On the benefits and harms of short training plans

June 03, 2018 05:45 | Theory Training

We know everything, 8 weeks to the ideal press!10 weeks to the body of dreams!12 weeks to the stage form!16 weeks to round buttocks! Sorry, the latter is a more or less working option. From the point of view of the human psyche, it is perfectly normal to know in advance when to expect a result, starting an activity, especially causing discomfort and breaking the foundations of ordinary life. And so the programs are sold for a short time. The main thing is to give the client faith and hope that everything is formed, it is only necessary to carry out a certain set of actions. And to prove that both are relative, practice usually allows.

Benefits of

short training plans First of all, what's the shortest thing? In life, when attending a fitness club was less conscious, the same 8 weeks seemed like an achievement. For them, the music changed twice, for which you skip aerobics, and 10 times a week you had a desire to give up everything because you were tired of aerobics, tired of positive girls around, and tired of the fact that everyone gets it, and you still do not have much. And this "so far" does not want to pass.

In normal fitness training, such periods are good for solving a particular problem, for example:

  • for 4 weeks can teach yourself to diligently visit the club, do not skip training and do not shirk the need to monitor food. Of course, in a month you will not learn all the subtleties of technology and you will not become a simple ZOZHEVSK in the sense of refusing high-calorie food there and here, if it is a matter of losing weight, but this is quite enough to join the movement;
  • for 8 weeks you can get the first visible results. Correctly discarded 4-5 kilograms will decorate you better than in a hurry, the fused 5-6 liters themselves know what "per week".Yes, usually two months - the time for which "pull up" a couple of sizes and begin to look more healthy and happy;
  • for 12 weeks, slender girls may well "dry out" to competitive conditions. They do this, since it is believed that such a period is optimal for all kinds of weight loss and programs targeted at them. More is needed for those who really have extra weight. Less - it may not work, just do not have time. Anyway, longer plans for losing weight often require a wavy inner periodization. .. diet. Like this? You just take your usual diet and at the end of each month put in a week on supporting calories. Anyway, most of the women this week will still be overeating, so it's better to be engaged in nutrition of the body under control. This is necessary in order that the body does not adapt to malnutrition, and in order for the "fighter" not to leave the race for psychological reasons

Than all this is good? You can really keep the focus on the goal, staying on the "short plan" and thinking about what you need to achieve, and solving problems exactly as prescribed, and not how personally you feel right. In most cases, it works much better than just an abstract desire to become healthier.

Short programs are really simpler psychologically. And you can always switch from one to another, so that there is no desire to fill the pause with something like lying on the couch and absorbing cookies and sweets.

In addition, short plans give an opportunity to learn how to plan a one-year cycle of training for yourself. After passing the next 6 weeks to the ideal press or something else, you will really know exactly what changes your personal body can achieve in the specified period of time

But we usually sell all these short programs not for the above. Because we are very upset when they do not work.

8 weeks before the relief press?

To most of the women with an average, usual percentage of fat before this very press is far from 8, and somewhere so 16 weeks with a general successful scenario. The problem with extruded programs is as follows:

  • , they usually represent some kind of functional PFD, well, you know, bouncing, simultaneous sit-ups with the rises of something elsewhere and so on. And almost never will you find in them what makes the cure really strong and causes hypertrophy of the muscles. I mean, weight-lifting exercises of classical weight with weights from medium to high, and a moderate amount of the same exercises on the press;The
  • functional PFD works well for only one lifetime. We have already built our muscles, and now we are trying to lose weight, and we simply increase caloric intake by training;
  • and yes, in our life there are still boring power in the power mode, at least a couple of times a week we depart from all this fun with jumps and simultaneous press of nothing weighing shells, we put a mortal body under the bar of the bar, and. ..;
  • otherwise, instead of the press, we will have a retracted empty space with two strips of muscle. I know, I checked.

8 weeks before the elastic buttocks

Or the Brazilian priests, if you like. Dear friends, how do you want to lose weight and swing at the same time? Greetings to you from human physiology. Once you began to lose weight and created a calorie deficit, muscle hypertrophy "stopped."As soon as you started to "pump" and created, at least, food for the need - the weight loss stopped.

And most of the programs for "buttocks berries" are a banal. .. cardio with dumbbells, bouncing, and any bows with dumb-bells given out for heavy ones. Guys, if your dumbbells are really heavy, after 8-10 bobs, you throw them on the floor with a cheerful cry and breathe heavily. Instead of skipping a hare on the perimeter of the club "burning calories."

So our programs are designed for one thing. You will lose weight, and you will be happy that the buttocks, although they did not become "berries", but they were clearly cleansed of cellulite layers. Nothing more, sorry, without heavy training in reality in 8 weeks in the field of rear to reach us is not given.

Weight loss for 10 weeks and other

Usually such creativity is accompanied by giving the client a diet in the spirit of "1500 kcal from small to large, and eat more vegetables, they purify karma, intestines, and free from suffering and sorrow."And aerobic OPP-shkami with dumbbells 2 kg, rubber and other small equipment. Will you lose weight? Oh, yes, you will lose weight! Especially if you can actually jump and jump, and eat at the same low calories. And it will work, if you do not have a very responsible job( sorry, thinking with brains on such calories is a myth, and you yourself know, especially if you periodically use this given to us nature is unclear why the resource).

And despite my personally disparaging tone( I just prefer that people do not repeat my personal mistakes and do not look after over a year of training as digested pasta, but at the lowest possible weight), you can lose weight with both OPP and aerobics, but at leastwith claps of ears, while you will keep the diet honestly. And here everyone decides that he is closer - metal, calories closer to 2000 and protein with complex carbohydrates, or jumping, grass and huge portions of chicken breast for 120 g and oatmeal, 30 g in dry form.

Elena Selivanova

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Have you ever tried to get rid of excess weight? Judging by the fact that you read these lines - the victory was not on your side.

The agonizing diets did not bring the desired result, and going to the gym is uncomfortable and constantly does not have enough time? It's understandable, in the home-work-house mode, there simply is not enough nerves and forces to comply with the diet and exhausting workouts.

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