Choosing a personal trainer

Have you decided to hire a personal trainer? Well, I'll try to dedicate you to the subtleties of this difficult process. Often newcomers address simply to the first coach who has come to the club, and this is where the problems begin. That we can not clearly explain what we want from a fitness professional, and as a result, we do not get what we want at all. We simply talk with a person "in different languages".And it sometimes happens that we do not agree to some trifles, and trusting relationships do not arise. To whom do you want to go train to effectively lose weight and improve your figure?


As a rule, personal trainers go either from a great love of fitness, or from a great sport or dance. And, not necessarily from professional fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, aerobics or weightlifting. Often, "personalities" are volleyball players, cyclists, skiers and other athletes, and even. .. ballerinas. However, most often, a person can not completely abstract from the sporting past. So it turns out that clients of weightlifters are jerking and jerking to lose weight, those who go to former gymnasts are very much drawn, and so on.

In general, the coach-athlete is ideal for people who are not aimed at muscle tightening and aesthetic results, but rather on improving health and sports results. If you run a triathlon, take a bike or ski, and come to the hall for the OPP, look for just such a specialist. Relations with athletes and those who are organized, firm, and not fixated on appearance are well formed. This does not mean that the notorious hips will not catch up with the training with such a coach. This means that a specialist with a sporting past simply will not understand and sympathize with your lamentations about the excess apple eaten, and not quickly decreasing weight. If you run faster, raise more and do exercises easier, he already believes that there are results.

Contraindications: do not go to the former athletes girls emotional and fixated on the appearance. With such a specialist, you risk becoming a real drama queen, and not lose a single kilogram.

Trainer from ex-clients

This is almost the perfect personal assistant for those who have never been engaged in sports, and do not plan to do anything. If your goal is to improve the appearance, you will reach more mutual understanding with the person "from the former".He, and most likely, she, no one understands how it is - to hate the pain in the muscles, to force oneself to diet, and always to have a reduced tone due to malnutrition and self-restraint. And seriously, among the "former" there are very different types, and it would be better for you not to go to the one who declares from the first meeting "I dropped 40 kg and you drop it too," but at least ask about your medication and previous experience.

Here, most likely, you will be offered exactly "corrective" exercises, and a program that is quite adequate to the beginner's requests. However, the "former" often become sportsmen, and then you can not avoid some influence of bodybuilding, powerlifting and other power disciplines.

Contraindications: you, most likely, will constantly argue with the coach without sports regalia, if in childhood they went to the section and achieved at least some results in the sport. Well, in discussions and knowledge checks, a normal training process can not be built. You must trust the coach and consider him a professional, and his opinion is the truth in the last resort, if you want. Only then will you comply with the precepts, and train hard.

Trainer medical student

First of all, I would like to express my respect for this category of personalities. In the industry, especially in the provinces, people with medical education and understanding of normal physiological processes are worth their weight in gold. I will not hide, not rare in the profession completely random people who do not have enough knowledge and skills, but, but having a beautiful body. Here with the medic such precisely will not be. These trainers are well aware of what happens to the knees, ankles and hip joints of a person weighing 80 kg when performing a light jog. They, as a rule, do not drive too full a client to "intervals on the treadmill", or numerous new-fashioned "army cardio".

Relations with doctors are best built by those who are not mistaken about their own health. If you think that you have excellent physical performance, despite being overweight and dreaming of a "real hard training", it will be difficult with a medician. These trainers and strive to give everyone a sparing exercise, to recommend special techniques, and to talk about all the contraindications of fitness. And they can get a bunch of information on how to eat right, why you are drawn to chocolates and why you need to eat curd on a training day. In general, doctors are almost the most pleasant interlocutors in the whole coaching world.

Contraindications: However, here, as with medicines, it is impossible to talk about universal benefits. Someone does not want a medical approach at all, others simply do not consider themselves "the object of treatment," and the third is annoyed by constant warnings. If you have the will and the character, which is called "sports", it is better to look for a trainer from the first part of the article.

Well, the universal requirements for a personal trainer were, there are and remain knowledge, communication skills and attention to the client. Your specialist should not be a book "worm" or supporter of any particular methodology and propagandist of radical theories. With coaches aggressive propagandists, for example, PFD, accepted in martial arts or swimming, as well as with gentlemen supporters of certain diets, it is difficult for everyone. Try to avoid radicals of all stripes, especially if you do not adhere to the same views and do not be afraid to act by trial and error to really find the coach you dream about.

Elena Selivanova

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