Trichology: treatment of hair loss and alopecia

April 15, 2018 14:15 | About Health
Depending on the type of alopecia and the nature of the damage to the scalp, preparations are selected that restore and enrich the hair with keratin
Human hair falls out and grows again throughout life. Daily drops from 50 to 80 hair, in normal these losses are replenished, and with pathological loss of self-healing does not occur.
Reasons may be:
Internal - hormonal, autoimmune, infectious, genetic.
External - stress, infection and head injury, poor ecology.

In order to prescribe the right treatment, first of all, it is necessary to accurately diagnose the causes of hair loss.
Briefly discussing the causes leading to baldness in men and women, it is possible to put hormonal problems and diseases leading to such problems( women pay attention to polycystic ovaries);after hormonal problems, the main factor leading to hair loss can be considered hereditary( mainly in men) and stressful( mainly in women).Well, such options as the effects of irradiation or chemotherapy, conducted in certain diseases.

Dandruff .Everyone who has ever faced the problem of dandruff( and such people - the majority), has probably thoroughly studied this problem in details and subtleties. To date, the main version of the occurrence of dandruff is infectious - known and causative agent, Pityrosporum Ovale( aka - Malassezia Furfur), conditionally pathogenic fungus. If, in addition to the appearance of excessive scalp scaling, we also have an itch of scalp, separate foci of reddening on the scalp - then here are all the symptoms of seborrhea.

Seborrhea is a skin disease characterized by excessive salon formation and a change in the composition of the sebaceous secret due to the accumulation of free fatty acids therein. In the mechanism of the development of this disease( besides such factors as genetic, endocrine, gastrointestinal, stressful) considerable importance is attached to the disruption of the physiological balance of female and male sex hormones towards the latter, which is especially pronounced in adolescence.

Hirsutism is the excessive growth of androgen-dependent hair in women of the masculine type: on the face, on the chest, on the white line of the abdomen, on the sacrum, buttocks, inner thighs and external genitalia( male-type haemorrhage).Note that the speech about hirsutism goes only in relation to women. The cause is the excessive secretion of androgens and / or the altered ratio between the secreted androgens( more testosterone and less than its predecessors).Sometimes hirsutism occurs during pregnancy and in menopause.

Trichotillomania is an obsessive action, expressed in the withdrawal of hair on the head or other parts of its own body. In the adult state, women are observed 2 times more often. The disease occurs against a background of stress or in people with pronounced mental changes. Sometimes this can be a manifestation of psychosis or obsessive conditions. Most often occurs in adolescents.
Hereditary diseases: monetririx, twisted hair, knot tricloclasia. In addition to these, sometimes, there are diseases such as: trichorexis, trichonadosis, ringed hair, trichiasis, atrihia, agnesia, trichotypes, spindle-shaped hair, etc.

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