A quick conspiracy for the eternal faithfulness of her husband, from betrayal and betrayal

April 16, 2018 15:15 | Conspiracies
This ritual helps to guide the husband on the right path, after the conspiracy the husband will not change you. A plot is made on a lime branch( peg).You can only talk about your lawful husband( you do not need to do a conspiracy, there will not be a proper effect).The conspiracy is done once and it lasts all his life, so before you do, think about whether you want to live with this man all his life. If you have a divorce plan, then do not hold this conspiracy, because a man can not survive the separation from you( in divorce, he may even die of longing for you).

First of all you will need a stick long 30-40 cm and a thickness of about 3 cm, made of a linden tree. On the one hand, the stick should be sharpened, since you will have to stick this stick completely into the ground. Best of all, if you make such a stick yourself, there is nothing difficult in this. First measure it, cut it with a saw and, from one side to a sharp cut, wood, in general a peg should turn out. Fifteen church candles will also be needed( the candle should be shorter than the cooked lime peg).The ritual is conducted while the moon is waning, the moon can not be made to grow. And one more thing is to make a conspiracy better in the warm season, because in a frozen ground you can hardly drive a 30-centimeter peg( although in the beginning you can just try if you manage to drive a peg, then you can safely do it).

Conduct a conspiracy for the faithfulness of her husband

At night, as the sun has completely gone, get out, take off all the jewelry and strip naked. Place the candles on the table in a row, put a lime peg in front of them, light the candles, and turn off the light( only candles should light).After that fifteen times say the words of the conspiracy:

"I forbid the infidelity of the servant of God( the name of my husband) to lie, I forbid him to change it with God's word." He does not go to other holes for me, it will be to me, the servant of God( his name)his death, for ever and ever, amen. "

After fifteen conspiracy say, you can dress, but do not extinguish the candles, do not touch the lime peg, do not turn on the light and do not go out of the room. As the candles go out, you can sleep, and in the morning early go and peg somewhere in the earth completely stick. You can hammer it with a hammer, in general your task is to stick it so deep that it can not be seen. And how to stick, so say one time:

"Here the infidelities of the servant of God( the name of the husband) are buried."

Try to stick a peg in a place where no one will ever reach it.

Probable rollback from the

plot The rollback is possible only in one case - if you decide to abandon the man so conjured up. As soon as you part with it, you will get very sick( and it is unlikely to be cured).There is no other recoil from this conspiracy.
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