Plot from radiculitis on the dough

April 15, 2018 20:30 | Conspiracies
This conspiracy from sciatica is slandered for a yeast-free dough. The plot is powerful and with its help you can get rid of sciatica within 10-12 days. The plot must be done every evening, when it gets dark. It is better to conspire when the moon is waning, it will help the patient to recover faster.

This is not just a conspiracy, it is a complex folk remedy. In it, the conspiracy is combined with the folk recipe for treatment of radiculitis. Thanks to this, there is a very high therapeutic effectiveness( conspiracy helps even with very neglected radiculitis).

Knead the dough without yeast. Take 3 glasses of flour( wheat, 1 grade), one glass of milk, one spoon of vegetable oil and very little salt( pinch).Mix everything thoroughly, let the dough stand for a couple of hours in the heat. After this, once again mix the finished dough and drip into it 20 drops of turpentine( in the future the amount of turpentine drops can be reduced or increased, depending on the sensitivity of the skin).Then once again carefully mix the dough, let it stand for 30 minutes and you can read a plot on it.

Testing the test

In order to speak the dough, put one church candle on the table, set it on fire. Put the dough in front of the candle and whisper it to the text of the plot:

"Lord, I beg you, help the back of your battering servant( the name of the sick man who was baptized) to get rid of the lumbar spine, from the sciatica, from the dorsal infection. Amen, Amen, Amen. "

The conspiracy must be repeated three times.

After this, put the dough on the back of the patient for one hour, and cover the top with cellophane and shawl. And so every day, while the moon goes on the wane, that all the sickness is gone from the sick. Usually after 7-10 days the pain completely passes and the radiculitis is cured. But if necessary - repeat the treatment for the next waning moon. Dough to cook every evening a new one!

About the results. After such a talk, sciatica can be completely cured, as it happens in most cases. It is very important( !) - this conspiracy can only be done if the patient is baptized, and the one who does the plot must also be baptized. On people professing other religions, this conspiracy will not have any useful effect.

Also I can advise you to take advantage of the healing warming belt, which also helps you very much from sciatica( more details in the article Belt from dog hair).

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