When the abdomen begins to grow during pregnancy

May 22, 2018 13:45 | Gestation

At the first pregnancy it is very interesting, when will appear and how the stomach will grow, what will be the sensations, how normal they are and whether it is time to see a doctor. But still the question " on what term the belly grows " is very interested in young mothers.

In this first pregnancy, the rate of abdominal enlargement is less than in the subsequent ones, since the abdominal muscles have not yet learned to stretch so much. On what month the stomach becomes noticeable, basically depends on the physique and heredity of the woman. When does the abdomen begin to grow during pregnancy? An average pregnant woman shows up slightly by the twelfth week, this is about the end of the third month.

At what time does the abdomen grow?

At sixteen weeks, the stomach is already noticeable to outsiders if they are eyeing. And by twenty-eight weeks it's impossible not to notice it.

However, apart from normal abdominal growth, bloating may occur during pregnancy, which is a fairly common problem.

Uterus grows, begins to press on the intestines, stomach. As a result, especially in the initial terms, the stomach is swollen as in the fifth month. However, this is normal, and you should not worry. Just go to a fractional food, eat more often, but in small portions, eat sparing food, try to forget about the acute, salty, smoked for a while. It is better to replace these products with dried apricots, dates, bananas. By the way, this is a wonderful prevention of constipation.


Bloating as during pregnancy( and not only), is caused by an imbalance of bacteria in the intestine. In pregnancy, it is triggered by increased appetite and eating incompatible products. To eliminate swelling, drink Bioyogurt. There is an import yogurt in tablets, with the help of which you can cope with this problem for a couple of days.

During the growth of the abdomen in the body there are changes that can manifest themselves in different ways. If the stomach not only grows, but also aches a bit, it is necessary to try to determine what exactly it hurts.

If it's a stomach, it hurts from the top. As it was said, eat smaller portions, and when this does not help, consult a gastroenterologist. However, it happens that the stomach hurts, as during the menstruation, or you can feel the rub or the stomach pulls, and if it is still accompanied by spotting, you need to immediately notify the gynecologist. In the first month of pregnancy, these are not very dangerous symptoms, although they are also undesirable. It is better to be safe.

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