Hair loss: how to deal with hair loss

April 15, 2018 23:00 | About Health

Hair loss is a very common problem with which, contrary to popular belief, women face at least men. Hair loss in women is much more common than we would like. However, not everything is hopeless: female baldness lends itself to cure much more effectively, because in most cases it is caused by temporary health problems that can be completely solved.
Causes of hair loss in women. There are several main causes of female alopecia. It is important to determine the cause of hair loss - this will help to choose the right treatment.

The most common causes of hair loss:
- androgenetic alopecia: this form of hair loss is inherited. As a rule, androgenetic alopecia is affected by 50% of men and a small percentage of women over the age of 40.
- hormonal changes: some women in the menopause begin to thin out their hair, which is caused by hormonal changes.
- pregnancy: hair loss during pregnancy is associated with a metabolic disorder, because the body has to redistribute forces in a new way - to combine the nutrition of the child with the preservation of the normal life of the future mother. Sometimes pregnant women for the same reason( metabolic disorders) face other problems, for example, lack of calcium in the body. Typically, hair loss stops within a month and a half after the birth of the child.

- stress: stress is the most common cause of hair loss in both women and men. This cause of baldness is not easy to establish, because the first signs of hair loss can manifest only three months after the experienced stress. Physical overload and emotional stress are always reflected in the state of the body. The result of stress - hair loss, brittle nails, toothaches and loss of healthy shine of the skin.
- diets and starvation: some women periodically observe radical diets, with the help of which they hope to lose weight in a record short time. Do not forget that nutrition affects the growth of hair. Supporters of radical diets can face a number of unforeseen consequences of their reckless choice, for example, loss of natural shine of the skin, brittle nails and even hair loss.

However, do not despair - all types of hair loss, except hereditary, give in to treatment. The only remedy against hereditary alopecia is hair transplantation or wearing a wig.

Treatment of hair loss
- Tonic for hair: today on sale there is a huge amount of hair strengthening products. Some of them can be used even in the shower, others should be applied after showering. Hair tonics are extremely effective - of course, if you follow all the instructions exactly.
- Hair mask: like the tonic, the mask has a curative effect, but it must be washed off after a while. The mask moisturizes and nourishes the hair from the roots to the tips. Apply the mask daily in front of the shower, as indicated on the package.
- Medicinal preparations: if you are reluctant to deal with the selection of funds for hair restoration, you can use special medications that are sold at the pharmacy. Such drugs strengthen hair and nails. They are very effective, if exactly follow the directions on the packaging. The guarantee of health and beauty of hair - observance of a correct diet and avoidance of stresses. To improve well-being and increase the body's activity will help healthy eating and regular exercise.

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