How to choose high-quality knitwear

May 26, 2018 14:00 | Clothing

Lightweight knitwear will give coolness to the body in the summer, more dense models will warm in winter and during the off-season. But in order to ensure that the clothes served for a long time and do not lose their original appearance, one must choose models from really high-quality fabrics, and several simple tips will help to determine this.

First, carefully study the texture of jersey. To do this, place the thing on a horizontal surface and see if there are any distortions on the fabric, if any, it is better to refuse the purchase, because the material is certainly of poor quality. Conversely, if the clothes are flat, you can safely buy a new sweater or cardigan.

Secondly, take a closer look at the seams. They should be flat, small, double, the edges should be processed on a special machine. These characteristics indicate the quality of tailoring and signal that there is a really worthwhile thing in front of you.

Third, do not forget to look at the label. The information on the composition of the fabric will give you an opportunity to understand how comfortable a new sweater will be wearing. The presence of natural threads will have a beneficial effect on the convenience of using clothes, the artificial stretch component allows things to remain in shape even after reusable laundering.

If you want to buy a really high-quality outfit you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. One of the most proven and popular among women of fashion is now more than one decade are Ivanovo factories, in particular, the promising company Tex-Plus. Creative designers constantly update the model range of the factory, thanks to which the things created here are not only quality, but also modern. The current online store of the company Tex-Plus works in the wholesale shopping mode, but you can also collect a small minimum order with your friends.

Care for knitwear

After determining the necessary quality parameters and the place of purchase, you need to take care that the thing does not deteriorate during socks. To do this, wash the knitted clothing only with a special shampoo or powder. A specialized tool will not allow the thread to swell and prevent the appearance of unpleasant spikes. It will also preserve the original color of the fabric, its softness and beauty.

Dry knitwear is desirable in a horizontal position on the towel. This will prevent deformation of the fabric and will save you from having to struggle with traces of clothes pegs.

Otherwise, follow the manufacturer's recommendations. On the label of quality items, there is necessarily information about the temperature of washing, the possibility of bleaching, the use of a washing machine for washing and other important data.

Knitted things are very popular today. Following these simple tips, you will always be in a trend and save your budget. The base attire models will serve you long. Due to this, there is no need to completely change the wardrobe in favor of a fickle fashion, it will be enough to buy only a few top knitted things.