Walnut oil: its application and properties

April 15, 2018 19:15 | Beauty And Health

For sure, many know what a walnut is, almost everyone is aware of its rich vitamin composition and a set of useful properties, but far from everyone knows that from these nuts produce oil that is valued more and higher than the raw material itself.

Since ancient times, it was believed that the walnut - a fruit of intellectual development, not without reason, in its appearance, it resembles the brain, however, in smaller sizes.

In the writings of Ancient Persia it was indicated that the butter, squeezed out of walnut, is the real food for the mind, which actively nourishes and develops it. But in ancient Greece, and it was called "the royal acorn", it was due to the fact that the oil from it was not allowed to be consumed by the commoners, such a misdemeanor could be threatened with the death penalty!

Only noble and very wealthy people had the right to please themselves with such delicacies, by the way, something similar happened in ancient Rome. The fact is that already in those days there was a lot of information about useful properties and possible ways of applying walnut oil,

Hippocrates in its teachings noted the fact that it can be used to treat many ailments. In the modern world oil from walnut fruits is appreciated no less, on the contrary, it is erected almost to the rank of wonders of nature!

Now the walnut, to a greater extent, is grown and exported throughout the world on the territory of Moldova and Uzbekistan, Ukraine, as well as the entire coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is not far behind. Unfortunately, not everywhere, where nuts grow, make them a valuable oil, so it is considered quite expensive and a rare product.

Good nut oil in its color resembles a beautiful amber, has a rich nutty taste, which is highly appreciated in cooking. The manufacture of such a product is not an easy process, which requires a lot of time and exact adherence to the technological process.

For example, if the fruits already removed from the tree can not sustain for 4 months, the final product will be obtained with a much shorter shelf life. The process itself consists in using the method of cold pressing of nuclei, and for this purpose special fat-oil varieties of nuts are used. The oil obtained by this method is considered to be the most useful, filled with the maximum number of minerals and vitamins, as well as nutrients.

Composition and useful properties of

The product under consideration is a truly natural storehouse of vitamins, microelements, and other useful substances that are not easily found in such a combination in other natural products.

It contains a really impressive amount of vitamin E, which actively contributes to the improvement of tissue regeneration, prevents premature aging of the body, and also has a beneficial effect on the course of pregnancy and, in general, on the reproductive function of a person.

Also in the oil of walnuts are other vitamins - A, C and vitamin B, a number of trace elements and minerals, such as iron, iodine, calcium, zinc, copper and others.

It is important to note the presence of essential polyunsaturated acids, namely: linolenic and linoleic, as well as carotenoids and retinol, which, when ingested, are converted to vitamin A.

Thanks to its rich and rare composition, walnut oil can bring tremendous benefits to the human body, and not only through its internal application.

This product has a pleasant list of beneficial properties that have the most beneficial effect on the human body: rejuvenating effect, improving vitality and strengthening the psycho-emotional state, reducing the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood, removing radionuclides, strengthening the immune system and other protective functions of the body.

This product is very actively used in cosmetology, thanks to its rich composition, it is suitable for almost any type of skin and hair, so it is often added to many creams, balms, and other hygiene products.

Walnut oil can also be used in its pure form - it is easily absorbed into the upper layers of the skin, making it soft, velvety and silky. It is especially important for representatives of dry and sensitive skin, since this oil perfectly soothes, moisturizes and cools its upper layers.

Thanks to its high level of regenerating properties, it is excellent for fighting facial wrinkles on the face, as well as other age-related skin changes. If you regularly use walnut oil, then it pulls it up properly, makes it elastic and elastic.

Also this incredible product is very successfully used for the treatment and strengthening of hair, on its basis it is possible to prepare masks by oneself that prevent hair loss, increase their growth and betray healthy shine.

Also, walnut oil is ideally used as a tanning agent, it can be taken inward to protect your body from harmful sun from the inside, and applied directly to the skin, which is very effective for acquiring an even and beautiful bronze tan.

It should also be noted that this oil is very effective for those who are trying to lose weight, it is an excellent fat burner, as well as a dietary product full of useful vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are very necessary while following strict diets.

Butter of walnut in cooking

Thanks to its valuable composition, taste and nutritional properties, this product is very popular in cooking, it is often used to prepare a variety of sauces, dressings, most importantly, the process of their preparation was cold, because when heated, oil cana little bitter.

In our country it is not used very often, and in vain, because it gives a very rich and rich taste to vegetable salads, nut butter is great as a filling for meat, especially for chicken. Often it is mixed with other varieties of oil to slightly dilute its very rich and vivid taste, which is able to kill everyone else.

It gives a pleasant aroma and unusual zest to the baked fish, and if you add spices to it and fill with such a mass of pasta, it can turn out to be very interesting and easy to prepare a dish.

There are no particular contraindications for this product, it usually does not cause allergic reactions or any other side effects. However, it should be remembered that it can not be ingested by exacerbation of an ulcer or erosive gastritis.

And, although it is believed that walnut oil is very useful in pregnancy, it, nevertheless, should be limited in this period. Buy this universal tool can be in the drugstores of the city or order online, the price for it is not the lowest, because the technological process of obtaining it is quite complex and time-consuming.