How to wash a drape coat or clean it with special tools

May 24, 2018 22:00 | Autumn Clothes

Some time after purchasing a draping coat, you may need to wash or clean. Often the hostesses are worried, but is it possible to wash a draped coat and how to do it, with a minimum risk to spoil the thing?

To wash the drape coat, the best option is to turn to a dry cleaner. If you need to clean it yourself, you need to follow certain rules during cleaning.

5 rules for the proper cleaning of the drape coat

Rule No. 1 - Always learn the label. Usually, all the necessary information on how to wash a drape coat is located near the neck or on the side seam of the product. Cleaning conditions may vary depending on the composition of the fabric. Some things can not be washed at all. In this case, the product has to be cleaned with a soap solution.

Regulation No. 2 - Thoroughly remove the remnants of the solution. If in the recommendations on the label, the partial cleaning of contaminated sites is advised, it is important to dilute the correct solution. Do not dilute the solution with too much soap concentration. In this case, after drying, soap stains may remain. To completely remove the remnants of the solution, the thing can be hung on the hanger and wiped with a damp cloth.

Rule No. 3 - Use a brush when washing. If the label of the product allows washing, you must follow the basic rules of how to wash a draped coat. To begin with, it must be soaked in cool water with the addition of powder for hand washing. To remove dirt, you can use a brush.

Rule No. 4 - Rinse well after washing. The coat should be placed in clean water and try to rinse it as intensively as possible. Then, soapy water should be drained, a new one should be added to the bathroom and the procedure repeated. Replacement of water continues until the water after rinsing ceases to be soapy.

Regulation No. 5 - Observe the drying conditions. After rinsing, clothes should be dried. Squeeze the product well, then hang it on the hanger. Carefully align all wrinkles and creases. Drape must be dried in a well ventilated area. For drying, a loggia or balcony is a good choice.

How to clean the drape coat

If stains are placed on the product, the standard cleaning rules may not help. There are several non-standard methods for cleaning a draped coat from old spots. To remove stains and not to spoil a thing, the stain remover must be pre-tested. As a tester, you can use a small piece of tissue on the inside of the thing. There are several ways how to clean a draped coat from old stains.

Method No. 1 - Use talcum powder. On the surface of the stain a thin layer is applied to the substance, which must be removed only after 12 hours. If talc has not absorbed all the fat, the procedure can be repeated.

Method No. 2 - The iron will help. In case the coat is not contraindicated ironing, the surface of the stain is covered with paper napkins, and then the product is ironed. The spot should appear on the napkin, leaving the tissue.

Method No. 3 - Fat will take out gasoline. It is good to clean with grease stains. Cotton cloth should cover the area of ​​contamination and wipe it then moistened with gasoline swab. Cleaning should be done, starting from the edges of the spot, to the middle.