How to put a suction

May 31, 2018 00:15 | Relations

A suck can be called a kiss, after which a bruise remains on the body. Strictly speaking, this is not the one full of tenderness and love, a sign of attention from a partner, which is usually called a kiss. A bloody spot somewhere on the neck, which then will take all the colors of the rainbow, is badly associated with tenderness.

Types of sucking

Ordinary pumps are put with the lips. However, there are fans who know exactly how to put a suck not only with their help, but also with the use of teeth.

In this case, the stain on the body of the "victim" will more resemble the sexual harassment of a vampire than the kiss of a loving person.

How strange it was not sounded, but there are in our lives not just "masters of sucking," but virtuosi of their business. The technique of doing sucks in these craftsmen is brought literally to perfection: on the body there are not just traces of bruises, but various patterns consisting of tiny bruises.

Where to put a suck?

In society, it is not customary to publicize such a manifestation of love as a suck. It is better to put it in a place that will be hidden from prying eyes. You can admire "traces of passion" both alone and with your partner.

The main thing in this matter is the consent of both parties. The bruise, put simply out of mischief, can bring a lot of trouble to the one who made the suck: from slapping to a complete break in the relationship.

Value of sucking

A suck on the body means only that the partner is either rude, or too passionate, or just "fooling around".However, some believe that bruises can symbolize love, be a "signal" of sexual desire, show an accessory to someone and say that its owner is a woman of "easy" behavior.

Attitude towards the

Each person has his own opinion about the sucking.

The main group of women considers them unacceptable, forbidden.

Some girls enjoy not only the presence of sucking, but also the fact that they have put this bruise. They themselves with great pleasure pose their partners.

There are also men - big fans of putting suckers, and in the most prominent places. For them, such a bruise is a symbol of power over a woman.

For those who do not know how to put in a sucker, but would like to learn it, you can advise you to learn the rules of how to put a suck.

Rules for wishing to install

  1. Do not allow teeth to participate.

  2. To make a suck, you need to grab a piece of skin with your lips and lightly suck it for 30 seconds. The skin in the site of exposure should become dark, bloodshot.

  3. Both partners should be as relaxed as possible.

It is possible that after the suck is done, it is urgently needed to hide it, or even get rid of it, especially if it is a suction on the neck.

Hide the suction on the neck

  1. The tonal cream is a faithful helper in this difficult matter.

  2. Imitation of the fact that some insect bitten in the neck. To do this, you just need to pierce a hole in the center of the needle with a needle.

  3. Close the bruise with hair, a handkerchief, a bandage, a scarf and clothes with standing collars.

  4. Cover with adhesive tape.

We get rid of the

sucks. The folk remedies will help here:

  1. Raw meat, attached to the bruise for 15 minutes.

  2. Wet the suction with vinegar and top with toothpaste.

  3. Lubricate with fresh onion juice.

  4. Compresses from the bodyagi.

  5. Medicinal preparations: lyoton, venorutin, rescuer, lead lotion.

  6. Iodine mesh.

Like any bruise, the suck will take place about a week later.

But why should you put up a sip if you immediately want to get rid of them?