Beet Cutlets

May 24, 2018 08:15 | Main Dishes

Beetroot cutlets are delicious and useful: like almost any vegetable, beet( "Buryak", as many call it) contains few calories, it is easily digested and has a beneficial effect on peristalsis. But that's not all: it normalizes the pressure( hypertonics, attention!), Successfully fights against anemia, cures ulcers, treats certain lung diseases and thyroid disorders and boasts an increased content of vitamins and minerals. I must say that the raw product is more valuable than the past one, but the stomach is much harder to cope with it, and pure beet juice can easily organize perforation of the ulcer. Therefore, we will make cutlets, - it is pleasant to diversify the menu after the "coat", vinaigrette and grated boiled "buryak".

Recipe for beet cutlets

They are made very quickly, especially if the beets( 300 g) boil the day before. The young is brewed for about an hour, the old one - up to 2 hours. Periodically check the availability with a fork.

  1. Put the prunes into 100 grams of prunes( choose pitted).

  2. Cut the large onion finely and disperse. Take care that the onions do not burn! Happened? Set to cool.

  3. Clean the chilled beet and grate it on a large grater.

  4. Cut pruned parsnip( if it's still harsh - nothing: it absorbs excess moisture).

  5. Mix the chilled onion, grated beets, 2 tbsp.flour, beat in the same place one raw egg and salt to taste.

  6. Form cutlets, adding inward sliced ​​prunes.

  7. Roll in breadcrumbs or simply in flour.

  8. Fry in vegetable oil( preferably olive oil).

You can serve with sour cream, or you can make béchamel sauce.

The soul craves experiments, there is time and inspiration? You can cook beet cutlets and from raw beets. Nuance: it will be necessary to "feel" the time that will be needed for the frying. Therefore, for the first time, form small, flat cutlets, similar to those that are put in hamburgers.

  1. Three on a small grater raw beets( 300 g., Washed and peeled, naturally).

  2. Drain the juice( it can be used when cooking borsch).

  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons.semolina and leave for 15 minutes, so that the mancha will swell.

  4. At this time, grind a handful of almond or pine nuts.

  5. In the resulting mass, drive in a raw egg, put the crushed nuts, thoroughly salted( there are no prunes here, so the recipe is not sweet), add a little ground black pepper.

  6. We form small cutlets. Inside, you can "hide" a piece of cheese or cold butter.

  7. Bounce in flour, fry from both sides, and after frying under the lid, for 5-7 minutes on each side.

Before you shoot, try one: is there any taste of raw beets?

Served with sour cream, nicely laid out on washed and dried leaves of lettuce, sprinkled with finely chopped herbs( green onions, dill, parsley).

Bon appetit!

Did you know?

To sportsmen, professional and amateurs, a competent trainer will certainly recommend including beetroot in your diet. After all, the substances that are contained in it, help to transport oxygen to the muscles, and therefore increase the endurance of the body. And vegetable nitrates( not to be confused with chemical fertilizers!) Expand the vessels, exerting an antihypertensive effect.