Treatment of an abscess on the finger folk remedies

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Inflammation, provoked by pyogenic microbes, causes a limited accumulation of pus in tissues or in organs, this is an abscess. Microbes penetrate into tissues with damage to the skin and mucous membranes. The abscess on the finger can develop and as a complication in a number of diseases.

Development of an abscess is sometimes complicated by inflammation of the lymphatic vessels - this manifests itself in the appearance of red painful bands on the skin and growth of neighboring lymph nodes.

If there is an abscess on the finger of the hand or foot, you should ensure the rest of the affected part. Do not press on the abscess, do not rub or massage it, it leads to further spread of inflammation and sepsis.

On the recommendation of a doctor, abscesses are treated with sulfanilamide preparations. If a pus is found, the abscess or abscess is opened.

Folk methods of treatment of abscess

There are many people's methods of treating abscess on the finger folk remedies.

Carefully pound and mix the baked onions and soap( 2: 1).Apply with a plaster to the sore spot. Change once a day. Helps rapid maturation.

Several times a day on an abscess on finger should be applied raw potato slurry, bandaged.

Sheet of the century to crush and impose on a sore spot, bandage. Change - daily. Excellent pushes and favors maturation.

Ten grams of grass and dandelion roots brew a glass of boiling water. Wrap up and leave for four hours, then filter. Use a tablespoon up to six times a day. It is a blood-purifying and metabolism-improving folk remedy.

Wound healing agents

To clean and heal purulent wounds, lotions from fresh cranberry juice are effective.

Grated sown carrot is useful to apply to purulent wounds.

Fresh leaves of ordinary lilac apply to an abscess.

Infusions of blueberry leaves externally treat wounds. A teaspoon of chopped leaves is poured into a glass of boiling water and insisted for half an hour.

Old dried white mushroom is soaked in hot milk, then bring the mixture to a boil and insist half an hour. Apply as a compress to the problem site.

To chew a teaspoon of raw buckwheat groats, put the gruel onto a cloth and attach to an abscess. Change - every four hours.

Salt a piece of rye fresh bread and carefully chew, then put the gruel on a sore spot and secure it with a rag.

Stinging nettle nettle gives flowers that are dried, take a tablespoon and brew in a glass of boiling water;wrapped, insist half an hour, decant and use half a glass three times a day as a blood-cleansing drug.

Tie gruel from a fresh grated beet to an abscess, then the abscess will resolve, or quickly ripen.

Keep a sore spot in a hot solution of soda or soapy water( a teaspoon into a glass of water) for up to twenty minutes, and more.

Panaritia - purulent inflammation of the finger - is treated by wrapping the finger on the inner( white) side of the potato peelings, replacing the potato compress several times a day.

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