Can I breastfeed my mother tomatoes?

May 22, 2018 22:30 | Gestation

There are tomatoes for nursing mom, of course, you can, but this issue should not cause bewilderment. Of course, on the one hand, it may seem strange how you can question such a vegetable habitual to everyone, and, undoubtedly, useful.

However, the very formulation of the question of proper nutrition during the child's feeding period is unambiguously correct.

As for the use of tomatoes, even the opinions of doctors on this issue often differ. In addition, the matter is aggravated by a sufficient number of folk myths accompanying this problem. Can I breastfeed my mother tomatoes?

Harm of tomatoes when feeding

In particular, a number of pediatricians have a negative opinion about the possibility of eating tomatoes by a nursing mother. This usually follows warnings about eating and other vegetables and fruits of red color, since the high content of lycopene pigment in them can cause the child to have allergic rashes.

But, firstly, the concept of "high content" is relatively relative - how much you eat, such and the content, and secondly, you can not discount the mass of useful ingredients of these red fruits, which are extremely useful for the mother and child.

The benefits of tomatoes for a nursing mother

Let the nursing mothers eat tomatoes, if, of course, they are not allergic to this product.

These vegetables, thanks to the presence of vitamins A, E, PP, K and the anti-infective component - vitamin C, as well as potassium iron and zinc, are one of the guarantors of ensuring a balanced diet. Tomato juice improves the water-salt metabolism of the organism, it favors the normalization of lactation, if there is a need for feeding on demand.

The fineness of the lactation process is that the components necessary for the development of the baby get into the breast from the blood plasma, and if any of them lacks, the necessary substances are taken from the internal reserves of the organism of the nursing mother.

In other words - during the lactation you can use tomatoes and need it. Naturally, it is necessary to observe a reasonable dose and adhere to certain limitations.

The first of these concerns allergies to this product, in which case all tomatoes and juices are discarded.

In addition, eating a tomato, you not only use the product itself, but also the dust on it and nitrates, which the compassionate farmers have supplied this vegetable. Consequently, all vegetables should be washed, and only seasonal, or with a home garden.

The preservatives must also be absent in tomatoes. Vinegar and other marinades should be excluded, here the choice should be unambiguously in the direction of fermented or salty products.

The most important thing, both in medicine and in life, is the principle of moderation. If nursing mothers are allowed to eat tomatoes, this should not mean that they must destroy the entire regional tomato stock. An overabundance of this product in the body is able to cause heartburn in the mother and colic in the baby. Daily norm - two or three small tomatoes, or a glass of juice a day.

In addition to the principle of moderation, the principle of gradualness must also act. Each new product, the nursing mother must enter into her menu gradually, starting with small doses. Such a statement of the issue at the same time will help to identify and provokatory products.

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