Children's down jackets of 2016: the photo shows models for girls and boys of different ages

May 21, 2018 06:30 | Winter

Non-binding movements, plastic, waterproof and at the same time bright beautiful down jackets are the best for walking in the fresh air, for sports and for everyday wear.

The upcoming season is incredibly rich in fashion ideas for children's clothing. After all, it's no secret that famous designers have long ago allocated little mods to the priority group and do not forget to invent for them every season all the new stylish stuff!

Bright and stylish children's down jackets

What will impress the little fans of famous couturiers this time? First of all, an incredible multicolor!
The upcoming winter, according to the designers - this time is not boring black and white graphics, but rather a season of clean and juicy colors! In any case, children's down jackets of the 2016 season can not help but gladden the eyes - bright red, orange, emerald green, yellow down jackets are in vogue.

Especially bright models are designed for kids. Older children are offered things that are approximated in their color range to collections for adults. This means that fashionable down jackets for teens are performed in more complex and restrained colors.

Children's down jackets in 2016 for girls

Teens can also choose things with fashionable "adult" prints - for example, leopards.

This trend is relevant, of course, first of all, for girls. In general, down jackets for girls in 2016 are particularly diverse. Long and short, voluminous and stitched, in light caramel tones or, on the contrary, defiantly bright, the models of 2016 give a huge scope for self-expression.

For example, wearing a down jacket, styled for military camouflage, girls can try on a bellicose image. The model with the print "crow's feet" will make you feel like an elegant young lady, and a fluffy coat in a flower will turn your possessor into a romantic person.

In the fashion and unusual models of children's clothing from the fluff. Designers play with both color and shape. So, the thing can be the same color, and the sleeves - completely different, contrasting. As for the form, some creations of fashion designers for girls remind not the top winter clothes, but rather, elegant dresses with lush multi-tiered skirts.

At the same time in collections for children there is also a quiet classic, intended for the adherents of traditions.
Almost all models of children's coats and jackets from down are additionally decorated with natural or artificial fur.

More photos of fashionable children's down jackets 2016 can be viewed here: