How to make a useful bread mask for hair?

April 15, 2018 11:45 | Beauty And Health

To make your hair healthy and beautiful, it is not necessary to purchase expensive products. After all, everything you need is literally at hand. House masks are sometimes no less effective than expensive store masks. You can make them, for example, from bread.

The benefits of

What is so useful about bread masks for hair?

  • Bread contains a large number of B vitamins, which are responsible for the integrity and regeneration of cells, and also take an active part in many metabolic processes that take place in the body. But the growth of hair directly depends on the metabolism. When using bread masks, the follicles become stronger, they begin to actively work and supply the hair with everything necessary. As a result, the growth is markedly accelerated, and the proliferation gradually ceases.
  • The nutrients contained in the bread( and there are a lot of them in it) penetrate the structure and strengthen and nourish the curls, and also protect them.
  • Bread has an absorbent capacity and perfectly removes both excess sebum and dirt from the hair surface. Fatiness is reduced, and the curls become clean and beautiful.

What kind of bread should I use?

Rye bread is most suitable for making home hair masks, since it contains the most nutrients. As for freshness, then the stale bread will suit, the amount of useful components in it remains unchanged, as the drying decreases, only the volume of liquid decreases.

But to use moldy bread is definitely not worth it, it can harm the hair and the entire body as a whole. In addition, it is worth choosing a natural product without artificial additives.

Recipes of

How to make a bread mask for hair? We offer several recipes:

  1. A simple mask of bread. You need a small piece of bread and half a glass of water. Water bring to a boil, fill it with bread and leave to make the mass become soft and homogeneous. Put the bread crumb on the scalp and spread along the length of the curls. Wrap the head with polyethylene, and after an hour or two carefully wash it with warm water. This tool is suitable for oily hair. And instead of water you can use herbal decoction, for example, from calendula, sage or chamomile.
  2. Cream-oil mask. You need a piece of rye bread and two tablespoons of linseed, castor, burdock and almond oils. Mix all the oils, warm it in a water bath. Fill the bread with an oil mixture, let it soften. Apply the bread and butter to the scalp and hair. On the head, put on the bag, and after a few hours, rinse the mass with warm water. This mask will accelerate the growth of hair and effectively moisturize them.
  3. Kefir-bread mask helps to get rid of such problem as increased fat content of hair. Take a slice of fresh rye bread and fill it with a glass of yogurt or yogurt. When the bread has softened, mash it to get a homogeneous mass. Apply this gruel to the scalp and the entire length of the ringlets. Wrap the head with polyethylene, and after an hour wash.
  4. Make a strengthening mask of beer and bread for hair growth. Warm up to about 40 degrees a glass of beer( preferably use dark), put a slice of rye bread in it and leave it to soak. Grind the softened bread and mix it with the beer. As a result, you will get liquid gruel. Apply it to the surface of the head and distribute it along the length of the curls. Wash your head after two hours.
  5. This mask will help to stop the fallout. It will take: a piece of black bread, a third of a glass of lemon juice, a tablespoon of cognac and a teaspoon of ground ginger. Bread pour warmed lemon juice. When it softens, add cognac and ginger. Apply the formula on the scalp and hair and leave for half an hour.
  6. You can make a nutritious mask from bread with egg and honey, which will make the hair shiny and soft. Bread pour a small amount of warm water and mash, mix with the egg and a tablespoon of honey. Apply to hair and wash it off after one and a half to two hours.

Useful advices

Some useful recommendations:

  • If the bread is very stiff, then the amount of liquid can be increased. If you want the addition of oils or other non-most liquid ingredients, it is better to pre-pour the bread with warm water, and then use it to make a mask.
  • It is warm water that needs to be washed off the hair. Hot can damage and dry the scalp and hair, thereby exacerbating the situation. And cold water will cause a spasm of blood vessels, which will negate the effect of using a mask.
  • You can provide additional heat by wrapping your head with a towel or woolen shawl or warming it with a hair dryer.
  • All components must have room temperature, so if they are stored in the refrigerator, get them out in advance.
  • When applying, pay special attention to the scalp to stimulate the follicles. Massage it for a few minutes to speed up the circulation and awaken the sleeping bulbs.
  • So that no crumbs remain in your hair, wash your hair thoroughly. If they are still there, then wait until the hair has dried, and comb them well with a comb with frequent denticles.

Opinions of

Reviews of bread masks:

  • "I've been making bread masks for a long time, and every time I'm happy. Hair is soft, clean. Fall less, grow fast. "
  • "Bread masks are effective, but blondes can not come up, because the hair color is changed."

Be sure to make a bread mask and share your impressions!