Collection labutenov for the spring-summer-2016: a new collection from Christian Labuten

May 21, 2018 15:15 | Trends

Labuteny collection-2016 went beyond the familiar and well-recognized models of the brand. At the same time, the designer did not change either himself or his own taste.

The glorified brand is known for its share of conservatism and does not pursue trends. But this season he presented some real surprises for true women of fashion.

As you know, any collection has a main theme that inspired the designer, in 2016 such source of inspiration for the true Frenchman Christian Louboutin was America of the middle of the last century.

Cult of femininity, yet not conceded to unisex, new trends in women's fashion and a clear desire for change.

Collection from Christian Labuten for 2016: new combinations of colors

The collection was based on the famous and almost cult models of shoes on a platform with a hairpin. In the new collection Labutenov-2016 they have a special role. In addition to the basic shades of black, red and beige, the designer introduced new combinations of colors, shades and even prints into his own palette.

Turquoise and violet, the colors of ripe cherries and gently-lemon - this color scheme is rarely used by the maestro. As prints this year's collection uses floral and oriental motifs, as well as a "predatory" print.

Too much and all at once. .. Here any fashionista will think about, and will be in something right. Such shoes, according to the designer, should become the central part of the image, to which you will need to add simple, but elegant clothes.

In the same non-trivial key are the well-known brand boats. This season is still in the trend of a pointed spout, but for those who are ready to get ahead of fashion for a couple of seasons, the brand offers models with a slightly rounded nose. Christian Louboutin, as a rule, manages to anticipate and outstrip the trends, therefore it is worth to pay close attention to his competent opinion.

Snake, python, leopard - predatory colors combined with the famous red soles look especially bold and stylish. As well as iridescent pearly shades, which are used in the design of models of this season. Unconventional for the always adjusted designer approach stylists consider a unique challenge to the established reputation.

Moreover, the labutenes collection for the spring-summer of 2016 is addressed not only to the more youth-prone youth, but to all lovers of excellent luxury footwear.

But what about the traditional classical models that have become the brand's trademark? They still form the basis of the new collections of Christian Labutenan in 2016.And if you have not yet become the owner of the cherished pair on the red soles, then it's time to do it.

There are quite a few black models in the collections of this year, the designer is inclined to bright red, and sometimes defiant shades. A provocative beige is represented in more than a dozen shades. Especially impressive are such colors in combination with patent leather.

A new collection of labutenes-2016: sandals and sandals

Along with the classic styles in the collection-2016 from Christian Labuten are presented not absolutely characteristic for the brand of the solution. First of all, they are fashionable sandals. They, by the way are a light version of the traditional styles on the platform or boats. As a true classic, Christian Louboutin believes that a closed nose is elegant.

Fine delicate straps and a minimum of decor, which is successfully compensated for by the famous sole - this is how the elegant women's shoes look in the design for the summer.

A completely new look at summer shoes is sandals from the Labooten-2016 collection of shoes. As a rule, true women of fashion do not like them, considering the models as rustic. But the brand will radically change these beliefs. Practical styles, designed for urban and resort images, are sustained in an absolutely glamorous and flirty style. As well as in the case of shoes, the designer does not skimp on bright shades and non-trivial types of decoration.

The labutene models from the new collection of 2016 trimmed with fringed or lace look unusual and exquisite - the light theatricality of the design is more than offset by unsurpassed convenience and comfort. There is no equal in this brand.

For the whole history of its existence, the brand has never changed its style - feminine and elegant and slightly provocative. But, at the same time, Christian Louboutin sensitively catches the desire and their customers. So for several seasons, the sneakers are part of the very elegant city images - and there's nothing to be done. ..

Monsieur Labuten prepared his response to the trend with a certain amount of humor. Keds with a floral print look childishly naive, and the famous red sole says of a high origin and excellent taste of their possessor.