Factor of harmony, which everyone overlooks

May 28, 2018 11:00 | Slimming

Another "factor X" from a bottle or capsule? Nothing like this! This very "secret of celebrities" is just floating on the surface of the stormy sea of ​​modern fitness industry. However, few people catch it from there. Hence, sorry for the pun, and the numerous wrecking dreams of a slim figure and excellent health. In the nineties there was such a popular book by the American doctor Dean Ornish with the simple title "Eat more, weigh less".Is it about overfeeding? No, today's post is about how we fight, or rather, ignore everyday stress, and what comes out of it. Dr. Dean, with all the controversy of the fat-free diet, came up with one cool thing - devote 30 minutes to stress management techniques and do not have to devote hours of thinking about how to lose weight and reading relevant literature.

I train, therefore, is protected or the myth of sportiness

By the way, a good level of training activity is not at all a guarantee that you will be a superstructure. Often, "tummies" and "barrel" adorn the bodies of those girls who spend a good half of their life in the simulator. What's wrong? Of course, food and the rest of my life. The level of stress in a systematically trained woman can be as high as that between a job, a home and a kindergarten.

Often on the tracks trying to "run" an unsuccessful personal life, and dumbbells are waving from a general dissatisfaction with the career. Fitness really helps to distract, but "superimposed" on general stress, overtraining is doubly dangerous, and leads to uncontrolled gluttony. Monitor your activity, increase the intensity of activities, not the number of minutes and hours spent in the hall, and learn to react calmly to the problems from which you are trying to escape through training. And stick to the simple rules of anti-stress life, to finally lose weight.

I sleep a lot, it means no stress

Popular advice from celebrities of different posiba - more sleep to be beautiful. This actually helps if it comes to recovering from the power work or, say, the freshness of the skin. And yes, unlike hours of plowing in the hall, a good sleep helps to relieve stress, calm down and tune into a more positive wave.

And a good dream is a cure for overeating. About the fact that getting enough sleep, we at the hormonal level rebuild their organisms and achieve a real reduction in appetite is not written, perhaps, in the "Forbes", so just take this mechanism as a reality.

As it should: sleep for 8 hours a day at least, training athletes - even more

Sometimes there is everything in a row - it is useful for losing weight

This is not a salad from arugula or oatmeal. Sometimes you really need to feel like "everything" - eat the cake from the heart, or snack pizza with lasagna. The secret is that the periodic planned deviations from the diet restart both metabolism, and your own to the diet attitude. Sometimes after a bag of chips your body becomes so uncomfortable that the next day you are with real pleasure crunching an apple. In addition, periodic improper nutrition helps to feel like an ordinary person with their weaknesses and habits, and not an eternal victim of diets.

As necessary: ​​for every 7-10 days of proper nutrition, 1 day of "disobedience".And, yes, try not to exceed the usual calorie content for you by more than 2000 kcal, and do not drink lard with a milkshake to avoid "frills" on the part of the liver. Allow yourself small weaknesses, and your body will "give" excess weight and with great pleasure will take the diet. After all, all this "tasty" food, in fact, is pretty lousy digested and gives quite non-illusory heartburn and heaviness.

Yoga - she, really, for losing weight

Personally, I was unable to tolerate yoga for the first 6 years of my fitness path. Well, I did not understand why it is necessary to stand in uncomfortable positions for an hour, when it is possible to spend it with profit on the elaboration of muscles with weights, and even to run afterwards. However, simple hatha yoga can do for you what most sophisticated fitness trainings do not. It, let's say, aligns you with the line of perception.

I really do not know how this is happening, but most serious and regular practitioners stop jumping mad herring from an unwritten report to a boiled soup, and start to do everything at work and at home. And also yoga teaches to think one thought and do it qualitatively, and not to be distracted during mental work on the fathomless dreams of climbing. In addition, practice helps to control the flow of consciousness in general. You begin to realize how much time you think about what to cook, how to eat it and why you want not that, but a hamburger from the tray. And then you learn to avoid excessive "scrolling" of thoughts about food in your head. Together with the ability to prepare healthy food and make the right choice in public catering, it helps to lose weight better than diet.

As necessary: ​​three times a week for 1.5 hours with an experienced teacher in a specialized studio. Or any other option, at least 15 minutes in the morning with a videotrainer, if only it was an asanas practice, and not talk about asan practice.

Simple truths, which my mother said

My mother always says: "Have a rest, go on vacation more often and generally learn to be distracted from work."Apparently, this is because most of the time she watched my head, joyfully sticking out in her free time because of a computer or a book, or the complete absence of me at home and the presence in more interesting places. But it's not about my mother, but about rest. Weekends, comrades, this is not an excuse to "paddle money" by tutoring, writing essays or whatever else you are doing. In these very days you have to do what you do not do in ordinary days. That is, do not work and do not go to the classes that you go to on weekdays in the fitness club. That's why try to practice on the street, instead of sadly wander into the hall, or even sit in the car, and go where your eyes look and walk there until your legs get tired.

Most often, dissatisfaction with life, stress and "medical donuts" arise in the lives of those comrades who confuse the weekend with days for finishing house cleaning or additional earnings. And "preventive ice cream every evening" for those who do not go on vacation in principle, preferring to lie in their own beds and watch TV shows.

As it should: on vacation we go, even in the village to my grandmother, even in Honolulu, but we do not condone the usual "There is no money, give compensation and more work."On weekends we erase-clean only if in ordinary life we ​​do not erase and do not clean at all. Otherwise, we do what we do not do on weekdays - only this is the rest. And yes, be common sense with you - to get drunk does not mean to rest well.

Look at your life from a different angle, perhaps the way you "act" in ordinary situations and there is a key to why you do not lose weight.

Elena Selivanova

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Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

The agonizing diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly lacks time? It's understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and exhausting workouts.

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