Vrste stilskih ženskih majic: fotografije širokih in dolgih modelov, telesa in vrhov, z ovratnikom

May 26, 2018 06:30 | Summer Clothes

To create a stylish image of one knowledge of fashion trends is not enough. We must skillfully use the actual, simple, but very spectacular things, such as stylish women's T-shirts.

Despite the apparent simplicity, they are able to set the tonality of the images in a variety of styles. In addition, T-shirts are unconditionally sexy, and this is their property is definitely worth using.

Stylish women's T-shirts and their photos

The secret of their success is simple, like all ingenious. The laconic, literally "male" silhouette of the model, perfectly emphasizes the figure and, better than many frank forms, emphasizes all its merits. This property of things borrowed from men, designers appreciate the weight of gold in the creation of simple, but expressive feminine images.

But such a model will necessarily show its owner its own requirements. Firstly, impeccable posture - simple and frank things look spectacular only if they perfectly "sit" on the figure. A fitting model not only demonstrates the advantages, but also the shortcomings of the figure. Therefore, when choosing a style, it is worth to be especially scrupulous.

But, fortunately, today's trends are rich in a variety of stylistic solutions. Along with the tight-fitting models in fashion, a very stylish "oversize", a lot of flared and asymmetric models. You can choose and length - in fashion as elongated, literally to the middle of the thigh of the model, and those that piquely barely cover the waist.

Summer women's jerseys

An original trend standard is a simple, white model that fits the figure. Her ironically called "alcoholic" for a clear resemblance to the subject of men's underwear. But it is with the help of such models that the final castings are held in many French fashion houses of world size. If the potential model looks perfect in such a model, all the doors to the world of haute couture open before her.

This model of female summer jersey not only maximally demonstrates the figure, but also emphasizes the shade of the skin, beautifully shading the beautiful tan. And the best background for demonstrating an elegant tattoo is simply impossible to think up.

Single-color models without a pattern and decor, absolutely simple cut with a round neckline and a delicate finish of the bake - an indispensable element of the fashionable summer image. This season they are represented in the entire range of fashionable colors: from rich shades of blue, turquoise and violet, to tropical bright orange and pink tones.

Look how stylishly these women's shirts stand in the fashionable color scheme:

These models look no less beautiful and very tender in the pastel shades of mint, lavender or peach. A simple and slightly brutal style only benefits from this combination.

Women's T-shirts - elegant tops

Summer is a time of bright prints and decor. In the trends of this year, the decoration is particularly relevant, contrasting with the simplicity of the model's style. For example, large expressive applications on the chest, sustained in shades of "metallic."Such a decor, by the way, will not only become the main accent of the image, but also visually increase the size of the breast.

The main theme for the decor in this season, designers chose porters of celebrities - this is the echo of the style of the 70s of last century. And the shirt decorated with a portrait of Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie will become the basis of the image in the fashionable style of "early vintage."It is enough to supplement it with flared jeans and sandals on a high platform.

Note how impressive women's shirts with fashionable decor look in these photos:

The same focus of attraction will be prints on comic themes or ironic inscriptions in foreign languages. But in this case, be sure to try to clarify the literal translation, in order to avoid getting into embarrassing situations.

Women's T-shirts with collar

Exclusive and slightly in the evening look models with trim miniature rivets with rhinestones or lace. Very stylish look feminine T-shirts with a collar - a delicate miniature piece from a different style supports the game in contrast to simple shapes and expressive finishes, sustained in a completely different style.

The woman's shirt of local coloring, complemented by active and expressive costume, will look no less effective as a top. They successfully replace blouses, adding to the image of summer lightness and carefree, ideally combined with bright large accessories.

T-shirt becomes an excellent background for necklaces, pendants and beads from fashionable plastic, wood or metal. From "serious" jewelry and, especially, jewelry in such combinations is better to refuse, but avant-garde and bold accessories will come in handy. Taking as a basis for this combination, the image can be completed in any fashionable style - from boho and hippie-chic to ethnic. And of course - this is an excellent solution for a variety of casual outfits.

Long Women's T-Shirts

The exact answer to this question will be given to you only by your own reflection in the mirror. In fashion today, short models, delicately slightly opening the waist - they become excellent companions pants, jeans and skirts with fashionable "high" belts. But such a model will not tolerate compromises, and it will look great only on a very slim figure. As well as feminine T-shirts, literally designed for such stylistic decisions.

The classic length of the model - up to the hips - goes practically to everyone without exception. It is she who opens such fashion possibilities as a flared A-shaped silhouette, asymmetric cut and drapery in the decollete zone. These techniques allow you to preserve the elegance of the style and bring notes of personality to it.

The tight or loose models of this length are ideally equipped with narrow skinny jeans, mini skirts and micro shorts. A very fashionable and at the same time informal image complement bright sandals or beach sandals.

Long women's T-shirts this season successfully compete with the fashionable ultra-short mini-dresses. To stylishly support the intrigue, designers recommend combining them with shorts or skirts of the minimum length that you can afford. Equally impressive is the combination of such models with tight-fitting leggings or leggings. In any case - it's a great way to demonstrate a magnificent figure in all its glory.

Kinds of women's shirts: hits of the season

Choose among the many fashionable types of women's shirts "their" style, today is not difficult. But at the same time it is necessary to take into account not only the features of your own figure and style, but also the fashionable combinations.

Coherent monochrome models with classic oval neckline will perfectly cope with the role of top in a wide variety of sets. It is very fashionable to wear them under respectable, business-style jackets combined with jeans. Mike in this case will become the connecting link of the whole image built on the contrasts.

The precise figure, which was spent many hours in the gym perfectly emphasizes the "wrestling", delicately opening the back. It is not fashionable to combine them this season with trousers and skirts in a sporting style, but with romantic and very feminine models. Choose a multi-tiered skirt or "ragged" jeans for wrestling, Informalness of such an image will be emphasized by elegant sandals or sneakers.

Bottom and wide women's jerseys

In the trend today, the models of a variety of styles, from frankly sporting and brutal, to sustained in a fashionable underwear style, reminiscent of women's undershirts. They now claim the roles of both everyday and evening images.

A spectacular pattern, embroidered with sequins or decorated with an original trim of placer crystals, will set the tone for an elegant and slightly shocking day image. It will look great on a secular, but informal evening event. Remains only to supplement it at its discretion with elegant trousers or a skirt.

When selecting a "pair" for today's relevant models, it is worth using the principle that designers follow, collecting images for podiums. Short-fitting models they combine with voluminous, air silhouette with long skirts or trousers. And to the contrary, wide women's T-shirts, irrespective of style, are flawlessly completed with short shorts or skirts.