Selection of the best ways to lose weight and not lose weight at the same time

May 25, 2018 16:45 | Slimming

Yes, I know that such arguments sound at least strange, but there are a lot of ways to simulate training and proper nutrition. We can divide them into effective and not very, but they are all equally harmful to our common goal. Do you want to improve health and figure? Hence, do not engage in self-deception and imitate the rapid activities to restore the figure by the summer. There is also a more serious class of imitations - this is when people are thus engaged in health, while not doing them. In general, let's go over the popular misconceptions of our time.

The best fitness program

Ivan Ivanov Ivan writes in his group in the social network that you should only exercise power exercises, and all sorts of nonsense, such as skis and bicycles, leave grandparents. Petr Petrovich Petrov objected to him in the kilometer range, mentioning as arguments the special state of consciousness of some power athletes, popularly known as the "rocking chair of the brain," and their slowness in everyday life. As a result, the parties enjoy the tremendous arguments of the class "first get it", and diverge, happy with each other.

In fact, in such discussions, it's not the testosterone peak that is to blame for both participants, but their earnest desire to attract more subscribers. People love the scandal and fans of the point of view "do you do anything, if only not sporting the laconic posts" usually suffer from a misunderstanding of the broad masses.

Only readers suffer from such things. They doubt, seek and can not find. Meanwhile, physical fitness is not rocket science. Even "carpet" gymnastics is better than nothing, and serious studies of this or that discipline are always much better than other forms of life choice. But the creative theoretical search for a suitable occupation, sitting on the couch with a tablet, an occupation, sorry, is not.

The best fitness club

In club number 1 there are no group classes, but there it is cheap and close to the house. In club number two there is no power frame, but there is no male population and a lot of group classes. In the club number three there is everything, but the subscription costs, like the hull of the spacecraft. And in the club number four the familiar girl coach works. And after all, there are also all sorts of fitness bloggers who hired 145 posts on the topic "how to choose the perfect club".And after all, for everyone is important, their own. ..

Personally, I know a person five beautiful citizens and women who for a whole year can not choose the perfect fitness club. You know, you can start studying at home on video. Choose what you want and try it yourself, outside, so to speak, of complex technical problems and with minimal weights. Liked? You open 2-GIS or any other directory, and search for an institution closer to work or home, where "it" is. Go and at least train for a month on the subscription. Liked? Acquire membership for a longer period, that's all.

The best personal trainer for

My trainer should write me a training plan for the year, and make a program out of it, and scatter them around the mesocycles, and each one to paint, calculate the progression, and correct the technique, and correct the exercises. ...I have a great coach! And also - to listen to whining about the impossibility of combining at a good level of weightlifting with a marathon run, and whining at the lack of recovery due to ten works of a different kind. This is who did not understand, personally my coach. And I have one.

Well, how about you? You all are waiting for a person who will be competent on all issues at once, including an absentee assessment of your health and a predicted progress in 3 months. What is more important to you, instant weight loss with the toughest of programs or diets or long-term health? Usually in the fitness club to orient who is who is not difficult. Just look at one, and the other and the third, sighing the second year in a row on an elliptical simulator - not the best strategy. You have to try, so to speak.

The Best Diet of

She's the most healthful or most fat burning. Today it is fashionable to sit on keto or periodic starvation. All who do not sit on keto and periodic starvation, so to speak, suffer from sharp criticism from all sides. And fat is not otherwise burned, and the body suffers, and so on. Seriously, everything is not as tragic as it seems to fans and fans.

For the needs of weight loss is any average dietary reduction with a normal amount of macronutrients and without exception large groups of products. That's all - want a plate measure, you want a Mediterranean style of eating stick, no complications.

But jumping from one meal plan to another gives rise to chaos in the head from the lists of products, allowed and forbidden food, and the periodic onset of the situation "I do not understand what I have from this."As a result, a person simply begins to eat what he has become accustomed to, and ceases to complicate his life by losing weight.

The most wonderful doctor-dietician

Ivan Ivanovich K. Everyone recommends a protein diet. And Marfa G. G., on the contrary, does not recommend any diet. I recently read a funny book on the topic of losing weight "to the ideal parameters," so the author there advises salt baths and rubbing for "afflicted with chronic cellulite" places. Yeah, of course, if it worked, no one on cyclic diets for 5-6 laps was sitting, and did not use complex training schemes.

Here are the people who are looking for doctors in reality, they face similar problems. Some can not decide in any way, alternating authors of nonclassical methods, others did go on videobloggers and other around-dieticians for advice.

You know what? Here it is easiest to choose one doctor with a classic( yes, a restriction of caloric intake and increased physical activity, ladies and gentlemen, and no dancing with a tambourine and rubbing problem areas) approach and heal from him.

Elena Selivanova

By the secret of

Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

The agonizing diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly does not have enough time? It's understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and exhausting workouts of

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