Mummy for hair, benefits and recommendations for use

April 15, 2018 09:15 | Hair Treatment
  • What is it?
  • The use of mum for hair and its shortcomings
  • How to choose the correct application for the procedure?
  • Mummy and hair growth
  • Hair masks recipes with mummy
  • Some useful tips
  • Mum for hair: video

In ancient times such a natural remedy as mummy was considered a cure for any diseases. With the development of medicine and pharmacology, much has changed. Nevertheless, even now the beneficial properties of this product can be used to improve health.

Recently, the mummy for hair has been increasingly used. It promotes their strengthening, activates growth, returns to them the natural shine and beauty. Is it really so great to benefit from this remedy, are there any contraindications, how to apply it correctly? All the answers you will find right now!

What is it?

Mumiye is an organo-mineral product, which contains many chemical elements and useful biologically active substances - dietary supplements. Outwardly, this product has a dark, viscous mass, resembling resin, is characterized by a characteristic smell of bitumen and chocolate, it tastes bitter.

Have been using the product for many millennia. Its useful properties were known even by the ancient Egyptians. They called it "Illyrian resin".

Obtain a mummy in the mountains, which was the reason for another name for the product - "mountain oil".In the process of its formation, both rocks with soil and various microorganisms, decaying animals and plants take part. Even today - in the age of technology - all the subtleties of the formation of this product remain a mystery to man.

The healing properties of mummy have been known for many millennia. Its is used to promote health, accelerate the regeneration of the body, counter the inflammatory processes and various diseases of .Today, it is increasingly used in cosmetology. And the most popular sphere for a mummy is application for hair, their regeneration, recovery and recovery.

You can buy as a one-piece natural product, untouched by a person's hand, and special tablets that are classified as dietary supplements.


The mummy has practically no contraindications when used in small doses. The exception is individual intolerance, hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to individual components of this natural product.

With extreme caution, "mountain oil" should be used by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Refuse any procedures with this tool is recommended for children. Elderly mummies are not contraindicated, but its doses are best minimized.

Ideally, before using this remedy, it is better to consult with your doctor.

Mumie for hair growth is better not to try women with the problem of dryness of the scalp. Its main components overdry the skin. Although there is a way out - supplement the "Illyrian resin" with various nutrients.

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The use of the mummy for hair and its shortcomings

It is well known that "mountain oil" has a complex effect on the human body. It strengthens immune defense, speeds up metabolism, fights bacteria, is a cholagogue.

Today, the mummy for hair is increasingly used. After all, the head of the first one indicates any malfunctioning of the organism. And if you eliminate them, then strands of light will shine with beauty and health. In addition, the hair needs careful care, replenishment with useful minerals and natural products. And they are in the "mountain oil" enough.

Enzymes and components of the mumie components favorably affect the hair, scalp. They improve metabolic processes, take care of the inflow of blood rich in useful substances to the hair follicles. As a result, the fragility is reduced, the growth is accelerated, the appearance of the curls improves, they look beautiful, they have a healthy shine.

So, the use of this natural miracle product contributes:

  • to improving blood flow in the epidermis of the head;
  • accelerated growth of strands;
  • awakening inactive hair follicles;
  • to strengthen the structure of the strands from the roots to the tips;
  • silkiness, gloss and volume of hair;
  • reduced fat content;
  • convenience and ease of combing.

There are practically no negative moments when using a mummy for hair. It is better not to use it for women with excessively dry scalp. Also, "Illyrian pitch" can not be abused. Elevated doses can cause side effects, up to health problems.

How to choose the correct application for the procedure?

There are quite a few options for using "mountain oil" for the beauty and splendor of the head of hear. It can be used as a preventive measure or for a purposeful solution of the problem with the hairline - loss, sliced ​​tips, growth retardation, etc.

Today you can buy tablets mummy for hair or buy a one-piece product! There are also various uses:

  • Can be taken internally.
  • Add to shampoo.
  • Make special masks.

The exact and best-working technique for using mummies to strengthen and grow hair is not the .All people are individual, so they are helped by different procedures. Someone just needs to drink pills, but someone is best assisted by a natural remedy, on the basis of which a special balm or mask is made.

It is preferable to use natural "Illyrian resin".In this case, the beneficial substances of the product were not subjected to processing, human exposure. Although the practice of using tablets gives good results.

You can try with the simplest procedures - taking pills or adding them to shampoo. If the results do not please, then it is best to use natural natural substance and make on its basis special masks.

Mummy and hair growth

As a rule, women use mummies for hair growth. For these purposes, a special solution is ideal. Its main ingredient is natural "mountain oil" or tablets based on it.

About 5 grams of mummy is diluted with water, after which the resulting solution is sprayed onto the hair - for example, from a spray gun or rubbed into the skin on the head. The optimal time to complete is one hour before washing.

This procedure not only activates growth, but also gives the hair a healthy appearance - shine and solid volume.

The procedure should be repeated on a regular basis before washing your head for a month. After this, the intervals should be gradually expanded and brought to one procedure in 30 days.

Mummy in tablets

Now in any pharmacy you can buy tablets mummy for hair. They effectively promote regeneration, reduce the loss of hair bulbs, and activate growth processes.

You can use tablets for oral administration. It is an effective aid and strengthening for the whole organism. So, if the course of radiation gives good results, then positive changes will become noticeable in the hair.

At the same time, for the purposeful disposal of hair problems, it is best to use "Illyrian resin" locally. The most popular options are adding a mummy for hair to shampoo or preparing masks.

Addition to shampoo

The most elementary procedure with the mummy and the scalp on the head is adding a natural product to shampoo .Simply crush it into a powder and pour it into the used cosmetic.

The main thing here is to deal with the proportions. The best option is to add 10-15 grams to 250 ml of shampoo. If the problem of growth or hair loss is in fact serious, then the amount of "mountain oil" can be increased.

Immediately after washing your head, shampoo with a healthy supplement should not be washed off. Leave it somewhere for 2-3 minutes, but not longer. Otherwise, you can overdry the scalp, which will negatively affect your curls.

When adding the hair mummy to the shampoo, you can also take care of additional nutritional components. Ideal option in this sense is burdock oil.

  • With a few simple natural ways you can easily grow hair at home.
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Recipes for hair masks with mummies

The most painstaking method is the preparation of a hair mask with a mummy. But this is also the most effective option for using this natural remedy. With due efforts, any woman can get very good results, improve the condition of her hair, accelerate their growth, solve the problem of loss.

There are a lot of recipes for preparing masks with "Illyrian resin".Choosing the right option is sometimes problematic. It is best to start from the nature of the problem with the hair and the goals pursued by you.

We bring to your attention 5 interesting variants of masks:

  • For countering the split ends of the .In 100 ml of kefir you need to dissolve 2 grams of mummy and 25-35 drops of burdock oil. The resulting mass is applied over the entire length of the strands. Leave it for half an hour, after the procedure, rinse your head with warm water.
  • Against itching and dandruff .In the same proportions, it is necessary to mix the broth of burdock roots and ordinary water with a dissolved mummy. You can use it as a mask or balm after washing.
  • To restore the .A large number of components are involved, including 1 gram of mummy and 2 tablespoons of garlic, aloe juice, honey, egg yolk. All components of the mask are mixed well and applied to the head for 20-30 minutes.
  • Against the fall of .The composition of this mask for hair with mummies includes yolk, a teaspoon of wine vinegar and glycerin, 30 ml of castor oil and 1 gram of the main component. All components are thoroughly mixed and rubbed into the skin. After you need to put a plastic bag on your head for a warming effect. Keep the mask for about an hour.
  • For the supply of curls .In boiling water for 4 hours infused with 100 grams of cranberries. In the received infusion, you need to dissolve 4 tablets mummy. It is possible both to rub in a head, and to spray roots of hair.

Some useful tips for

You can use a mummy for your hair very differently. In most cases, this is a fairly simple procedure. To make it really effective, consider the following recommendations:

  • for dry skin and hair use "mountain oil" you need to be very careful. Any procedures should be reduced in time or supplemented with moisturizing ingredients - castor or burdock oil;The basis of successful results from the application is the systematic and regularity of
  • ;
  • almost any masks will be effective if you use them before washing your head, and not after;
  • reception of "Illyrian pitch" inside will allow to struggle with a strategic problem - illnesses of your organism. If your locks do not have the best appearance, then you need not only to change care, but also to look for the main cause of the problem;
  • ideally before using it is better to consult a doctor, regardless of the purpose and specificity of the problem.

So, today the application of mummy for hair is the right decision for any woman. Absence of contraindications, a wide variety of use options, natural and natural ingredients at the heart of the main product, proven effectiveness - all these are good reasons to make your hair curls more beautiful and healthy!

Mummy for hair: video

This product is a natural component for your hair, which will strengthen them, give a natural color, make them natural. The videos prepared by us will clearly demonstrate how to use this product correctly.