heat perfectly. According to the latest indicator, these fur products are ahead of ondatrovye and mink counterparts.

Fashionable fisheye fur coat styles and photos of children's models

The fur used for the production of fur coats is subjected to a wide variety of treatments, it is dyed, cut, laser processed and plaited. Manufacture of items made from twisted fur is done by removing the hairspun. Thanks to this, the fur from the plucked nutria has a more fluffy fur and resembles a mink very much, while preserving all the qualities and dignities of the nutrient product.

The fur of animals grown in natural conditions, in most cases, is painted in a wide variety of colors and shades.

For the creation of models of fur coats from nutria( the photo is shown below) in the current season designers used both natural colors and bright and creative shades that are not peculiar to the wool of this animal:

Children's models of fur coats from 2015-2016 are no less diverse thanadults. Fur of these animals is actively used for the manufacture of children's clothing because of its lightness and the ability to perfectly preserve heat.

Children's fur coats of plucked nutria, the photos of which are shown below, are not only very warm, but also light and comfortable, not embarrassing movements:

Long and short fur coats with pictures of fashionable styles

Fur coats from nutria, found in collections of fashion designers, just amaze with its diversity. Here you can find short and long, fitted and free flared models.

Long fur coats from nutria are often decorated with beautiful drapery, which does not make them any worse, but only makes them more luxurious.

Draped models often have a flared, straight or classic A-shaped silhouette. Some models are supplemented by belts made of leather, suede or dense textiles.

Models of fur coats from nutria up to and slightly shorter than the knee level are the most popular.

This is because such a fur element of the wardrobe is able to withstand the rhythm of urban life and allows relatively free movement in public transport.

The choice of a fashionable style of a fur coat from tweezed or sheared nutria often depends on such parameter as age of the woman. So, young and energetic girls often choose short models.

Older women prefer shortened models of medium length, well, ladies of solid age - long products. Naturally, no rigid framework exists, it all depends on the woman's self-awareness and desire.

Therefore, with the same probability you can meet on the street a young girl in a long luxurious fur coat and an elderly lady in a short sheepskin coat, both of which will look great.

How to wear fur coat from fur nutria with hood and without

How and with what worn a fur coat from nutria, every owner of fur products should know. A perfect set for the fur coat of their fur nutria will be strict trousers or a skirt, and jeans and a dress, but it all depends on the length of the product.

So, to create a stylish youth image, a set of short coat, blouse and jeans will suit. An extravagant image can easily create a fur coat with a leather belt and narrow leather trousers, as well as high boots or boots.

Short fur coats, often called the "Autoledie" model, are products just below the waist. They are great for women who spend a lot of time driving, that is, in a sitting position.

In combination with such a fur coat from nutria 2016, narrow jeans and high boots look great.

Long hooded coats with a hood are best combined with skirts and dresses, which should be shorter than fur coats. Models of fur coat up to the knee look great both with short skirts, and with tight jeans. As a "top" suitable comfortable blouse.

Absolute taboo is the wearing of sportswear with coats of any type, for this group of clothes there are jackets and down jackets.

How to care for a fur coat from nutria: cleaning and combing out

Find out how to take care of a fur coat from nutria is desirable even before purchasing it, as troubles and various soils can lie in wait for you at every step.

According to the rules of care for cleaning this fur product you will need a soft brush or comb with natural nap, as well as "detergents".These include shampoo for hair, gasoline, sand, foam rubber and wooden sawdust.

After prolonged wear, the pile is tangled and rolled up, so before cleaning, you need to disassemble all the lumps and carefully comb the fur in an upright position, hanging the product on the hanger. After all the felted fur is removed, you need to check the skin for integrity and, if necessary, patch up.

After combing, you can proceed directly to cleaning the product. It is convenient to do this with hot sand. The fur coat should be spread on a flat surface and sprinkled with warmed sand, then rubbing the fur along the line of growth of the villi by rubbing them.

Repeat the procedure until the sand is clean. After this, the product should be thoroughly shaken and combed with a brush.

For cleaning greasy places on sleeves, collar and near pockets, you can use ordinary gasoline or a means for refueling lighters.

Dirty places should be gently wiped with a sponge soaked in gasoline for hair growth and hang out to ventilate on the balcony.