Clothes for a summer residence and a photo of a country wardrobe: what to put on a summer residence

May 26, 2018 02:45 | Summer Clothes

Of course, dacha clothing should not be as rigorous as it is for going to work and being as smart as visiting a theater. But still, the dacha wardrobe does not have the right to consist entirely of old objects, discordant with the very notion of "nature".

The relaxed, but at the same time elegant style of clothes for outdoor recreation emphasizes the mood of the "end of the week".There is a misconception that old clothes are quite suitable for a trip outside the city. This approach is a serious mistake. Perhaps old trousers, windbreaker, rubber boots are a good choice if you want to go fishing or picking mushrooms. But it's quite another thing - a country tour, a trip to the forest park, a one-day camping site or friends at the dacha.

Clothing for a country trip should meet the following basic requirements: protect the head from the sun or cold, protect the feet - in the summer from bruises and calluses, and in winter from frost, be hygroscopic and comfortable, do not constrain movements.

Look at the photo: clothes for a dacha, ideal for a country trip - these are classic jeans in combination with T-shirts, shirts and knitwear. Do not choose things in light colors: there will be nowhere to replace contaminated clothing, and your mood risks being hopelessly corrupted.

If you do not know how to dress in a dacha, remember one rule: all things may not be as exquisite as for a city, but still should look fashionable and stylish. Sportiness, youth and simplicity of appearance in this situation are really refreshing!

What to wear for a trip to the dacha

Trousers for a trip to the cottage are chosen more freely cut, often on the kulisuke instead of the belt. However, unconditional favorites are military style trousers and jeans. The choice of jeans is based on convenience and practicality, and not on fashion trends. They should not be too narrow to not restrict the movement, and the correct length, so as not to get dirty in puddles and mud. Pants in the style of "military" look stylish in combination with practical and informal things.

Another good option for out-of-town trips is a denim skirt. It should also not be narrow and too short. Its functionality and sportiness will not prevent you from looking feminine and attractive.

And what to wear for a trip to a dacha in the warm season? Of course, the dress is free cut, long enough and comfortable, which will make you feel completely at ease.

Shirt is better to prefer fashionable, good quality and not flashy colors. The ideal option is a cage of different sizes and discreet colors. The strip, on the other hand, can be bright, but on condition that you wear such a shirt with monotonous jersey. Cloth - cotton, denim.

Nothing can grow old like a worn stretch sweater. Seriously take the choice of knitwear, make sure that it does not stretch. A coarse, fleecy sweater is good for trips to nature, perfectly combined with jeans and boots. Stylish cardigan, knitted double, pullover gives the image a cozy, calm look. Scarves, berets, shawls, rugs, woolen sweaters and even socks with a pattern are perfect for a relaxing holiday in a country house.

Quality cotton T-shirts with short or long sleeves must necessarily be bright dynamic colors. They can be, and put on a sweater, performing the role of underwear, and quite independently create an image. Your individuality and humor can be expressed through pictures and inscriptions on T-shirts.

Outerwear should be sufficiently loose and let in air, but not wind. These are warm jackets, quilted or blown jackets, parks, windbreakers. Camouflage fabrics are not always the best choice for outdoor recreation. And never put on jeans clothes from head to foot - at least, it looks strange.

Wardrobe: shoes, bags, hats and accessories

The wardrobe for the dacha includes a solid and simple brown shoes with tight lacing with a strong sole and soft pads in the right parts of the insole. It is useful at any time of the year. Functionality and practicality is the key to choosing footwear for recreation outside the city.

Summer is quite suitable moccasins, canvas shoes and sneakers. Going to celebrate the New Year at the dacha or in the mountains, in order to avoid a cold, give serious attention to shoes. It should be made of genuine leather, waterproof and free enough to fit thick woolen socks, or even better with a double-triple insole.

Nice handbags made from modern high-tech materials with a lot of pockets, zippers and velcro fasteners. It can be stylish backpacks, tablets, tubers, straps tied at the top, etc.

Light summer hats not only complete the ensemble and protect from sunlight, but also give your mood a playful and romantic note. For cold weather - knitted and fur hats, hoods. Pay special attention to the color: it should advantageously emphasize the shades of the skin of the face and eyes.

Elegance to your side will add properly chosen universal accessories: a bright fashion scarf, hat, elegant sunglasses, handy bag and gloves.

Women's jeans at dacha

Many women believe that finding a pair of perfect jeans is just as difficult as an ideal man. On the good jeans really have something to say.

Some women use them as a standard: they know that if they can put on their old jeans, then the figure is in good shape. And of course, for trips to the country, jeans are irreplaceable - they are convenient and practical.

Than jeans are valuable:

1. You can not guess by which social layer you belong to and how much money you have. Jeans are beyond the category of class.

2. Jeans make a woman sexy. If they sit well, they act on men even more exciting than the most frank linen.

3. Women's jeans are multifunctional. There are almost no places where one could not go in them.

4. Jeans are self-sufficient. Change the top, and you will look different every time.