What is classic feng shui?

April 16, 2018 06:30 | About Magic
You just learned that the "dream house" that you and your future spouse are already going to buy, the last three times sold by married couples who were getting divorced. Still want to buy it? You create a great American novel, but for the last month the works could not write a word. Should I continue? If you know the principles of Feng Shui, you will answer both of these questions in the affirmative! Feng Shui provides tools, through which you can change the energy of these places so that they provide you with the maximum support in your life and work.

Classic Feng Shui - these are the four main components: furnishings, people, time and building. They are used in the analysis and development of recommendations, implementation of changes and application of treatment methods to improve the energy of a particular place:

Traditional, classic feng shui is considered a natural science, a kind of Chinese geomancy( from "geo-earth", "mantle"knowledge).It is a complex system of theories and methods based on the I-Ching, the Book of Changes.

Surrounding environment

The environment plays a key role in the feng shui .Even if the interior of your home is ideal in terms of feng shui, this will not help you if you live next to a toxic waste dump. Harmoniousness of the internal space can not compensate for the destructive influence of the external situation. An analysis of some environmental factors will help you understand their significance.

Examples of environmental factors:

- If a house stands on supports or piles, its inhabitants will most likely lack a solid foundation and money. Consider this case as a metaphor. If the house does not stand with all four corners on the ground, it, like its inhabitants, does not have a solid foundation.

- If trees around the house that are blocking access to sunlight are around the house, people living in this house may feel lethargic and depressed1.The solution is obvious: trim trees to give access to sunlight.
So, in Scandinavian countries in winter, when the sun hardly looks out from the horizon, the number of cases of alcoholism, suicides and depressive states increases.

- If your house is located on a busy street, the constant traffic noise can cause anxiety and anxiety. Wall off the street with a barrier of trees or bushes or insert double glazing, and best of all - move quickly.
Debi bought an apartment on one of the busy streets of Los Angeles. The traffic on this street did not stop even for a minute all twenty-four hours a day. Soon after the move, she began to experience great anxiety and tension. Eventually, when her patience came to an end, Debi moved to a very quiet street, and a month later she returned to calm and equanimity;moreover, she became a completely different person.

- People living in a house whose back yard faces a slope or a rock suffer from a lack of money and a lack of reliable rear.

Power lines, especially high-voltage ones, are very harmful to health. The Los Angeles Times writes about this: " A number of scientific studies suggest that electromagnetic fields created by electric currents flowing through power lines and other electrical circuits can cause such deadly diseases as children's leukemia, lymphoma and brain cancer. Although the electrical component of these fields can be neutralized by screens, the magnetic component penetrates through concrete, soil, walls and other solid objects without loss of intensity. "

One family bought a house near a high-voltage power line. I advised them to leave immediately, because such circumstances, like in the case of a toxic waste dump, can not be compensated for - they create a direct threat to health. In extreme cases, if they could not move, they should put a big stone between the power line and their house. The stone is grounded by the influence of high-voltage wires.
The latter case is a vivid example of how important it is to apply the principles of Feng Shui before buying a home. Remember, "it is easier to prevent a disease than to treat it later."

People in Feng Shui

It is very important to understand people with whom you constantly communicate. Each person is unique, has a unique energy scheme and resonance. Relations with people are very similar to the relationship with the house or office.

One of the methods that allows us to understand our relations with the house is the East-West doctrine, incorporating the principles of both Eastern and Western philosophy. It considers eight main directions, or eight types of magnetic fields, and the corresponding trigrams. Using all this, you can determine which directions are favorable for you, and which are not. The type of your trigram, and therefore your direction on the compass is determined by the year of your birth.

And most importantly, you need to remember that Feng Shui is not the religion of , it's just a good way to become a successful person and live life in harmony.