Strong conspiracies and prayers from spoiling

April 15, 2018 05:30 | Conspiracies
Some of us are familiar with a state where life is just beginning to crumble, problems are falling from everywhere. Difficulties begin at work, health begins to fail, financial problems, personal relationships collapsed. .. The spoiling can have many manifestations, there are spoilers for health, damage to money, damage to relationships. In addition, it is possible to list a few more types of spoiling, which can be aimed at you purposefully by your enemies or envious persons.

Coping with the damage is not so simple, the damage itself does not go away. Hikes for healers, fortunetellers and other barygs from the world of the unknown also very rarely lead to positive results - people who know very little, most of all, these "mages" are ordinary charlatans who earn money. It's easier and safer to remove spoiling yourself, using special prayers and conspiracies, which I will discuss in this article.

There is a special plot for each type of spoilage. However, with the help of a good prayer, you can remove almost any damage, regardless of what it was directed at.

St. Cyprian's Prayer for the Removal of Damage

One of the most effective prayers for the removal of spoiling is the prayer of St. Cyprian. Prayer is a must learn by heart. There are no special requirements for reading this prayer - read it when you feel the need, regardless of the time of the day, the day of the week and the phase of the moon. Prayer is really working and I have heard many positive things about it from many people.

Prayer from the spoiling

Another prayer that removes both damage and any evil eye. This prayer can be read only for oneself. Read the prayer while the moon is waning, it is advisable to read early in the morning, when the sun rises, but you can and a little later( be sure to do it in the morning!).

Prayer is read aloud and to yourself( as you prefer), it must be learned by heart( however, like any other prayer or conspiracy).The text of the prayer:

"Light people came to the Light Way to Bright Angels, I pray my prayer to the Light Angels that they help the Light People, Do not offend me, Bright angels, help me in my black trouble, help me to cleanse. I can not cleanse myself, except you, and on my way, repent of my sins and promise not to sin any more. Protect me and purify me, Bright angels. "Amen."

Prayer should be repeated three times, read all the time, until it decreases, then take a break and read again when the moon recedes again.

Conspiracy to remove damage from another person

This plot helps to remove any damage. You need to take a church candle and a photo of the person from whom you will take damage. This man must be baptized!

Set fire to the candle and say the following to the photo:

"Kumchuy, all in this guise, everything will fit you, take away all the superfluous things that are on it. Let the fire cleanse it, let the light cast out evil evil." Amen. "

Repeat three times and after that light the photo, and spread the ashes from it outside the window.

Strong conspiracy against spoiling for good luck

This plot is being made while the moon is waning. To make it, buy a candle in the church. They plot when the moon in the sky appears. You need to wash well before this, dressed in everything clean and preferably not torn and not darned. The candle is lit and 33 times repeated the following words:

"I look at the fire, I see it with its pure light, cleans and marshals me." As a candle burns, I will clean myself of the black and everything will turn out in my life, and luck with mein one direction will go. "Amen, Amen, Amen."

Conspiracy from spoiling money

If you feel that you have for no reason from the financial problems that are not solved and aggravated every day, there is a high probability that you have been spoiled for money. You can remove this corruption with the help of this plot.

The plot is done every night for seven days. For the first time the conspiracy is held on the second night after the new moon.

For the conspiracy, buy seven candles at once in the church - one candle at a time.

At night, after midnight, light the candle and say the following:

"As black as I was, I tried to try, so the angels helped me light, they flew in and it took me black, and after that I got better, and with the money everything went well, everything is enough now, but other money came, but there is no more black. "Amen."

And so every night read it one time. In a week spoilage will leave without leaving a trace.

Conspiracy from damage to the relationship

This plot must be done on your photo. The moon must be on the wane. Take your photo, set it on fire from the church candle and say the following:

"The mud of someone else's strangled, will leave my heart, and with love the heart will re-enter." And all bad things will return to the one who invented it and wished it.and everything will be fine. "Amen."

Conspiracy from damage to health

Buy three church candles, put them in a row, light them and say three times the conspiracy:

"As Jesus Christ did not tell me to be ill, I should do the same." And I'll ask my Isa,take it back to him who started all this, and let him wipe himself with his desires, and he crawls in tears of pain, not mine already, but I do not climb into other people's business. "Amen."

Conspiracy to eliminate damage to death

This plot can be done if a person is suffering from serious illness and no improvement comes from treatment, everything just gets worse. The conspiracy is done at night, three days after the new moon. You need to buy 33 church candles, put them around on the floor( use any necessary podstavochki).Then the candles set fire to everything and slowly turning clockwise 33 times repeat the following:

"Mother of God, save the servant of God( the name of the person with whom he was baptized) from the filthy fury absorbing him." "May the intercessor stand before God for him.let him cast out the filthiness of the servant of God( the name of man), let this filth fly to the guilty one. "Amen."
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