How can I get a driver's license without problems?

May 31, 2018 14:00 | Helpful Hints

In our time, a car is not a luxury, but a vital means of transportation. Own machine enables a person to feel more free, as he ceases to depend on the timetable of public transport and the limited route of his movement.

When you have a personal car, you no longer need to rush to the last bus or go in a crowded minibus, and then go some more time from the stop to your house. You just get into your car and go where you want, and at the time that suits you the most. It can greatly simplify your life, and give you more free time, which can be spent at your own discretion.

That's why we are so eager to have our own car. And if you have the opportunity to purchase a new vehicle, you need to first think about the driver's license. To receive them must be treated very responsibly.

After becoming a driver you take on a very big responsibility: it is from you that the health and life of the surrounding people( passengers and other road users) will depend. How to get a driver's license?

Where to start?

The most important thing is not the document itself, which will indicate that you are now a driver, the main thing is what knowledge and skills you received during training to receive it.

You should be able to drive well, quickly navigate the situation on the road, and of course follow the rules of the road. Only then will you be considered a true driver. The question arises: how and where can you learn all this? And, of course, how much does this training cost?

In order to learn how to drive a car, you can take several options:

  1. Go to study at a driving school.
  2. Ask for help from a private driving instructor.
  3. Learn how to drive a car yourself.

Each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Hello, driving school

The most common option is driving in a driving school. The main advantage of this type of getting the basics of driving is that the program for which you will learn is designed in full compliance and with all the requirements of the "Traffic Rules"( SDA).

In addition, it includes obtaining the necessary skills for passing the most common situations that occur during traffic. Also in the driving school you will have the opportunity to learn in advance about the nuances and features of taking the driving test in a separate division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

In addition, an important advantage for inexperienced drivers is that most likely the exam in the traffic police you will take on the same car, which was trained. Agree that in a familiar machine for you, you will feel more confident, and the probability of error in the exam you will be less.

There are disadvantages of this method of training. These include:

  • Lack of learning flexibility, i.e.if you have something that does not work out while driving, it's unlikely that the driving instructor will give you extra time to improve this skill. There is a training program, and it will stick to it. Any deviations from it should be paid additionally.
  • Most of the time, the theory takes more time than practice. And in driving practice plays the most important role.
  • The training schedule may not be very convenient for you.
  • Instructors in driving schools do not always have a high qualification, as their salary is often small, and not everyone will decide to go for such nervous work. Therefore, you can "run into" a bad specialist in this area, and accordingly he will teach you so.

How to find a good driving school?

The best way is to find out the opinion of your friends who have recently been trained in this driving school. If you do not have such an opportunity and do not have anyone to ask, then you should pay close attention to all the details and find out as much as possible about the educational institution you are interested in.

So, what should you look for when choosing a driving school?

1. The most important thing is the availability of a special license, thanks to which the driving school has the right to legally conduct training for drivers of various categories, and in the first category of category B.

2. Conclusion of the contract. After you have decided on the driving school, you must necessarily familiarize yourself with the contract, which should specify the following points:

  • the time and cost of training;
  • number of hours that are allocated to theoretical classes and practical part;
  • availability of additional services and their cost;
  • responsibility of each of the parties that have concluded this agreement.

This document must be signed by you and the representative of the driving school, and fixed with a round seal.

3. In the driving school, after you pay for the training, you must provide you with a cash receipt or any other payment document that will confirm your payment.

4. The state of the machines on which you will be trained. Take this seriously, because he is studying on a car that requires repair, and will not lead to anything good. Instead of giving you driving skills, your instructor will repair the unexpectedly broken machine. Therefore, choose a driving school that has a good car fleet.

5. An important condition for a good driving school is the availability of flexible training schedule, i.е.you will have the opportunity to choose a convenient schedule for you.

6. You also need to know in advance whether you will be able to replace the instructor, if he does not suit you for some reason.

7. The most important thing for a novice driver is the registration of insurance for a training car. In this contract, it should be clearly stated that the vehicle on which you are traveling is precisely the training machine, and not any other. This will protect you from liability in the event of a conflict or accident on the road. If you do not have such an agreement with the driving school, then studying for a non-training car and without the rights - all the blame for the accident you have to take on. If you have such insurance, then in any case the responsibility for the accident will be borne by your instructor, although you were driving.

Here, perhaps, and all the basic requirements when choosing a driving school.

The cost of services in this institution on average starts from 20 thousand rubles - this is only the payment for training in a driving school. But without additional spending you can not do. You'll have to pay a certain amount of money for getting a medical certificate, for purchasing the necessary educational literature.

You will also need to take photos for documents, pay for additional driving lessons if you need to. In addition, you will have to pay for the certificate of the end of the driving school. Exam in the traffic police will cost you the following amount: the theoretical part - 60 rubles;practical part - 100 rubles;rent a car - 400 rubles. You will also need to pay for the production of a driver's license.

As a result, before you go to a driving school, you should expect that you will need an amount of 1.5 times more than the declared cost of training.

We find a private specialist

The second way to teach driving is to help a private instructor. The advantage of this method is that the instructor can choose for you an individual training program, and the practical part in it is given much more time than theoretical.

In addition, the level of qualification of a private instructor is usually much higher. After all, he is initially interested in leaving a positive impression about himself, as he must create his own client base. Plus, such training is that you will be engaged in any time that suits you, and the instructor will adjust to you.

But there are drawbacks to this method of training. At the exam in the traffic police you may encounter a somewhat biased attitude of the examiner. If you have learned to drive well and confidently, then problems should not be. But if you still have some small mistakes, then, most likely, he will treat them more severely than to the same mistakes of a driving school student.

Also a significant drawback is that you will take the exam on an unusual machine.

What should I look for when choosing a specialist?

  1. It must have a license for training drivers of category B.
  2. Also with it should be a contract, which will indicate the same items as in the agreement with the driving school. The only difference is that the instructor can work without printing.
  3. He must issue you a check or any other payment document when you receive money from you.
  4. His car should be in good condition, and also equipped as a training car in accordance with SDA.
  5. Also in the insurance it should be indicated that this vehicle is "educational".

Learning yourself

The third way of learning is independent driving. But it has a very significant drawback - if your car is not equipped as an educational vehicle, and you do not have a license, then you will be considered to be the violator of traffic rules, and punish accordingly. Therefore, it is better to refuse self-study.

Rules and exams

To obtain a driving license you will need to take an exam in the traffic police. There are common rules in which the requirements for admission and admission of examinations in all units of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate are clearly spelled out.

So, to pass the exam are allowed:

  • Persons who have reached the age of 18 years, or 17 years( if there is a direction from the military registration and enlistment office) for obtaining a driver's license of the "B" category. The upper limit of age does not exist, if health allows.
  • It is also mandatory to go through a medical commission for a driver's license and submit an appropriate certificate.
  • The exam is given at the place of residence or permanent residence. In the event that there is no official registration and registration, you may be offered to issue a certificate of temporary registration.
  • If you do not have unsolved problems with the law: you are not wanted;you have not previously taken a driver's license in connection with a gross violation of traffic rules;you do not have unpaid fines.

In order to obtain admission to the GIBDD exam you must submit the following documents:

  1. Passport or any other document proving the identity of the future driver.
  2. Document identifying the place of registration or permanent place of residence. If not, then a certificate of temporary registration.
  3. Original and a copy of the medical certificate on form 083 / у-89.
  4. Receipt for payment of state duty in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate. For the driver's license will have to pay 800 rubles, the state fee for a temporary permit is 500 rubles.
  5. Application.
  6. Testimony that you graduated from a driving school( if training took place in it).
  7. Driving license, which you previously issued. For example, if you take an examination for the rights of another driver's category.

When you submit all these documents - it does not mean that you will be immediately admitted to the exam. If you live or are registered in the area where the local GIBDD unit is located, less than 1.5 years, your data will be further inspected.

A request will be made to the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate at the place of your previous residence that you have not previously been taken away. The answer will have to wait for 1 to 2 months. If you live in this area for more than 1.5 years, then your documents do not require additional checks, and you can immediately be admitted to the exam.

So, what is an exam in the traffic police?

It consists of three parts.

The first part is a test of theoretical knowledge. You will need to pass a test consisting of 20 questions, each of which is offered several answers, one of them is correct. You can respond in any order convenient for you. In order to successfully pass the theoretical part, you can admit no more than 2 errors.

After you successfully passed the theory, you are allowed to the second part of the exam - the site. You will need to drive along the circuit with the inspector of the traffic police and perform several exercises. For every mistake, penalty points will be taken. If you score more than 5 points, then the exercise is considered not delivered.

There are five variants of tasks: a snake, a flyover, a turn, a parallel parking and entry into the garage in reverse. If you took driving lessons in a driving school, then all of these exercises should be familiar to you. For the exam, only three tasks are selected, selected in a random order.

The flyover is mandatory. If you managed to pass correctly two exercises, and in the third there were several errors, then the inspector can give you a second attempt to re-take it. If you have successfully coped with this, then the second part of the exam is considered to be turned down. And you can be admitted to the next stage.

The third part of the exam is a city. You travel with the inspector to the city and go to take the exam on a certain route. For every mistake from you will also be removed penalty points. Usually there are only a few variants of routes for passing the exam, knowing them, you can prepare in advance and take into account all the complex moments on which you can catch your inspector.

In order to quickly pass this practical part, you need to be very careful not to allow ridiculous mistakes. And then you will be able to pass this exam on the first attempt, and this will save your time considerably, since retake can be appointed only after a few months.

When you successfully pass the third part of the exam, you can be congratulated on getting your cherished driver's license.

International version of

But if you want to travel by car in other countries, then for this you will definitely need an international driver's license. You do not have to take any exams to receive them.

This document is issued based on your Russian driving license. International rights are considered valid for 3 years, but provided that Russian rights are also valid for 3 years. If their validity is less than 3 years, then international rights are also issued for the same period. You can get them in the same division of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate.

For this, you need to provide originals of all the same documents as for Russian rights, only to them you need to add a matte photo of 3.5x4.5 cm and your driver's license. Also it will be necessary to pay a state fee of 1000 rubles. Registration of international driving licenses will take about 30 minutes.

There are several types of vehicles, the right to operate which is indicated in your driver's license. They can be divided into the following categories:

  • "A" - motorcycles and other motor vehicles;
  • "B" - cars with a mass of not more than 3500 kg and the number of seats is not more than 8, except the driver's seat;
  • "C" - machines with a mass greater than 3500 kg;
  • "D" - cars for the carriage of passengers with more than 8 seats, except the driver's seat;
  • "E" are vehicles with a trailer.

We hope, now you have all the necessary information in order to get your new driver's license and become a real driver!