Women's demi-season coat 2016: photo of fashionable and stylish models and styles for women

May 22, 2018 22:30 | Trends

Demi-season coat in 2016 became an obligatory detail of a fashionable and stylish image. The tendency, as usual, is set by the best world designers, who presented this season both a new version of the classics and an unusual reading of models in everyday style.

Fashionable demi-season coats for women for 2016 and their photos

The tone for this season is set by a completely new version of classic models. Strict styles in the traditional, and even a little brutal style became the basis of most of the best world collections. Designers, after several years of active search for new styles, returned to a simple straight cut, a wide and free armhole line and turn-down collars.

Delicacy and simplicity of the silhouette adequately compensate for fabrics and colors - this season preference is given to the noble cashmere and the tweed. Natural wool, perfectly emphasizes the nobility of pastel shades, but they preferred the majority of designers. Delicate shades of gray, from pearl to graphite, beige - in all the wealth of soybean scales and white - from boiling-snowy to creamy.

Simple, very elegant styles of demi seasonal coats 2016 - a tribute to the trend on the road and a respectable minimalism - a style in which it is so difficult, but very fashionable to dress.

Along with demonstratively simple models in the masculine style, women's demi seasonal coats in 2016 are presented in the spirit of the early retro, the most relevant styles and ideas from the 60s of the last century.

Shortened to the knee, free "oval" shape, as its designers call it, models are designed in an elegant and even daring color scheme. Gently pink, peach or pistachio. .. This selection of colors is perfectly emphasized by a very elegant and very impractical style - this impression is what designers are trying to achieve. Creating with the help of such fashionable demi-season coat-2016 images of romantic and refined fashionistas.

Such models require special attitude, the ability to wear and combine them with beautiful accessories and shoes. But in response to their owner, they present an impeccably elegant and very unofficial image.

Look at photos, fashionable coats of demi-season 2016 - real masterpieces of tailoring art:

Stylish models and styles of women's demi-season coats 2016

The nobility of materials and active colors is one of the main fashion secrets of this season's models. This rule was withdrawn and confirmed by its style still Coco Chanel. The simpler and more elegant the model, the more expensive, nobler and brighter the material of its performance should be.

In this season, the laws of the great mademoiselle embody models of aristocratic colors and shades. Off-season - the time when your own mood will raise pastel colors of flower tints or expressive prints. Perfectly elegant and stylish demi seasonal coats of light tones in the collections of this season coexist with beautiful and daring prints.

The championship is given to the cell - in all the varieties of its variants. From the classical Windsor, to the pecp, which is so loved by French couturiers. Pay attention - in this season in the fashion of a large, catchy drawing. Black-and-white or red-green cage? The choice of shades of this fashionable pattern depends only on the colors in which your wardrobe is worn. Demi-season coats 2016 for women in all the canons of good style - this is the final and main accent of the fashion image.

Along with the cage, in the main trends of this season are floral prints. Consistent in a monochrome gamut or bright and catchy - the floral motifs perfectly match the styles of modern classic models.

Casual style today represent practical models from a synthon or chlorofiber. But choosing such coats, it is necessary to take into account some simple rules. To look stylish and fashionable, and at the same time stand out against the background of others, it is worth paying special attention to the style and materials of which the coat is made.

A practical plashchevka, namely it is the most popular material for fashionable demi-season coats this year is distinguished by a matte finish with a noble "cold" shine. Such an effect is provided by materials based on cotton with Teflon coatings or impregnations.

The main idea of ​​the silhouette is a cocoon - softly and comfortably wrapping a figure, with wide sleeves and three-dimensional hoods. The revelation of this season was the quilting of such models, a large cell and abstract compositions most accurately reflect this fashionable idea.

Beautiful demi seasonal coats 2016 and their photos

Look a little more elegant than the circumstances require - this is the trend of feminine and sensual style, which today captured the podiums. Practicality, comfort and stunning convenience of models of beautiful demi seasonal coats of 2016 are their main features, for which "very convenient cut, high-quality and expensive materials" answer. This allows you to give elegance to the image with bright colors and colors.

Designers scrupulously treated the color, removing from the fashion range all the dull and dark colors. Pastel, very restrained and aristocratic tones, which go almost everyone, in the lineups of this year's collections coexist with a bright saturated gamut. Orange, purple, turquoise and burgundy. .. Juicy, catchy colors - one of the fashionable signs of the season, they are perfectly combined with simple and comfortable silhouettes and styles.

To elegantly wear these coats, you should pay attention to the selection of shoes and accessories. They are perfectly combined with bags and boots of any style. But in order to create a trendy image, they should be combined with demonstratively expensive footwear and accessories from colored leather or suede, as well as beautiful knitted scarves and snuff.

Exclude from the image simple, "passing" models for every day, and then your coat will appear in the most favorable and elegant foreshortening.

See how spectacular images with 2017 demi seasonal coats on these photos: