How to rinse ear off the cork at home?

May 30, 2018 23:00 | Interesting To Know

Sulfur is constantly excreted in the auricles. It is a filter that protects the brain from the penetration of dust, bacteria and alien organisms. Mechanical factors or excessive moisture cause an excessive accumulation of sulfur, which provokes the formation of a sulfur plug, which can block the ear lumen and even lead to hearing loss.

In most cases, sulfuric cork is formed due to improper care of the ears. Often, the cleaning of the ears is done with cotton buds, which are not intended for this purpose. As a result, the processes under which a natural cleansing of the ear canal are broken, and sulfur is produced in an increased amount. In addition, the chopsticks can be cleaned only with the outer ear, pushing the sulfur deep into the eardrum, adhering to which sulfur can cause the appearance of a sensation of deafness.

The appearance of sulfur plugs can also cause anatomical defects, hereditary predisposition, professional activity associated with increased dustiness of space.

From sulfuric cork should be disposed of, even if it does not cause any inconvenience, since the accumulation of sulfur in the ear canal does not allow to perceive sounds normally. Therefore, if you suspect a sulfur plug, you can try to remove it yourself at home.

Washing out of sulfuric plug at home

It is necessary to carry out the procedure at home very carefully so as not to injure the eardrum.

Pre-sulfur plug should be softened by placing a cotton swab in the ear canal for 10-15 minutes. After that, rinse the ear with warm water from a syringe without a needle or a small rubber pear. The procedure is performed over a basin or other container. The head is inclined downward with the ear, which is planned to be washed, pulling it back behind the upper edge. Do not put the tip of the pear or syringe deep inside, so as not to put too much pressure on the eardrum. The tip is simply brought to the back wall of the ear canal and a jet of weak head is released, which is gradually increased. For a complete washing, up to a dozen enemas may be required.

If the cork has hardened, it can not always be washed, so to soften it 2 hours before the procedure, it is recommended to drip three drops of vegetable oil in your ear.

If the plug is softened, it can exit by itself. You can use a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide, diluted with some oil, petroleum jelly or special drops from the pharmacy. The selected product should be heated to a temperature of the order of 370C, so as not to cause a burn of the ear canal. If it is instilled in the ear for 4-5 drops twice a day for five days, the plug must soften and self-discharge. Do not need to help her by using earwax or other devices. After the release of sulfur, the ear should be rinsed with warm water. The most interesting news