Removing paint from hair at home using natural products

April 16, 2018 04:00 | Hair Colouring
  • The essence of the process of washing the hair or discolouring the hair
  • Washing with professional remedies at home
  • Washing the dyed hair with natural remedies
  • Which is better?
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A cognitive article about washing away hair from your hair at home will help you to fail in full armor, quickly orienting you in the right direction. With the help of the suggested recommendations and proven advice, you will quickly and successfully adjust the result.

For the fair sex there is a mystery and inconstancy. This directly affects the appearance.

How often do I have to deal with another unsuccessful experiment in the field of hair dyeing? To cope with this problem will help smyvka for hair.

The essence of the process of paint rinse or discoloration of hair

Decapitation( washing) is indispensable for those who are not ordinary and are not afraid of change. The thing is that the process of dyeing hair does not always go well, there are times when the result can not be called ideal.

In addition, the wash is necessary for cardinal changes with color. For example, a burning brunette suddenly wanted to become a blinding blonde.

In one step this kind of task is impossible to implement. This is why ancillary tools are used.

The wash of hair from hair is divided into 2 types:

  • Washing out
    the process of gradual removal of artificial color pigment, without affecting the structure of the hair. It is considered the most gentle way.
  • Discoloration
    total destruction of both artificial and natural pigment. This procedure causes some damage to the hair.

Depending on the initial problem, the most suitable method is selected.

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Cleansing with professional products at home

Adjust the hue and achieve the desired color without leaving home.

It is enough to buy professional hair loss products in specialized stores. Fortunately, the assortment of the required products for today is great and diverse.

We present to your attention the most popular washings:

  • Color off( Estel);
  • Efassor Special Coloriste( L`Oreal);
  • Colorianne Color System( Brelil).

The above brands are of high quality and availability.

The instructions describe in detail all the actions, so you can use the wash and at home.

It is important to remember that any professional pickling is stress for the hair.

The procedure for color removal should be carried out gradually, giving the hair a rest( in some cases, the process of washing old paint can reach several days).

After the session, the hair needs intensive recovery. This will help nourishing masks and balms for damaged hair.

Flushing of colored hair with natural means

At home, harmless washing can be considered a composition prepared by mixing natural ingredients. This method does not require certain skills, therefore it is accessible and understandable to everyone. Let's get acquainted with the most common types of washings at home.

  • Household soap
    This household chemical goods item is present in the home of each hostess. It is considered to be an effective and harmless means to eliminate unwanted artificial pigment from the hair.

    After using soap, you need to apply a moisturizing balm or mask.

  • Oils
    Long since oils are known for their beneficial effect on the general condition and structure of the hair. In addition, they are a perfect wash.

    Castor, olive, burdock, almond or any other vegetable oil is suitable for use.

    Ideal option is to use a cocktail of the above oils in equal proportions.

    After the oil therapy, rinse your head thoroughly several times with shampoo.

  • Lemon juice
    Lemon juice can become a wonderful illuminator of any shade. Add a few drops to the water and rinse the hair.

    Lemon juice not only helps to lighten the strands, but also gives them an extra healthy shine.

  • Herbs
    In this case it is chamomile. It helps the blond hair to acquire a natural shade.

    The recipe for washing is very simple: 50 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide is added to the decoction of chamomile.

  • Kefir
    Fermented milk products also have clarifying properties. The thing is that milk protein is able to destroy the artificial color pigment.

    Kefir mass is kept on the hair for 2 hours. For a more effective result, yogurt should be heated and add a little vodka to it.

    Kefir mask is especially relevant for oily hair.

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Which is better?

Home remedies for hair washing are not inferior to professional in efficiency, while they do not do such enormous damage to hair as chemical components.

It is more logical to first try home recipes , but if the result is still unsatisfactory, it is worthwhile to resort to the help of purchased funds.

When choosing professional flushing tools, it is important to trust only high-tech brands. They include sparing components. But in any case, after a color wash session, you need to undergo a course of restorative procedures.

The most damaging effect on hair is provided by means for discoloration.

They destroy the natural structure, thereby damaging the hair. After the discoloration, the hair looks faded, becomes dry and brittle.

To preserve the vitality of the hair, it is not recommended to use similar methods( or only in extreme cases).

Any experiment on your appearance is a kind of test. Do not forget that pickling is just a method of eliminating mistakes, but not a reason for another experiment.

To preserve the health and prolong the youth of the hair, careful care is required. Pay proper attention to your hair, and their beauty will give you confidence in your own irresistibility.

Video on the theme: the dyeing of dyes from hair at home

From video reviews that we have prepared for you, you can learn about how not to harm your hair during the washing of artificial colorant from hair. How to avoid basic mistakes by the example of others and get advice from professionals.