Apple vinegar: a recipe for cooking slimming products at home

June 03, 2018 19:30 | Cooking Tricks

Apple cider vinegar is considered a very useful product. Its property is known to activate metabolism and promote weight loss, so it is especially loved by women. Vinegar is used in cooking and canning, and simply as a seasoning for food. However, it should be remembered that apple cider vinegar, which is available, is often not. It's just a dilute vinegar essence with dyes and fragrances. Therefore, it is much safer to prepare it by yourself. The recipe for cooking apple cider vinegar is nothing complicated.

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The recipe for apple vinegar

In principle, for the preparation of vinegar, you can take apples of any sort, but the best is Antonovka. The whole fruit, including the peel and the core, comes into play. Suitable even remnants from the preparation of compote or jam. Do not use only rotten or wormy parts - they are removed and discarded. Raw materials are passed through a meat grinder, rubbing on a coarse grater or cutting into pieces. The resulting mass is transferred to a glass, ceramic or enameled vessel with a wide neck. A three-liter can, a pot, a clay pot or some other utensil will do. We add warm boiled water in the proportion of 1 liter per 800 grams of apples. Add 20 grams of rye breadcrumbs, 10 grams of raw yeast and 100 grams of sugar or honey for each liter of water. We cover the jar with gauze from dust and flies and put it in a dark warm place( 20-30 degrees).

Next in the first 10 days the apple mass should be stirred daily with a wooden spoon. On the 10th day, squeeze through the gauze. The resulting liquid is filtered once more through a fine sieve, its volume is determined and we pour it into another, clean container with a wide neck. Now for each liter of juice you need to add another 50-100 g of sugar or honey and stir it until it completely dissolves.

The second stage of fermentation is coming. Replace the jar with gauze, put in the same dark and warm place and periodically look at it. The fermentation process can take 40-60 days. When the liquid calms down and becomes transparent, fermentation will be considered finished. Then vinegar is filtered and poured into bottles, where it will be stored in a cool place.

Alternative recipe for vinegar preparation

There is another way to prepare apple cider vinegar at home. Apples are prepared in the same way as in the previous recipe, and leave in the air until they darken. Then squeeze the juice and pour into a glass jar, on the neck of which we put on a rubber bottle( the economic glove is quite appropriate), which will expand as fermentation proceeds. The container with apple juice is put in a very warm and dark place, with a temperature of at least 25 °, and leave for a period of 1 to 6 weeks. It turns out whether the brew, or cider. In principle, it can now be consumed inside, but our goal is to get vinegar, so we continue fermenting. Pour our mash into a wide container, cover with gauze and leave it for secondary fermentation. The sign of the end of fermentation is the same - a calm transparent liquid with a pronounced vinegar smell.

Video demonstration of the popular production of

Now we have a real apple cider vinegar, which can be used for any purpose. But all the same, the main thing is not to overdo it. Remember that even the most mild and natural vinegar is an acid, the excessive use of which can lead to health problems.