French manicure at home: secrets and advice

April 15, 2018 10:30 | Manicure
  • Types of French manicure
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  • How to do the French manicure at home
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French manicure looks beautiful on any length of the nail, even on short nails. Well-groomed hands of a girl or a woman will always look elegant.

Types of French manicure

French manicure is very diverse. There are many of its varieties, you yourself can come up with a new option because manicure is a creative approach and everything in it is limited only by your imagination.

Below are the varieties of the French manicure:

  • Classic French coat It is characterized by painting the edge of the nail in white. It is considered an express method, which is considered very convenient when we do not have enough time.
  • Fan-french The edge of the nail is colored with a varnish. It will complement the bright and unique image.
  • French - millenium The tip of the nail is decorated with sequins or decorative sand.
  • Twist - jacket It is very rich and attractive, because the edge of the nail is highlighted in several colors.
  • French manicure with a pattern It is very beautiful to decorate long nails. At the tip of the nail is a pattern or pattern.
  • Decorative jacket is characterized by non-standard and original variants of the French manicure. For example, a jacket with an abstraction.

  • One of the invariably classic manicures is the leopard manicure. About how to make a leopard manicure at home read in our article.
  • Bright personalities and just all those who want to add color and diversify the everyday manicure. We will tell you what a multicolored manicure is, how it can be done at home, as well as other features of this bright manicure. About all this and not only you can read in our article.

Methods of applying the French manicure

I method

  • The nails are filed and rounded.
  • It will take a cosmetic white pencil to hold the line under the edge of the nail.
  • If you do not clean cuticles in the usual manicure, then with the French manicure you can not remove them. In this case, it is recommended to prepare a bath with warm water, and the skin at the base of the nail is simply pulled back neatly with a stick.
  • Lines that restrict the free tip of the nail are applied with a white pencil. Then on the edge of the nail should be applied a white lacquer.
  • All nails are covered with a base for varnish, after which it will take some time to wait to allow the nails to dry completely.
  • Coating of the free edge of the nail is done with white lacquer - first of all, from the center, and then on both sides. We wait until the nails dry again.
  • With pink transparent varnish we cover the entire nail. Let the nails dry completely.

If desired, a fixer for varnish can be applied from above.

II way

  • Visit the cosmetic store and buy special patterns with a round shape and corner. If you want, you can make the same patterns of the house from a dense fabric.
  • You will need to repeat steps 1 and 3 of the first method.
  • The template is glued onto the nail in such a way that only the free tip protrudes. You can replace the fabric and take a simple tape or tape.
  • Cover the nail edge with white lacquer in two layers. In this case, the color will turn out juicy. In order to give the French manicure accuracy, you need to remove irregularities and stains with a cotton swab, which must be soaked in a special liquid to remove the varnish.
  • Remove the template and dry the nails.
  • Nails should be covered with white or pink varnish, wait until they dry and then apply a fixer.

III method

Stages of the technology ombre

  • It is necessary to prepare the nails and remove the old varnish.
  • We will shape the nail surface.
  • Remove the cuticle, preparing the nail before applying the base.
  • Apply the base layer. This is a very important stage, on which the accuracy and beauty of your French manicure will depend. Wait until it dries completely.
  • We carry out a covering of nails a varnish - a basis. Most often choose a transparent or white lacquer. But, if you are ready for bright, contrasting changes, you can take another. Dry until completely dry.
  • Using a sponge, we apply the first layer of varnish-gradient. It is necessary to wait until it dries well. You may need a sheet of paper when you perform this step.

    To remove excess from the sponge, the varnish is applied to the paper and then to the nail plate. This method of applying varnish is the most effective.

  • Sponge the second layer on the tip of the nail. Repeat the method used to apply the varnish, which is described in step six. Dry the nails.
  • Apply the finishing layer of the coating.

Shellac in the French manicure

You want manicure to stay perfect for a long time, try shellac in the French manicure.

Shellac-lac-gel for nails revolutionized the world of manicure! Today, it is considered an excellent option for a woman who chooses only the best!

Shellac is a hybrid of lacquer and gel. You apply it as a lacquer, and it lasts as long as a gel.

Why choose Shellac when visiting the salon:

  • It does not erase! It keeps on the nails for up to four weeks. Also suitable for pedicure.
  • Has a healing effect! Fragile nails acquire strength, and tough - flexibility.
  • Absolutely harmless! Shellac does not contain formaldehyde, toluene and other toxic toxic substances. Forget about allergies!
  • Quickly dries! You do not need to sit for half an hour waiting, until the nails, as it should, dry out, and all the more you will not have to worry about the lubricated varnish.
  • Does not require cutting during removal! It can be removed in fifteen minutes with artificial nail fluid.

Appearance of shellac resembles varnish, but thanks to its advantages, it far exceeds it.

To apply shellac on the nails do not need to have special skills. In order to fix gel-varnish on the nails of the master of manicure apply specially designed for this purpose ultraviolet lamp. Under such a lamp, your nails should be at least a minute.

After hardening, the varnish will please you for a long time. Make a manicure with Shellak is very convenient when you have to go on a long business trip, where there will be absolutely no free time to repaint your nails.

By the way, if desired, one color of Shellac can be changed to another, and, cutting is not required.

Please note that Shellac is only half the gel, so in some cases it may not last very long. Such cases include the use of potent antibiotics and hormonal failure in the human body.

If you want to remove shellac at home, soak your nails in acetone. This procedure is as follows: the nail plate is covered with a cotton disc, previously impregnated with acetone, and wrapped with foil.

Wait for about ten minutes, after which the layer of varnish is easily removed with a wooden stick. You can also use special strips designed to remove shellac coating.

  • One of the most original manicures is water. Its structure will be different each time, and using a different shade, you can achieve a unique result. We will tell you about the water manicure about all his subtleties in our article.
  • Shellac is an amazing kind of manicure, which besides beauty also protects your nails. One of the most popular varieties of shellac is shellac bluish. All the details of this kind of shellac are described here.
  • With a classic jacket all are familiar. But not everyone knows that it can be diversified and made to the same color. About how to make a French manicure in the technique of ombre read in our article: http: // uhod-za-nogtami /manikyur/ frantsuzskiy-v-tehnike-ombre.html

How to do a French manicure at home

Shellac is the newest procedure advised by oneonce done in a beauty salon, and only then you can buy everything you need and try to experiment at home.

Advantages of shellac when used at home: it does not chip, does not scratch, it lasts a long time. When removing shellac on the nail plate, there are no colored traces of varnish.

Shellac helps to strengthen the nails, gives them firmness and yet flexibility. Shellac coating is an excellent protection for nails, which at the same time become stronger.

Shellac does not do any harm to the nails, and it is not capable of causing allergies.

You can consider shellac as a kind of compromise between gel nail extensions and varnish. When applying silk, you do not need to cut down your own nails.

In addition, shellac is relatively easy to remove. In order for shellac to dry, you will need to use a special ultraviolet lamp to dry your nails.

What is needed for shellac at home:

  • cuticle stick and cream to soften it;
  • basic shellac coating;
  • Shellac with the right shade of color;
  • special ultraviolet lamp;
  • acetone or special means for removing gel nails.

Step-by-step instruction

  • Smear the softening cream on the cuticle, carefully remove or move it with a wooden stick.
  • To degrease your nails, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Dry your nails with a towel.
  • Polish the nails.
  • Apply base coat to shellac on prepared nail plate. Dry nails under the ultraviolet lamp for at least fifteen seconds.
  • Apply the first layer of shellac and dry under an ultraviolet lamp for 1.5 - 2 minutes. Now a second layer is applied, which is also dried under a UV lamp for 1.5 to 2 minutes.

Your shellac made by yourself is ready. It will emphasize your elegance, and delight with a beautiful saturated color and stamina for at least two weeks.

Video on the topic: French manicure at home

From the video reviews you can learn about how to do French manicure without leaving home. And also master several techniques of applying this simple but now classic manicure.